These 3 watches are the new staple in female accessories

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These 3 watches are the new staple in female accessories

Why Nordgreen?


I have always seen watches as an essential accessory. Much like bags and shoes, the right watch can elevate even the simplest of outfits. However, whether you want to go for a more casual look or prefer more sophisticated jewelry-like pieces, picking out the right watch can be an overwhelming experience.

In the sea of watch brands I found one that seems to be able to satisfy everyone’s watch needs. With a huge variety of colors, sizes, and materials Nordgreen watches offer gorgeous classic designs for every style and age! They make the perfect gift for that very special woman in your life, whether that’s your girlfriend, sister, mother, grandma, or you! And the best part is that they hold the impressive price point of under $250, part of which goes to a charity of your choice! Yay to being conscious! So without further ado, here is a quick rundown of my favorite female pieces from their collection!


Native - White Dial, Brown Leather Strap ($189)


Starting off with the first model and my personal favorite- the timeless beauty the Native. This watch somehow combines trends and classics into one stunning minimalistic design! I love this watch for the simplicity and elegance it radiates. 

It is so easy to style and elevates every outfit so effortlessly! You can combine it with a simple jeans and t-shirt look or use it as the finishing touch to a formal dress look. Plus, just like every Nordgreen watch, the straps are interchangeable so you can customize your Native to your style of the day. I like to go from my every-day brown leather strap to the more dressy mesh strap whenever I want to make my watch look more formal and jewelry-like! 

Native - Black Dial, Mesh Strap ($199)

The Native comes in four metal colors- silver, gold, rose gold, and gun metal; and four dial colors- white, black, navy, and Mother of Pearl.

The Mother of Pearl dial is the newest addition to the dial collection and it is exclusive to the Native. The dial is made from real mother of pearl and gives the watch a look like no other. It has a white and grey iridescent shine with a pink hue. I have never seen a more feminine and  unique looking dial, a true statement piece for your watch collection!

Native - Mother of Pearl Dial, Mesh Strap ($199)
chanpeko0625.jpg (JP)
Native - White Dial, Brown Vegan Leather ($199)

The Native is the perfect watch for anyone who wants a piece that is easy to style, elegant, functional, and most importantly – sooo beautiful!
Its minimalistic look makes it the perfect fool-proof gift too! I loved mine so much.


Next up we have the Philosopher! What really made me love this model is the uniqueness  of the dial. Just like the Native, this one has a very clean and minimalistic design. But what’s different here is that this watch has a three-dimensional design that rises up to the edges of the dial.

 It gives it that deep and sophisticated look. Another difference from the Native is that here you will find a second hand and a date for added functionality! 

This model is for those who like their watches functional while also being elegant and absolutely gorgeous!  

Philosopher - White Dial, Mesh Strap ($229)

My personal favorite is the rose-gold with a mesh strap!

Philosopher - White Dial, Mesh Strap ($229)


Last but certainly not least is the breathtaking Unika. This watch is a real masterpiece! Designed to represent female beauty, the Unika is the closest a watch can get to jewelry. It is definitely the most elegant and feminine model in the collection. 

Unika - White Dial, 5-Link Strap ($274)

The Unika combines beautifully with both metal and leather straps! My two favorite for this model is the 5-link strap in rose-gold and mixed silver and gold! The silver and gold metal strap is exclusive to the Unika and was designed by the Danish influencer Mathilde Gøler in her  recent collaboration with the brand. And I don’t know about you but I see a fantastic Mother’s day gift here (don’t tell my mom!

Mathilde Gøler Unika - Brushed Metal Dial, 5-Link Two Toned ($259)

A great shopping experience

Something that Nordgreen really seems to have taken into consideration is the experience it offers to its customers. As a person who likes to have many options when shopping, I had a great time playing around with the many models, sizes and colors they offer. But getting to customize your own watch is not even the best part: Nordgreen donates a part of every purchase to one of three charities and you get to pick which one you want your purchase to support! Plus, their manufacturing, packaging and shipping are so eco-friendly!

Nordgreen was generous enough to provide my readers with a promo code for a free strap! What you need to do is simply go to Nordgreen’s website,  pick a watch and an extra strap and use the code FREESTRAP at checkout to get your extra strap free of charge!  Happy shopping!