Nordgreen’s Top Five Minimalist Watches

Sponsored post: Copenhagen Denmark based watch brand Nordgreen is taking eCommerce by storm as one of the fastest-growing watch brands in the world. Their sustainable initiatives are notable as they partner with global NGOs to solve educational, health, and environmental challenges around the globe through their ’Giving Back Program.’

1. The Philosopher – A Modern Timepiece For Women & Men

If you like the steely look of gunmetal, then the combination of Nordgreen’s Philosopher watch with a white dial, a gunmetal case, and a gunmetal strap can be the perfect modern touch to any attire. Though this model is suited for both women and men, a gunmetal case is typically favored by men.  The Philosopher’s design has a two-part dial and an asymmetrical second hand resting inside of a case that broadens at its base and rests on top of its lugs.

2. The Infinity – A Limitless Statement For Her Style

The Infinity is Nordic minimalism at its finest and is as simple as it gets when it comes to designer watches for women. The hourly marks follow the curvature of its dial, reaching into endless possibilities. The Infinity with a white dial, a rose gold case, and a rose gold mesh strap is an elegant combination for her wrist and is versatile, just like her attire.

3. The Pioneer – 2020 Red Dot Award Winner For Men’s Design

As the newest edition to the Nordgreen collection of men’s watches, the Pioneer Chronograph quickly gains global attention. The Pioneer has a 42mm case size, the largest case size in the Nordgreen collection. Nordgreen and Chief Designer Jakob Wagner celebrate the Pioneer’s design and are the winners of the 2020 Red Dot Award in the Design category.

With its rounded stainless steel case, spacious dial and sub-dials, with red-tipped hourly marks, and a domed sapphire crystal top, the Pioneer is minimalist by design, and classic a timepiece in its function.

4. The Native – A Perfectly Balanced Timepiece For Women & Men

Add a new flair to your attire with the Native with a blue dial, a silver case, and a brown leather strap, and you’ll surely be the focus of your admirers. The Native watch design represents balance and is an elegant watch for women, and a modest watch choice for men. Its silver case, hour and minute hands, and rounded lugs remind you that there’s a fine line in upholding your work-life balance.

5. The Philosopher – Classic By Design, For Women & Men

This particular combination of the Philosopher watch deserves mention, and even though it’s a unisex watch, this specific combination of the Philosopher watch is popular with men. Perhaps it’s the classic combination of its silver case, white dial, and brown leather strap that make this watch a timeless accessory. The Philosopher pays tribute to our past, present, and future endeavors.

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