5 Pairs of Sandals That Are Perfect for Summer

Birkenstock – Arizona

We absolutely love Birks! They are made from great materials and are very comfortable as soon as you have worn them a bit. They sole will shape itself into your foot and optimize comfort.

Adidas – Adilette Slides

It doesn’t get much more retro than this. This is a classic amongst sandals and have moved away from the sports world and into fashion!

Nike – Canyon Sandal

This is no ordinary sandal – it is in fact a trail sandal. It is made for comfort on long and difficult walks where you also want to give your feet some fresh air.

Gucci – Black Pursuit Pool Slides

If you are a high roller and want to show it while remaining casual, then you might want to grap a pair of Gucci Slippers. In the recent years they have been made even popular by rappers and celebrities.

SuicokeNavy – Kaw-Cab Sandals

Suicoke is iconic when it comes to streetwear sandals. The Kaw-Cap Sandals stands out from other sandals in the best way possible. They manage to combine tactical wear, comfort, and style in one sandal!