Nordgreen: Award-winning Scandinavian watch brand now available at F. Hinds Jewellers in Wakefield

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Five things to know about the watch brand Nordgreen

Finding the perfect watch isn’t easy to do. It needs to be stylish and well-made, and definitely able to stand up to a bit of rain.

With that in mind, we’d like to introduce Nordgreen. Coming from Denmark, they’re all over that Scandi minimalist chic. The name is actually derived from their core principles: Nord, for their Nordic identity, and green, for their sustainability. There’s a lot to like about this brand, but we’ve managed to condense it into a top six.

Now, you’re able to experience these watches in person — Nordgreen is now available in F. Hinds Jewellers in Wakefield. Before you visit them yourself, here are five things to know about Nordgreen.

1. Award-winning Watches

Infinity is a particularly feminine and cute model in the Nordgreen collection. Its signature look is the hidden strap connector, sustaining the clean line to the body starting at GBP £169.

Because of its minimalistic look you’d pay attention to the shining case and dial. The front look of the case ring is shining like an accessory. However, the side of the case has a brushed finish to it. This extra detail protects the watch from the case, keeping it look good as new for a long time. 

The Bezel has a curved, plate-like look that compliments the hours index, shining in the reflection of the light, in a subtle and dreamy fashion. Keeping it minimalistic, but still including minutes index creating elegant yet functional fashion item.

In addition, the Pioneer, which starts at GBP £209, won the 2020 Red Dot Design Award

The Red Dot Award was founded nearly 70 years ago and has come to be the mark of only the most innovative, quality design. One of 6,500 entrants to this year’s competition, the Pioneer fought its way to the top. What’s remarkable is the difference in price between it and other champions — by comparison, the 2016 winner from Porsche, the 1919 Chronotimer Flyback, comes in at over GBP£ 5,000.

What makes the Pioneer so special is the balance of its design. It manages to keep Nordgreen’s signature Scandinavian minimalism while balancing the multiple sub-dials that make a chronograph. 

At 42mm, it’s Nordgreen’s widest watch, and we can understand that you want to see it in person and play around with the different colour-ways before making a decision. You can use the Nordgreen store locator to find a store near you.

2. Guardian - designed to last 100 years

Nordgreen is on a mission to redefine the watch industry with the release  of Guardian by Nordgreen – their first ever sustainable watch that will most definitely become a game-changer.

The ambition that Nordgreen had with the launch of Guardian, was to design a timepiece that will last for 100 years and have a minimum impact on the ecosystem of our planet. Guardian is made of  85% recycled stainless steel and highly durable sapphire crystal glass. The timepiece is powered by a premium automatic movement ensuring longevity.

The price range of GBP £599 is absolutely justified with all factors taken into account. Imagine not having to buy any other watch for the rest of your life. With Guardian’s minimalist and timeless design, you are guaranteed to never get tired of this premium piece.

Nordgreen has literally integrated the community spirit around the collection in the product itself. There is a NFC chip on the bottom of each Guardian box that will be your one tap gateway to the Guardian community. From here you can explore the entire Guardian universe – meet community members, get special updates and read inspiring stories of the brand’s ambassadors.

3. Forefront of Danish Design

So how did Nordgreen come to create these award-winning watches? It probably has something to do with their chief designer, Jakob Wagner. He’s a mainstay of Danish design. Studying both engineering and design has given him an edge that makes his pieces both beautiful and functional. 

I find the intersection between technology and human culture to be an interesting place to work.
Jakob Wagner 


He’s designed for leading Danish and international brands, including , Bang & Olufsen, HAY and Italian Cappellini, as  well as running his own studio for the last 25 years.

Some of his best-known work is with the renowned Danish electronics company, Bang & Olufsen. His design of the H4 headphones has gathered international acclaim for both their functionality and good looks.

4. Lets You Give Back

We love that Nordgreen is truly committed to making the world a better place. When you purchase a watch, you can choose from one of three amazing organisations to donate to through their Giving Back program. One watch can provide:

  • Two months of clean drinking water for one person in the Central African Republic through Water for Good.
  • One month of education for a child in India through Pratham UK.
  • The preservation of 50 sqm of Latin American rainforest through Cool Earth.

It doesn’t end there. Nordgreen has partnered with manufacturers that ensure Danish labour practices are being followed. Their office in Copenhagen and global shipping is carbon offset, and all their packaging is FSC certified. There’s a lot to love when it comes to Nordgreen’s ethics

5. Versatile from Day to Day

Nordgreen offers a variety of styles and sizes to suit every taste. There are five different dials you can choose between: the ultra-minimal Native; the elegant Infinity; the intriguing Philosopher; the functional Pioneer; The worlds most sustainable watch Guardian.

Depending on the dial, you’re able to choose from up to four different metal finishes (gold, rose gold, gunmetal and silver) and a wide variety of dial colours. A variety of sizes — 28mm, 32mm, 36mm, 40mm and 42mm — mean that you can find a watch that fits your wrist perfectly.


Between that and the versatility of the straps, Nordgreen lets you find a watch that’s perfect for you. The Nordgreen watch collection starts from GBP£ 144.

6. Available at F. Hinds Jewellers in Wakefield

There are lots of reasons to go for a Nordgreen watch. In particular, we like their award-winning design, their ethical practices, their versatility and the ability to customise.

What should you do if you feel the same way and want to choose a Nordgreen watch for yourself?

Nordgreen is now available at F. Hinds Jewellers in Wakefield and you should check them out in person. If you buy a Nordgreen watch there you can get a strap for free (while they are still in stock).

See for yourself  at F. Hinds Jewellers in Wakefield and enjoy Nordgreen’s wonderful versatility.