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The Fascinating Reason Why Some People Wear Watches Upside Down

Throughout the centuries, watches have served as a statement piece and an invaluable way to monitor time. Yet ever wondered why some people wear theirs upside down? This article will explore this phenomenal quirk that has been around for years!

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    The Origins of Wearing Watches Upside Down

    To many people’s surprise, the tradition of wearing a watch upside down has been around for centuries. Its roots trace back to World War I when soldiers began turning their timepieces so that they would be able to check it while gripping a weapon. Since then, this trend has persisted and continues today as an alluring fashion statement.

    Some Practical Reasons for Wearing Watches Upside Down

    Not only does wearing a watch upside down carry historical importance, but it also provides significant practical benefits. Its protection of the watch face from scratches and damage is essential; in addition, this position makes it simpler to check what time it is discreetly during formal occasions or gatherings.

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    Fashion Statement

    Turning a watch upside down is not only functional but also fashionable. This unique and daring way to wear timepieces makes the wearer stand out from the crowd, as evidenced by many celebrities’ and athletes’ choice of wearing their watches inverted. With this edgy look, you can make an impactful fashion statement with ease!

    How to Wear a Watch Upside Down

    It’s super essential that you know how to wear the upside-down watch correctly. Start by ensuring your watchband is a secure fit on your wrist – neither too tight nor loose for comfort. Then, flip the face of the watch towards your wrist and adjust the band accordingly. You’ll be rocking this look in no time!

    John Wick Wearing his watch upside down
    John Wick wearing his watch upside down. Image: Reddit

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, you can wear any type of watch upside down. However, from our experience, watches with bigger faces may be more challenging to wear upside down, as they can be heavier and bulkier.


    No, wearing a watch upside down will not affect its accuracy. The mechanics of the watch remain the same, regardless of its orientation.


    John Wick, the iconic action hero played by Keanu Reeves, wears his watch upside down as a nod to his military background. In military training, soldiers are often taught to wear their watches upside down on the inside of their wrists to protect the watch face and prevent reflections that could give away their position.


    All in all, wearing a watch upside down might appear odd to some, though it is based on both practicality and history. If you want an eye-catching style statement or just need to secure your watch face from harm, rocking the inverted wristwatch look can be advantageous for sure! So why don’t you give it a go – join those who have embraced this trend and be creative with your timepiece.