5 reasons Why You Should Buy A Pair of MessyWeekend Sunglasses

When buying a pair of sunglasses, it’s incredibly easy to drop a couple hundred dollars on something that might not actually seem worth it. Well, the Copenhagen-based eyewear company MessyWeekend is looking to change game with their high-quality sunglasses starting at only $75.

1. Design is everything - a fit for all faces and genders

High quality and durability are great, but let’s be honest—if the shades don’t look good, you aren’t gonna wear them. That’s no issue here, though, for MessyWeekend has a ton of different models, so you are sure to be able to find a pair that fit your face and style. Scrolling through their Trustpilot reviews, this was some of the most consistent feedback we could find: The fit is just perfect. The styles range from sporty to classic to trendy—in fact, they recently launched a new line of contemporary, high-end sunglasses called MW.

New Depp - Champagne
Liv - Tortoise
Makalu - Crystal Blue Polarized

2. Price vs. quality - they got it right

“Sick and tired of overpaying for quality sunglasses” – that was the founding thought of MessyWeekend. And they made it happen! The handcrafted acetate models with high-quality hinges and lenses (with full UV400 protection) gives you a feeling of wearing a pair of $250 shades. Well, you can get 3 pairs of MessyWeekends for that price, and still have money left for a drink. A killer price-to-quality ratio is a win-win in our book!

3. Free shipping and 30 days free returns! Easy, risk-free shopping

Sunglasses are a product that most people would like to try on before committing. It’s front and center on your face, and there are just so many factors to consider. Does the shape suit your face? Does the color suit your complexion? Does the design suit your style? These are all questions that can be hard to answer before you actually have the sunglasses sitting on your nose. So the fact that MessyWeekend offers free shipping and free returns is a major bonus. If they aren’t the pair for you, just send them back!

4. 1 pair of MW = 100 plastic straws that will be cleaned from the ocean

In this day and age, no brand has any excuse to not do something to benefit our global community. For MessyWeekend, the natural choice was helping to clean up our environment, because how can you hit a slope with no snow or ride a wave of trash? That’s why, for every pair of MessyWeekend sunglasses and snow goggles sold, they donate part of the revenue to organisations like ReSea and Plastic Change to clean the equivalent of 100 plastic straws from our oceans for every pair sold. 

5. Start-up with explosive growth - three years old and selling in more than 187 countries

MessyWeekend is actually only three years old. You might not have guessed it considering there are people in all corners of the earth wearing their shades and goggles. But that really just speaks to the quality of their brand and products—and to their small but hardworking team! MessyWeekend is a company consisting of a whopping 10 people. Every product design, every website page, every social media post is created by those 10. In the era of big business, where, like, five companies own literally everything on the planet, it’s great to support the small underdogs that are fighting for their own place in the world.