Top Five Sunglasses From Jamie Looks

The season for sunglasses is rapidly approaching, and you might want to keep an eye on Jamie Looks - a Copenhagen based eyewear brand with true Nordic heritage.

We know it – the market for sunglasses can sometimes be quite overwhelming. There are thousands of brands, and even more styles out there. Fortunately, we have found the Danish brand Jamie Looks, who offers the perfect combination between high-quality Italian materials and reasonable prices! Here are our top picks from Jamie Looks’ collection!


With the Dino model, you get a unique and high-quality frame, combining Italian quality with Danish design. The Dino model is a timeless design that you can wear anytime – anywhere!


The Dogwood model’s design draws inspiration from another style from Jamie Looks- Dino model. The dogwood has some additional hardware added, which gives it a more refined look, while still maintaining the Danish design!


The Copenhagen silhouette from Jamie Looks has an urban style to it. This design is casual but inspiring at the same time. As a tribute to the Danish capital Copenhagen, we can easily understand why Jamie Looks has quickly gained popularity with this design.


The Harrington is a classic style, but with a bit more volume than the other pairs. The Harrington design is the perfect style for the style-loving consumer who appreciates elegance and design. The design suits most occasions, so if you often wear sunglasses, this could easily be your new favorite.


The fifth style on our list is probably also the most unique. With this Rock n’ Roll design, you get a pair of sunnies in high quality, signaling your inner Rockstar, so you are ready to take on the summer.



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