5 Pairs of Sandals That Are Perfect for Summer

Sandals are not just made for the beach. There are plenty of options on the market for fashionable sandals, which you can wear everywhere during summer.

Birkenstock – Arizona

We absolutely love Birks! They are made from great materials and are very comfortable as soon as you have worn them a bit. They sole will shape itself into your foot and optimize comfort.

Adidas – Adilette Slides

It doesn’t get much more retro than this. This is a classic amongst sandals and have moved away from the sports world and into fashion!

Nike – Canyon Sandal

This is no ordinary sandal – it is in fact a trail sandal. It is made for comfort on long and difficult walks where you also want to give your feet some fresh air.

Gucci – Black Pursuit Pool Slides

If you are a high roller and want to show it while remaining casual, then you might want to grap a pair of Gucci Slippers. In the recent years they have been made even popular by rappers and celebrities.

SuicokeNavy – Kaw-Cab Sandals

Suicoke is iconic when it comes to streetwear sandals. The Kaw-Cap Sandals stands out from other sandals in the best way possible. They manage to combine tactical wear, comfort, and style in one sandal!



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