5 Reasons Why you Need to Use Scandinavian Biolabs Routine

Are quality hair products worth your money? Are they even possible to get your hands on without paying a fortune? Do you trust them to deliver the result you want? Scandinavian Biolabs Lists 5 reasons why you should use their innovative Hair Growth Routine. 

Scandinavian Biolabs makes your hair grow – naturally. Their explicit goal is to deliver valued, effective quality products at affordable prices to end the embarrassing taboo arising from hair loss and to boost your confidence through rich hair. The strengthen-recover-grow Routine for for Women and Men is developed and made in Denmark with the leading experts and best natural ingredients. 

Here are the 5 most important reasons why you should use Scandinavian Biolabs Hair Routine: 

1. “It’s what’s inside that makes the difference.” Uncompromised selection of 100% natural ingredients to achieve the highest quality of all products.

Scandinavian Biolabs refused to have a budget for the experts developing the products. The vision is not to compete on price against the giants dominating the industry. Instead, the vision is to end bad hair and to boost user’s confidence through strong and healthy, natural hair growth. In order to do that, the products can be bought at fair prices.
Eucalyptus essential oil contained in all the products is known for killing lice, stimulating hair growth, treating dandruff, and…. it’s wonderful fresh and clean scent is quite a side benefit. 

Despite being gentle, the products are enjoyed by fashion models who need the most effective hair care due to all the beauty products they’re exposed to during shoots. 

2. No sulphates, silicones and other chemicals which destroy your scalp and conditions for healthy hair growth.

Unlike most shampoos, conditioners and serums Scandinavian Biolabs products are highly effective in cleaning, strengthening, recovering and increasing hair growth, but with no harmful side effects.

Scandinavian Biolabs Routine contains 100% natural ingredients all selected to stimulate bulbs and follicles in your scalp to recover and strengthen your natural hair growth. Scandinavian Biolabs’ shampoo is so gentle that it can be used daily without any harm to the scalp or hair. The “only use wash your hair once every three days”-days are over.

Hair Growth Routine for Men
Hair Growth Routine for Women

3. Award-winning Active Ingredients: up to 89% reduction of hair loss and 52% hair density increase. Made by Experts in Denmark.

Scandinavian Biolabs uses revolutionizing award-winning active ingredients such as Capilla Longa, which are awarded for increasing hair growth more than double compared to its closest competitor.

The ingredient won the Hair Care Ingredient Category of the Beauty Industry Awards with more than 250 submissions from across the world. Capilla Longa has outstanding results in clinical trials: up to 89% reduction of hair loss, up 52% hair density increase (average 17%), and an average of 13500 new hairs.

Scandinavian Biolabs’ Formulas are developed with the experts behind some of the most innovative and successful hair care products.

Who would trust to care most about your hair: profit-obsessed consumer-goods giants, who by-the-way also produce your floor cleaning agents and detergents, or Scandinavian Biolabs dedicated solely to develop the most valued products for their everyday users? This was essential for bringing the best experts on board.

4. No unwanted body or facial hair – grow your hair only where it’s intended

Edible nutrients aimed at increasing hair production such as gummy bears, vitamins and other supplements can be effective for your hair growth – but unwanted body and facial hair included is an unavoidable side effect. Despite on your head, hair grows everywhere on your body, especially including armpits, crotch, legs and even facial hair for women. Most people wish to avoid increasing hair growth in such places. 

Scandinavian Biolabs Serum allows you to increase hair growth only where it is applied. All hair is beautiful. More hair is more beautiful – but for most, only on your head.

5. Affordable and convenient: Easily applied, freely managed subscriptions and free shipping.

The Hair Growth Routine is not an addition to what you already use. It’s a valuable replacement of your existing routine: wash gently with shampoo every day, protect by applying the conditioner in the shower, and apply the serum to scalp afterwards or whenever you prefer during the day.

To ensure their products are enjoyed and valued the most, Scandinavian Biolabs offer free shipping worldwide for all users who wish to subscribe to any of their products. When buying the Hair Growth Routine, you receive a 17.5% discount on the bundle.

When subscribing, you automatically receive an additional 15% discount as a way of appreciating you as a valued user.

All in all, you can start achieving all the benefits from using the Routine for less than €54, which is roughly the same as an average monthly spend on regular hair products. 

Two-thirds of men will experience hair loss by age 35, 85% will have significant thinning by age 50. For women, studies show that more than 30% of women above 20 will experience pattern hair loss. Most people see hair loss as an embarrassing taboo. That is avoidable now and in the future with Scandinavian Biolabs Routine: avoid hair loss, boost your confidence through strong and healthy hair, and look stunning with your rich hair, naturally.

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