You won’t believe the price of this 2020 Red Dot Design winner

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The Nordgreen Pioneer is the cornerstone of a new era. It’s affordable, world-class design to inspire the next generation. At only 269 USD for their Nato Strap version this award winning design piece is a very attainable conversation starter.


We chose five of our favourite winners, along with the Nordgreen Pioneer, to showcase the kind of quality that usually claims the Red Dot prize.

At Nordgreen’s Official Website you can explore the Pioneer for yourself in 3D using their interactive visualizer.

Our Favorite Styles of the 'Pioneer' from Nordgreen

Apart from excellent design that can compete with the best of contemporary designers they are revered for their close relationship with their customers and outstanding service which their more than 20,000 online worldwide reviews testify.

1. Nordgreen Pioneer - 2020 Winner - Price: $270

As winner of the 2020 award, the Pioneer comes in at just $270 a watch. If you’re going to invest in a watch, you should know that you’re getting a bang for your buck. Nordgreen’s Pioneer Chronograph goes above and beyond. You won’t have to sacrifice price or quality; it’s the best of both worlds.

Nordgreen’s take on the classic Chronograph design not only embodies the simplicity of Scandinavian style, but brings out the things that really matter. It has been carefully crafted by world-renowned designer, Jakob Wagner, to reflect what it means to be authentic. The Pioneer is minimal, elegant and incredibly functional.

The Pioneer’s design is modelled on Denmark’s status as one of the most sustainable cities in the world. Nordgreen are inviting you to join the movement and look towards a sustainable way of living, without breaking the bank. The $270 not only buys an award-winning watch, but helps Nordgreen build a greener future as part of the proceeds from each sale contributes to a sustainable cause. A green watch for a green way of thinking.

In addition to the Pioneer, Nordgreen’s new collection also features the remodelled ‘Native’ ($184), and the ‘Native Lille’ ($184), a smaller and more delicate version of the Native. Both are extremely customisable with colours and strap materials, all while representing Nordgreen’s movement to go back to the basics. Their timeless style promotes a timeless philosophy; less is more.

Other popular models from Nordgreen

Nordgreen - Pioneer
White Dial & Black Leather

$279 -

Nordgreen - Native
Navy Dial & Brown Leather

$184 -

Nordgreen - Philosopher
White Dial & Black Leather

$209 -

2. MARGO SQUARE LINO Table - 2017 Winner - Price: $2,500

As winner in 2017, Vitamin Design’s linoleum table brought forward their sleek interior design concept for $2500 a pop. The established German brand unveiled their Margo Square table, showcasing their pursuit for simplicity and the use of natural materials. The table went on to win two further design awards for its minimalistic style.

3. Porsche Design 1919 Chronotimer - 2016 Winner - Price: $7,450

The Porsche 1919 Chronotimer Flyback, Red Dot winner of 2016, comes in at a whopping $7,450. The watch itself brings the quintessential aspects of Porsche design to the forefront; purist, to-the-point and unbelievably functional. Their take on the Chronotimer brings the classic watch style into the 21st century with innovative materials and a state-of-the-art flyback function.

4. Lilium Jet by Lilum GmbH - 2019 Winner - Est. price: $4 Million

Lilium GmbH’s $4m Lilium Jet claimed the award in 2019; a pricey design from the German company who have attracted over $100m in funding. The jet itself is encouraging on-demand air taxi services, offering $200 an hour for single trips. The five-seater all electric jet was inspired by a manta-ray, and incorporates the natural elements of the ocean in its design.

5. BRAVIA Z8H Series - 2020 Winner - Price: $7,000

Sony’s BRAVIA Z8H award entry, an 8K LED TV, won for its immersive viewing experience. Sony itself is a multi-million dollar international company with hundreds of designers. As a household name for electronics, their products do not come cheap. The 8K Sound-from-Picture reality aims to bring a seamless viewing experience to the table, all for the not-so-low price of $7000.