The sunglasses strong enough to keep up with the most active lifestyle, but that won’t break the bank

With its rectangular shape, this model is well-suited for most faces. Given that it’s made out of Swiss TR90, it is incredibly durable and flexible..

If there is one thing that has remained the same this summer, it’s the ability to enjoy the great outdoors. Fresh air and lots of space to be active and soak up the sun. Whether you’re surfing, hiking, or simply relaxing on the beach, you’re going to need a pair of lightweight sunglasses that are comfortable all day long. MessyWeekend Copenhagen, the Danish sunglasses startup, has the perfect pair. Their MAKALU model is made out of a super durable material called Swiss TR90, comes with polarized Revo lenses, and costs a fraction of what other similar brands are charging for the same type of model.

MAKALU was named after the fifth-highest mountain on Earth, which can be found in the beautiful state of Hawaii. It is available in two color variations: Crystal Blue and Transparent Grey Red. The names are fairly self-explanatory, but let’s go over them, nonetheless. MAKALU Crystal Blue is a pair with a transparent frame and blue polarized Revo lenses, which MAKALU Transparent Grey Red has a translucent grey frame and reddish-orange polarized Revo lenses. Both have a rather sporty look, perfect for those who enjoy spending a decent amount of time outside.

With its rectangular shape, this model is well-suited for most faces. Given that it’s made out of Swiss TR90, it is incredibly durable and flexible, but this also means that the temples are not adjustable like on acetate sunglasses (acetate can be warmed up and shaped to fit the individual wearer better). However, these sunglasses are far more lightweight than acetate sunglasses, meaning they are perfect for all-day wear and for those who simply cannot afford to be weighed down. There’s also less of a risk that they’ll keep slipping down your nose, as they aren’t even really heavy enough to fall!

Given the quality and with a price of just €70, MAKALU is a pair of sunglasses that you’ll never be afraid to use. Plus, for each pair MessyWeekend sells, they clean plastic from our oceans! The equivalent of 100 straws of plastic is removed for every single pair. So go forth, dear reader, and get yourself a cool pair of sunglasses that’ll make you look good, feel good, and help you enjoy your summer.



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