Top 3 Sustainable Sneakers From Nike (Men’s Edition)

sustainable sneakers nike

Sustainability is a huge topic in the fashion industry right now. Consumers are more interested than ever in buying clothes and sneakers that don’t damage the environment. Nike has been working hard to create sustainable sneakers, and today we will be discussing the top three!

Nike's 'Move To Zero'

Nike created Move to Zero in order to help protect sports from the advances of climate change. This includes halting climate change’s progression instead of allowing it continue unabated. Nike argues that rising temperatures and more humid conditions are kryptonite for athletes, as these make it hard to compete at their peak levels. Climate change makes it tough for athletes to get proper practice time or even access to playing fields, which will only lead to decline in ability over time.

Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus

The first sneaker on our list is the Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus. This innovative Air model offers optimal stability and incredible cushioning, as well as being at least 20% recycled. The rubber outsole has a speckled appearance from Nike Grind material, which is sourced from recycled waste (i.e. scraps) from the shoe manufacturing process.  The Terrascape also features a recycled mesh upper and a recycled foam tongue.

Nike Air Max Terrascape Plus Black

Nike Space Hippie 04

The second sneaker on our list is the Nike Space Hippie 04. Nike states that the majority of the Space Hippie’s upper (“Space Waste Yarn“) is assembled from recycled materials. The center, cushioning portion of the trainer uses leftover ZoomX foam taken from during the production process of Nike Vaporfly 4% running shoes. This lightweight foam is repurposed in a way that only emits half as much carbon dioxide equivalent to traditional Nike foams.

nike spaced hippie 04

Nike Mens Air Vapormax

Last but not least, we have the extravagant Nike Mens Air Vapormax 2020.

The new VaporMax sneakers from Nike are, to date, the most sustainable shoes that the brand has created. Made out of 50% recycled materials, they are paving the way for Nike’s Move to Zero journey.

The shoe is composed of recycled Flyknit Yarn, amounting to 67% post-industrial recycled content. The VaporMax 2020 takes design elements and makes them raw and sustainable for a vibrant exterior-a perfect example of Nike’s circular design ethos that has influenced other sportswear collections. The colors woven into the grey yarn are subdued yet still give off a colorful vibe, patterned with rainbow checks. This encourages an everyday look, which is further complemented by the recycled TPU toe and heel caps adding structure and stability.

Nike Mens Air Vapormax 2020 Flyknit Size



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