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The ultimate MessyWeekend ski-goggle & sunglasses gift guide for Christmas 2021

Christmas is fast approaching, which means that gift giving season is officially here. Still looking for those Christmas gifts for your loved ones? Need some inspiration? We've put together the ultimate gift guide for this year's must have sunglasses & ski-goggles from the Danish brand MESSYWEEKEND™. There's bound to be something for everyone on this list.


For the Adventurous Skier

If you’re the outdoorsy, winter sport type of person then the ACHTON XEp ski-goggles are an absolute must have gift. They are a top of the line pair of goggles featuring both high-contrast and photochromic lens technology. The photochromic filter adjusts to all weather conditions without you having to do a thing. In sunny conditions the lens will darken royal blue and then lighten again in overcast weather in just 30 seconds. It doesn’t get any better than this! Or maybe it does. Right now MESSYWEEKEND™ is offering a killer deal on lenses: buy a pair of ACHTON XEp goggles and you’ll get a second lens of your choice for free! You can choose between their XE2 lenses, including Silver, Green Revo or the Overcast lens. Or get a second XEp lens as a backup if you fancy. Just use the code “FREELENS” at the checkout.

For the Stylish Skier

If you’re not the avid skier but still enjoy hitting the slopes on a ski vacation in the Alps, then MESSYWEEKEND™️‘s newest model of goggles is sure to be right up your alley! ACHTON XE2 Dark Grey, featuring a high-contrast lens, is the sleekest model they sell and we personally think the purple logo with the dark grey lens makes for a stylish combo. The goggles come with a second yellow Overcast lens that you can easily swap out with the nifty magnetic change system. Priced at only €130, we think these goggles are a bargain compared to similar brands.

The Winter Stocking-filler

Ski-goggles are not the only must have for wintersports-lovers. You gotta make sure to keep warm when you’re out hitting the slopes. MESSYWEEKEND™ has got you covered with their Neck Tube, a neck warmer made of 100% merino wool. It’ll help keep your neck and lower face warm in the harsh cold, while also wicking away any excess moisture or sweat. In fact, it’s the perfect stocking filler for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors during the winter, not just on the slopes. And if you’re looking for a little more protection, MESSYWEEKEND™ also sell super cosy Base Layers – also made of 100% merino wool – so you can really rug up in the crisp winter air. They’re not only great for skiing but also work well as thermal running gear. 

Blue Light Glasses

For the Netflix binger

So for most of us it’s winter, which means we’ll inevitable be spending more time indoors, probably cosying up in front of our screens. If you’re planning a Netflix marathon of all the Home Alone movies this holiday season, then MESSYWEEKEND™ has the absolute perfect gift for you (and your eyes!) Blue Light glasses – the ultimate eye protection from those excessive blue light rays emitted from all our digital devices. With these bad boys you can binge all night long and not overstrain your eyes. Not only can they help reduce eye strain and itchiness but they can also improve your overall sleep quality, leaving you feeling well rested. These glasses are also perfect for late night phone scrolling or even a work from home session in front of your laptop. Try their assortment of Blue Light glasses, available in the models NEW DEPP, DEPP and LENNON.


MESSYWEEKEND™ makes some unbeatable ski-goggles, but they are first and foremost a sunglasses brand. With their notorious and trend-breaking collection of quality sunglasses sold at a price point that breaks all industry norms, they’ve started an avalanche of media coverage. Each pair of sunglasses is steeped in character and inspired by some of the greatest eccentrics and personalities of our time. So, with a pair of MESSYWEEKEND™ sunglasses you’re not just wearing a pair of mass-produced shades from a faceless megabrand. No, you’re wearing a personality, an identity, made from materials conceived by a rebellious spirit and with visible traces of exceptional craftsmanship. They have a range of different styles and shapes to suit all faces, and we’ve done a deep dive of their online store to find the best models to add to your gift list this Christmas.

For the all rounder

NEW DEPP Champagne – a true crowd pleaser. Handcrafted from high quality acetate with full UV400 (UVA+UVB) protection and a sleek champagne-colored frame, it’s no wonder these sunnies are a MESSYWEEKEND™ bestseller. The round shape flatters most faces and the acetate temples are incredibly easy to adjust to fit your face perfectly. NEW DEPP also comes in a huge array of colors to choose from, so there really is a pair for every taste. Whether that’s your more classic colors like Tortoise and Horn, or something with a little more pop of color like Amber or Black Orange. You truly can’t go wrong with this pair of sunglasses.


NEW DEPP - Champagne


NEW DEPP - Crystal Green


Best Fit for Smaller Heads

If you love the look of NEW DEPP but it’s still a smidge too big for your face, then MESSYWEEKEND™ recommend going for DEPP, the smaller equivalent. It’s the exact same iconic style & shape, and it even comes in the ever popular Champagne colorway. While they have a slightly more restricted array of colors in the DEPP model, but you can still get some cool colorways; our personal favorite is Snow Leopard. Plus, MESSYWEEKEND™ just recently launched their virtual try on feature on selected models, so you can get a good idea of how the sunnies would actually fit your face. We have to say, for a virtual try on the sunglasses are scarily good quality and pretty accurate!

For any sunny vacation

With holiday season looming you’re bound to be going on vacation, perhaps some place sunny to escape the cold. If so, you’ll need a pair of sunnies to keep you company. And there is no better pair than HOBBES Crystal. Made with Swiss TR90 injection, these shades are virtually indestructible! Not only is the injection material super durable, it also makes these sunglasses incredibly flexible – you can almost flatten the temples! Plus, because HOBBES is so flexible, it’s an incredibly comfortable pair of sunnies to wear all day long, ideal for beach days or lounging by the pool. The Crystal frame is also a really trendy colorway that goes with anything and everything, so you’ll only need to pack the one pair. Trust us, this is the perfect pair of sunglasses for that holiday in the sun.

MessyWeekend's Christmas offer:

Right now, MESSYWEEKEND™ is offering freebies with every purchase over €85! Choose between a MW Beanie, their Neck Tube (made of 100% merino wool) or their MW Tote Bag.
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