What to give the person who says ‘don’t get me anything

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Giving our loved ones a thoughtful gift for their birthday, the holidays or an anniversary makes the day even more special. But how do we choose for someone who never asks for anything? In this post, we’re going to have a look at the ones who say ‘don’t get me anything’ — why do they say it, and what motivates them not to want anything? By asking these questions, we can understand them better and make sure that we buy them a present that really makes them happy. We have a few gift recommendations, too!

So if you’ve ever been worried about what to give to the person who doesn’t want anything, read on…

Why do they say "I don’t want anything"?

They have everything they need

They’re already surrounded by their favorite belongings and don’t feel that they’re missing anything. 

They hate clutter

They want to keep their space clean and tidy, and only own what they really need.

They’re trying to spend less

They don’t want to spend money on non-essentials because they’re saving for the future or don’t have much spare money at the moment. 

They’re terrible at giving gifts

They’d probably really like a present, but they’re worried that they can’t return the favor. 

It’s a hassle

Their life is busy and stressful, or they’re worried about burdening you with having to find a gift for them. 

They cherish experiences over belongings

They’re not interested in empty gestures — they want a gift that means something

There’s always a reason people say, “I don’t want anything.” But do they actually want nothing? Let’s dig into their traits to break down what they really need.

What is the trait of people say "I don't want anything"?

The ‘Mend and Make Do’

If they get something, they expect it to be durable! If it does break, they’re ready with their sewing kit and a hot glue gun.

The Achiever

They have their eyes on the prize and know what they want. They’ll love something that helps their goals, but they’re not interested in anything else. 

The Treat-Yourself

They don’t wait for somebody else to buy them what they’re dreaming about. They know what they like and for them, it’s easier to get it for themself. 

The Minimalist

One perfect houseplant, one perfect mug, one perfect jacket… they’re very careful about their style and look for quality over quantity.

The Adventurer

They’re more interested in a spontaneous road trip or a hot air balloon ride than possessions. They’re full of fun and always looking for the next idea! 

The Environmentalist

They take only what they need. If they want something new, they’ll research it to make sure it’s in line with their beliefs.

The Stresser

They always seem to have a million things to do. They barely have time to eat breakfast, let alone think about presents!   

There are many motivations behind not wanting gifts. We definitely recognise a few people from this list. So how do we find something that can suit them?

What makes the perfect gift for these people?

Elements that makes a thoughtful gift


What’s the most important thing to consider when buying the perfect gift in this situation? It needs to be practical. Every type of “I don’t want anything” person has this in common. No matter how heartfelt the present is, it’s useless if it stays in a drawer. When you take their needs into consideration, you’ll be able to find something that’s thoughtful and useful.

But practical doesn’t mean boring! This is a great opportunity to bring beauty to everyday life — something functional that makes them feel good every time they use it. It’s functional at work, at school, and in their free time. And we can recommend the ideal gift: a watch from the Danish brand Nordgreen.

Nordgreen Watches as Gift

Nordgreen watches are known for their sophisticated, Scandinavian design. Head designer Jakob Wagner is not only active in Denmark, but is known around the world for his work designing for Bang & Olufsen, Cappellini, and HAY. His creations at Nordgreen highlight all his experience and talent.

Nordgreen currently has five models available, each with different strengths to their design. There’s lots of variation in colors and straps, so we highly recommend checking the other options on their website.

A meaningful present from Nordgreen

People who dislike waste in their own life tend to feel the same about the world. Nordgreen watches are more than a beautiful, practical gift — they give back to the planet. 

Nordgreen has sustainability and social responsibility at the heart of everything it does. They reduce waste at every stage and ensure that their workers are paid a living wage. Furthermore, the Giving Back Program lets the watch’s owner donate part of the purchase fantastic causes. It’s really the cherry on top of the perfect gift. 

Our Picks for this holiday

FOR HER: Native Brown Leather in Gold

The gently rounded dial is the statement of this piece, playing with the light and adding interest to the minimalist design. Partnered with classic brown leather, this is a watch that gives the impression of quiet luxury.

FOR HIM: Gun Metal Pioneer in Black Strap

The simplicity of the Pioneer is unusual for a chronograph. It’s a fresh, innovative design that perfectly combines classic with modern. This watch gives you the touch of sophistication at your wrist that can elevate a suit or casual look.

For neutral look: Gold Philosopher in Mesh strap

The Philosopher is a best-seller, popular with both men and women. The design of the dial is subtle yet intriguing, drawing in the eye with its cone-shaped structure. Paired with the mesh strap, it’s a refined choice that suits any occasion.

Give the gift of versatility with interchangeable straps

Nordgreen watches feature a timeless design. Adding to this practicality is the wide range of interchangeable straps, which come in five materials: metal mesh, links, leather, nylon, and rubber. There are also a wide variety of colors. 

A different strap can change the impression of the watch entirely. A black leather strap, for instance, is truly classic and great for the office, while the mesh adds the ideal, subtle sparkle for the evening. 

Whether you choose a pre-made bundle or customize your own, it arrives in a luxurious gift box, ready to be given to your loved one.
Not only so, for the month of December this year, but Nordgreen is also running a free strap campaign with a cause, you are guaranteed to get 1 FREE strap with purchase of a watch! 


So when they say they don’t want anything, think Nordgreen

This is just a short introduction to the thoughts of that person who’s always tricky to buy for. Hopefully, by understanding them better, buying a gift for them will become much easier. Nordgreen is able to help with their range of practical, beautiful, socially-conscious designer watches. You can view all of the different options on their website to find the perfect fit for your loved one.

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