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This simple product will make you more attractive (according to science)

Want to know the secret to becoming more attractive? Eat healthy. Workout. Wear sunglasses.

The first two are probably very common knowledge. But the third. The third might’ve caught you by surprise. Sunglasses? Can it really be so simple? Apparently it can. 

Sunglasses are scientifically proven to up your hotness factor for three very interesting reasons.

1. Sunglasses make your face look more symmetrical

There are very few who have truly symmetrical faces, so it was a bit of a bummer to learn that—again, according to science—people are more attracted to people with more symmetrical faces. Well, all you gotta do is throw on a pair of shades and *boom* it’s symmetrical city.

2. Sunglasses make you more mysterious

So much of how we communicate is through our eyes. When you gauge people’s reactions, you don’t look at their feet (unless you pissed them off so much they are now kicking you). When you wear a pair of sunglasses, they hide your eyes and, depending on the size, the surrounding area. This gives you an air of mystery that’ll keep people intrigued.

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3. Hollywood says so

From Marylin Monroe to Billie Eilish, James Dean to Brad Pitt, celebrities have always been big fans of sunglasses, both on and off the big screen and social media. Just look at Oliver Peoples, the LA-based sunglasses brand that has basically built their entire brand around attractive celebrities wearing their sunglasses. If it works, it works!

There are plenty of (expensive) options

Sunglasses need to be the right color, right shape, great fit, and be of a decent quality. You want them to last more than one summer, and besides making you more attractive, they do serve a more functional purpose—protecting your eyes from harmful UV light. Now, before you go running out to buy a €300 pair of sunglasses in preparation for your next date, let’s be honest, that’s a lot to drop on just one pair.

Secret: There are awesome, affordable ones as well!

We found this young Danish brand called MessyWeekend Copenhagen. They design and sell quality handcrafted sunglasses starting at just €60! They offer everything you would be expecting from a pair of high-end sunglasses and more. We’ve gotten our hands on a few of their models, and these are some of the best sunglasses we’ve seen (their 4.7/5 star Trustpilot score supports this). MessyWeekend can easily compete with brands 2-3 times their price tag. Well done!

Snag yourself a pair or two, and you’ll be feeling your confidence levels bursting in no time!