5 Scandinavian products I love in 2020

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By Ellie Parker – Student at University of Copenhagen

From interiors to fashion, these are the Scandinavian goods that we’re loving right now

The stylish, simple and ever-so-slightly cute Scandinavian style is popular all over the world. I want to share with you the five best products I’ve found so far in 2020. I’m a little bit obsessed with Scandinavian design, having lived in Denmark for two years now. This is some stuff that I was really excited to buy so far this year. 

My latest favorite is the Danish watch brand Nordgreen. It’s a new brand founded in 2017, but thanks to its stunning design and affordable price, it’s growing really rapidly. I stumbled upon Nordgreen totally when the watch I was using broke. I was planning on replacing it with the same brand, but when I saw Nordgreen I fell in love with the minimalist, stylish design.

I got a model called the
Native. It attracted me because I like the attention to detail it has, with the domed glass that draws the eyes. Something I really like about Nordgreen as well is that you can customize so much of your watch, like the color of the metal and watch face, and the color and material of the strap. I have a warm skin tone and wear a lot of golden accessories, so I chose the brown leather strap + an extra rose gold mesh strap to  mix and match with my outfits.

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It’s super light and comfortable to wear, as well as looking really elegant with whatever I style it with. It costs $194, which is reasonable for a designer Nordic watch. The average price of the other products was about $239. These watches are really well-made and look luxurious, so I recommend them if you’re looking for a stylish Nordic design watch, or something that’s simple and timeless. It worked for me!

By the way, all Nordgreen watches are unisex. I was hooked on Nordgreen so I got my boyfriend one for his birthday too! For him, the model I chose is the Pioneer. It’s a chronograph, which I know can look a bit bulky and heavy, but the Nordgreen design is super sleek. He often wears suits to work, so he loves it because it looks great at the office. I think it looks just as good at brunch, too!

2. iDeal of Sweden

iDeal of Sweden is popular all over the world. They’ve attracted lots of fans because of its beautiful design. It’s a Swedish brand (surprise!) that deals mainly with mobile phone accessories, like smartphone cases and chargers. I’ve been using a long wallet for many years, but since I moved to Denmark it hasn’t really been necessary. 

This is a mostly cashless society, so it makes much more sense to use a smartphone case with storage for cards. I really like using their wallet too — it’s big enough to be used like a clutch bag, so when I want something small I go out with it. 

I like the black since it suits any of my outfits, but there’s a wide variety of colors. You can choose something that fits your style. If you’re going more cashless too and looking for a new wallet, iDeal of Sweden is a great choice. 

3. Almedahls

Almedahls is a name that’ll be familiar to fans of the cute Scandi style. It has a reputation alongside Marimekko and Iittala. This Swedish brand is known for its retro Scandinavian textile design, particularly on kitchen accessories. I’ve liked cutting boards and coasters from them for a while, but my favorite recently is the coffee / tea can. 

Up until now, I stored coffee beans in their original packaging — not always a great idea for keeping them fresh. I was looking for a fashionable container that would brighten up my kitchen, and of course I found it at Almedahls! They are a few different types of patterns, but I chose their classic herring pattern. Now, whenever I make my morning cup, I get to enjoy even the act of searching for the beans in my cupboard! 


IKEA is probably the most famous brand on this list. The furniture mass retailer sells affordable, beautifully designed products all over the world. I’m such an IKEA fangirl that I actually went to their museum in Älmhult earlier this year. That’s a bit embarrassing but hey, I’m proud of my love for Nordic design! 

I think a lot of people have IKEA furniture or home goods in their house right now, but what I want to introduce this time is this bag, the Drömsäck. At first glance it looks like a regular tote bag, but in reality it’s a shapeshifter — it converts between a tote and a backpack! I was attracted to it because it has so much space. It’s really convenient to take with me when I go to work or to study at a cafe. It’s a great price at $19.99 USD and I like that it’s made of waterproof fabric. You can check it out — it’s a great functional and minimalist addition to your wardrobe. 

5. Flying Tiger

Flying Tiger is a Danish interior goods brand that’s popular for its colorful design and affordable prices. One of the reasons for its success is that a large number of new products are released monthly. It’s one of my favorite brands to get little things that I need. My best purchase recently was the silicone straw. It’s an eco friendly choice because it can be reused again and again. 

Something I really like about this straw is that it comes with a dedicated washing brush. Cleanliness is something that I keep in mind when I’m buying reusable goods. There are also two straw sizes, thick and thin, but I bought the thick straw just because I like the way it looks! It comes in a pack with four straws and a brush, so it’s a great value buy for the family. 


I’ve shown you a few Scandinavian things I’ve really been loving this year. They’re accessible all over the world, not just here in Denmark, so you can bring a little Nordic style into your life, wherever you are. 

Check out all the brands below!