The Best Sunglasses Model from MessyWeekend Copenhagen

Finding the right pair of sunglasses can be difficult. Size, shape, color — all important factors that need to be considered and selected. Amazingly, there are some frames that just look great on practically everyone. For example, the medium-sized, round sunglasses from MessyWeekend Copenhagen NEW DEPP. So what exactly makes these sunglasses so great? We’ll tell you! 

Not too big, not too small - just right

NEW DEPP manages to land right in the sweet spot when it comes to size. These sunnies are designed to fit most faces, so while they might run a tad large or small depending on your face shape and size, they’ll still fit — and, importantly, look  great! The round shape is flattering for most faces, making it the ideal pair for those on a hunt for some new shades for themselves or as a gift for a loved one.

However, if you have a smaller sized face and often find yourself having difficulty finding a pair of sunglasses that don’t look massive on you, then we’d recommend you check out their DEPP model, which is slightly smaller and very well suited for small faces of all shapes.

The Ultimate Bestseller

Out of seven different color variations is NEW DEPP Champagne the clear winner. The translucent yellow frame and green lenses complement each other well and offer a classy yet fun look. 

The green lenses are great for both sunny days and low-light conditions, as they reduce glare while brightening shadows.

The Ones with Brown Lenses

The overall look and design of each of these models might be enough to persuade you to purchase one, but if you are undecided or if you are interested in a pair of sunglasses for a specific activity, purpose, or season, then we recommend considering the benefits of the respective lens color. 

NEW DEPP Crystal Brown and NEW DEPP Tortoise both feature brown lenses, which are great for activities such as driving and fishing, as they enhance contrast and improve depth perception. 

The two models, while featuring the same lenses, offer quite different styles. The tortoise pattern is created by melting together bits of cut-up acetate, meaning each frame has a pattern that is unique. How cool!

The Winter Model

In the autumn, MessyWeekend released two new colors of their NEW DEPP model. One of these is NEW DEPP Black, which features a shiny black frame and category two blue lenses. While the black frame is great for winter outfits, it’s actually the blue lenses that make this model perfect for the colder, darker months, as they well-suited for misty, foggy, and snowy conditions. 

The Gradient Pair

NEW DEPP Crystal Green is the number 2 best selling color of the popular model. The transparent frame makes this pair appear a bit smaller than the solid colored frames, such as Black, Amber, Horn and Tortoise. So, if you are one for the smaller sunglasses look or if you simply prefer gradient lenses (meaning they go from category 3 to category 2), this would be an excellent choice. 

New Blue Light Glasses

MessyWeekend recently released a limited line of blue light filter glasses, or screen glasses (whichever you prefer). It makes sense that they would select NEW DEPP to be one of the two models, given its popularity as a sunglass model. 

MessyWeekend chose three of their original frame colors to offer with blue light blocking lenses: Champagne, Crystal, and Tortoise, covering the entire spectrum of color and style.

So, if you are interested in getting a pair of well-designed, well-fitting sunglasses or blue light filter glasses (for those long hours in front of your computer, TV, and phone), this is the model for you. But no need to just take our word for it. MessyWeekend comes highly recommended on Trustpilot, where the young brand has an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars. 

NEW DEPP - Champagne
NEW DEPP - Amber
NEW DEPP - Tortoise