You won’t believe the price of this iF Design Award-winning wrist watch from a leading Scandinavian design brand

We previously showcased our 5 favorite products that have been awarded the Reddot Design Award of 2020. And ever since we’ve been sitting at the edge of our chairs waiting for this year’s 2021 iF Award winners.

So here it is, after spending several hours considering design, price-point, sustainability efforts and luxury-feel, we finally present to you, our list of 2021 iF Award-winning products!

iF Award Winners of 2021 - Our top 5 picks

1. Nordgreen - The "Philosopher" - 2021 Winner
Price: $199~254

After carefully examining more than 2,000 winners in the products category, we ended up favoring Nordgreen’s ‘Philosopher’ watch range for several reasons that we will guide you through. First off, we chose to recommend this piece to our readers, because of the unmatchable value for money for this stunning design product that anyone could put into use in their daily lives.

The Philosopher model ranges in price between $199.00 and $244.00 which is very competitive in the landscape of Scandinavian style minimalist wrist watches. Adding the value of winning this award, as well as being designed by  the world-renowned Danish designer, Jakob Wagner, this must simply be the best buy in contemporary watch-making. This makes it Wagner’s sixth design award up to this day, whose design work is included as part of the permanent collection of MoMA, New York. 

Rose Gold and White Dial
Rose Gold Mesh Strap

$229 -

Silver and White Dial
Grey Leather Strap

$219 -

Gun Metal and Black Dial
Gun Metal 3-Link Bracelet

$254 -

With its affordable, yet authentic Scandinavian heritage, Nordgreen’s Philosopher also offers a thoughtfully considered and very user-friendly CSR program, which customers can automatically engage in with the purchase of their watch. At their website’s checkout you can choose between three charity missions, one of which will receive a portion of your purchase as a donation. 

The design is administered by renowned Scandinavian designer, Jakob Wagner, out of his design studio in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Wagner has worked with other high profile consumer brands such as HAY, Cappellini and Bang & Olufsen.

The Philosopher collection comes in 4 different case colors and with an abundance of straps to match your personal style. It’s a unisex piece, but we recommend the 36mm version for women and the 40mm for men.

Using Nordgreen’s customization tool you can easily get an overview over the styling options you have, and get up to 16% off your order in the process!

Before we continue the list, let’s just take a minute to appreciate the weight of the honor given to these designers who all made it among the iF Design Award’s rankings.

“As the original movement looked back to the Bauhaus and its concept of ‘good form’ – a combination of ethical and aesthetic qualities – so too the iF DESIGN AWARD has long become a symbol for excellent form, for aesthetic quality, and for user-focused, ergonomic and efficient design in all disciplines, by companies around the world.” 

iF Design 2021

2. ONEBOT S7 folding E-bike $700 USD

Next off – a call from the future! If you have a passion for innovative means of transportation, then you’d really appreciate the second choice of our iF design selection. The ONEBOT S7 folding e-bike is a highly cost-effective vehicle that will make you look as if you’ve just made a comeback from the future. This might be the perfect e-bike if you are looking for an elegant alternative for daily commuting, if you live in a cycling-friendly city, or simply looking a fun replacement to the usual weekend park stroll.. The electric motor of the ONEBOT S7 is quite powerful, which makes the e-bike a cool way to save time on being stuck in traffic, while ensuring your safety with its solid frame.

Of course, we’ve also considered the price range of this product in comparison to other e-bikes on the market which can come off as quite costly. You can enjoy the elegance and speed of this transportation gem for only 700 USD, so it definitely deserves its iF Award.

3. Silón Dunas Lounge / Armchair $1,393 USD

To make the iF Design Award selection as versatile as possible, we included this fantastic Dunas Lounge armchair that combines great design with an affordable price of 1,393USD. This piece of interior art is designed by Christophe Phillet and manufactured by Inclass for use in hotel lounge areas, offices and public buildings, so imagine the luxurious feel that this chair could bring to your home… If you are looking for a timeless furniture piece for your living room, or bedroom, the Dunas Lounge armchair might just be the one! The best part is that you don’t have to worry in case you have children or pets –  with its durable, yet easy to maintain clean texture this chair can last a really long time.

4. KAGURA decanter $181 USD

A glass of wine a day is beneficial, but not an entire bottle… No need to choose between your sobriety on a Tuesday evening, and not wasting that good bottle of wine that you just opened… This sleek looking decanter is designed to be put in use for multiple purposes and will truly change the way you enjoy wine, sake, or even olive oil. You simply need to pour the liquid into the decanter and place the closing lid on top which will secure its quality of the liquid for a longer period of time, protecting it from dust, flies, or going bad quickly.

5. NGT Water Purifier $25 USD / month

Last, but not least – the fifth position goes to the “NGT Water Purifier” designed to be the most compact water purifier in its class (134mm) with the vision of it taking as little space as possible in the kitchen. Water purifiers are one of those items that are a daily necessity, but don’t tend to be as aesthetically pleasing as we’d like them to be…well, good news! You can have it all with this one! Besides its elegant design, the NGT purifier ensures high quality and hygiene with its triple UV sterilization function. What’s more, the water outlet of the purifier is enabled to rotate 180 degrees left and right, which further decreases the use of surrounding space. With all that said, this elegant utility definitely deserves its spot in the selection, considering that it can be paid in small increments of 25USD per month.

These were our favorite picks for the top consumer products awarded the 2021 iF Design Award. We are already thrilled to see what comes out of the world’s leading design studios and individual designers in 2022.

What is your favorite of our picks in this top 5 rundown? Share using our social media button below and give us your opinion!