Why injection sunglasses are the superior choice

It’s a nice day with clear skies. The sun is shining bright, and you’re spending all day outside, soaking up some much needed vitamin D. You’ve been wearing your expensive, heavy sunglasses for a couple of hours now, and you’re starting to get a headache. Perhaps the bridge of your noses is tender from bearing the brunt of the weight. Or maybe it’s the sides of your head, throbbing from the pressure of tight the temples. Either way, you’re now presented with an annoying conundrum: do you shield your eyes from the bright sun, or do you alleviate the pain?

Well, there is actually a third option: get yourself a pair of well-made, high-quality sunglasses that are designed to be worn all day. We recently discovered this Danish sunglasses brand called MessyWeekend Copenhagen. They have a wide range of sunglasses models, but one particular pair stood out for all of its awesome features.

HOBBES is one of MessyWeekend’s injection models, crafted from a super durable material known as Swiss TR90. These sunglasses are lightweight and practically indestructible, two features everyone should want in a pair of shades. Not only that, but they are incredibly flexible. Just check out this video they filmed, where they pull off a maneuver that would snap a pair of, say, metal sunglasses in two.

Pretty cool, right?

HOBBES comes in a couple different color variations, but the favorite is definitely Crystal. The frame is transparent colored frame and green lenses . A model, that has personality, but is subtle enough to complement most outfits. The round shape is a total classic and suits most faces, making it an easy choice for many. The crystal frame also comes with Revo-mirrored coating of silver, blue, green or pink lenses, which is super cool for the summer vibes. The Revo technology is an excellent choice for the beach or mountains – they eliminate glare in bright conditions like reflective sun rays bouncing off the ocean surface.  

Stylish? Check. Durable? Check. Now, what about the price? A pair of HOBBES Crystal will only set you back €65 (including free shipping). Not only that, but for each pair sold, MessyWeekend donates part of the revenue to an NGOs they partner with to clean plastic waste out of the ocean! Look good. Feel good. Do good. Win-win-win!

MessyWeekend HOBBES Crystal Female Mugshot

If you want to read other people’s opinions about MessyWeekend’s sunglasses, you can check out their reviews on Trustpilot, where they have a 4.8-star rating. Pretty impressive for a team of just 14 selling worldwide!