Refurbished products explained

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22.8 billion: this is the number of garments discarded worldwide in one year. The average American throws away about 81 pounds (36.7kg) of clothing every year. 

With this in mind, products refurbished by their manufacturer are becoming popular as a choice that’s friendly to the environment and your wallet. It’s a sustainable option through which a product that can no longer be sold as new is inspected and repaired. Recently, it’s been attracting attention as an eco-friendly initiative to reduce the amount of waste that’s created in such large quantities every year.

Why refurbished products?

1. Don’t sacrifice on quality

A great deal is about a good price and good quality. Even if you can get a product cheaply, it doesn’t make sense if the product is damaged or badly made. The fantastic thing about maker verified refurbished products is that they’re as good as new. The only items that go through the refurbishment process are those that have been damaged in the manufacturing process or just returned products (like customers buying the wrong size). Once fixed, their appearance and function is identical to the high-quality original product. Even more, the manufacturer’s officially refurbished products often come with a warranty.
It’s a savvy way to shop, letting you get trustworthy products.

2. Bargain-hunter’s dream

Another notable feature of refurbished products is the low cost: you can get an unused product at a cheaper price. It’s a win-win for companies and shoppers! They get to sell an item which otherwise couldn’t be sold and would have to be discarded, and you get the same quality for a bargain.

3. Kind to Mother Nature

So we’ve talked about refurbished products being cheaper than the regular price — but that’s not even the number one reason why we recommend them. As you can see by looking at the tens of billions of garments thrown away every year, the fashion industry creates a huge amount of garbage. 

Fast fashion keeps producing clothes to meet the constantly-changing trends, and we must consider the consequences of this. One way to tackle the problem is to save goods that would be discarded, and to — you guessed it! — refurbish and resell them. As a customer, you can choose to spend your money on products that support the environment.

Beautiful refurbished products from Nordgreen, the Scandinavian up-and-comer

One brand that we think is doing a fantastic job of promoting refurbished products is Nordgreen, a designer watch brand from Denmark. Founded in 2017, it’s been increasing its presence in the industry and attracting attention for not only its Scandinavian minimalist and modern design, but also for its sustainable efforts.

The Giving Back Program lets the customer donate part of the purchase price to one of the brand’s three partner NGOs in the fields of health, education and environment. In addition, Nordgreen uses recycled materials in their products and packaging materials, and are working on a zero emission goal at their headquarters in Copenhagen. Sustainability’s literally in the name: the “green” in Nordgreen comes from their commitment to eco-friendly principles. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Nordgreen leads the sustainable watch industry.

At Nordgreen, refurbished products are currently being sold on the official website. It’s an amazing opportunity to get a high quality, stylish Nordic designer watch at a great price — but quantities are limited!

Features of Nordgreen's refurbished products

Save up to 30% off designer watches

Jakob Wagner, Designer or Nordgreens Watches
The design process of a Nordgreen Watch

Jakob Wagner is responsible for the product design of the brand. He’s known for having been in charge of designing for famous brands such as Bang & Olufsen and HAY, and is known as one of the leading designers in Northern Europe. His watch designs are works of art which combine simple beauty and functionality. 

Getting Nordgreen products at up to 30% off when they’re sold as refurbished is a great deal. Normally, the brand has a price range of $185 to $290 USD, which is good for Scandinavian design to begin with. With the extra savings, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get these watches at an amazing price.

The same guarantee as new products

We know that refurbished products are the same quality as new ones, but there’s still the question: will it last as long? Nordgreen’s refurbished products come with the same two year manufacturer’s warranty as their new products, so you can rest easy. On top of that, the shipping is free worldwide.

So just how good is the deal? Check out the official website!

We’ve looked at the sustainability and savings from refurbished products, but in the end, seeing is believing! You can have a look for yourself  — all of Nordgreen’s refurbished products are under the Refurbished tab (makes sense!) at the navigation on the top of their website. 

Let's take a look at some products

The Philosopher - Timeless design

In this case, the price has been reduced from $209 to $169, saving you 25%. It looks like the case color options are rose gold and silver. Since refurbished products are based on returned or damaged products, it makes sense that colors and sizes would be limited. As well as stock, so we recommend you run, don’t walk, to shop the refurbished Philosopher!

Nordgreen - Philosopher

White Dial & Black Leather Strap

$209 $169 -

The Pioneer - An award winning watch

The price has dropped from the regular $279 to $209, another 25% off. That saves $70! We love the combination of the black dial and black leather strap on this one.

Nordgreen - Pioneer

White Dial & Silver Mesh

$289 $214 -

The Native - A sleek designer watch

The price has dropped from the regular price of $184 to just $129. That’s a discount of 30%! These products are definitely limited, so don’t miss your chance to pick up this stylish, versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Nordgreen - Pioneer

White Dial & Silver Mesh

$184 $139 -

Already, many of the refurbished watches have sold out — even as we were writing this! Now is a great opportunity to check out what Nordgreen has to offer and help save your wallet as well as the environment!

Overall, we think…

We’re watching sales of refurbished products, direct from their manufacturers, rapidly gaining popularity due to their eco-friendliness as well as fantastic savings. Every time we make a sustainable choice like this, the future of fashion changes, just a little. 

You can check out this run of Nordgreen’s refurbished watches on their official website here. These products aren’t sticking around, so if you are interested, check it out ASAP!