MessyWeekend’s unmissable Black Friday deals!

We’ve signed up to MESSYWEEKEND™️‘s newsletter and gotten a sneak-preview of all their exclusive upcoming Black Friday deals. And it’s safe to say that they’ve got an insane offer in store for us! The whole week they are running a 2 FOR 1 offer on all products, with each day featuring a specific collection. Just use the code “2FOR1” at the checkout to redeem your offer. Plus, they’ve promised exclusive freebies in their daily flash sale offers on all orders over €85 – only available in a limited number, so you’ll need to be quick if you want to get your hands on them! 

Let’s take a little look into the kinds of deals you can expect from them each day this Black Week:

1. Monday: 2 for 1 on Eyewear

They start the week off with a bang – 2 for 1 on ALL EYEWEAR! If you buy two pairs of either sunglasses or Blue Light glasses, you get the cheapest one for free. But if you’re just looking for a single pair, they’ve got something for you with 20% off all single items. Just use the code “BF20” at the checkout.

Monday’s freebie is their MW beanie (worth €30). It’s super soft and made of non-itchy recycled polyester – perfect for cosying up this winter season.

2. Tuesday: 2 for 1 on Ski-Goggles

Tuesday’s offer is every ski-lover’s dream – 2 for 1 on ALL SKI-GOGGLES! Now is your chance to get geared up for the snow season with MESSYWEEKEND™️‘s wide array of quality goggles. Take for example ACHTON XEP, featuring an anti-fog, photochromic lens that automatically adjusts to the weather conditions. 

Plus, with their Tuesday flash sale you can get a FREE Neck Tube (worth €45) with every purchase! The must have ski-accessory for staying warm while hitting the slopes.

3. Wednesday: 2 for 1 on Eyewear

2 for 1 on ALL EYEWEAR is on the agenda again for Wednesday. In case it wasn’t an obvious possibility, MESSYWEEKEND™️ has suggested a killer way to combine the offer: sunglasses and Blue Light glasses

They suggest combining your favourite pair of sunnies with a pair of Blue Light glasses, available in NEW DEPP, DEPP & LENNON. Since the winter season is fast approaching, we are all likely spending more time indoors in front of our digital devices, putting extra strain on our eyes. MESSYWEEKEND™️ Blue Light glasses can help block the excessive bluelight exposure, keeping your peepers well rested.

Wednesday’s flash sale freebie is the perfect accessory for this offer! You can get a FREE leather MW case for your glasses with each purchase, as long as stocks last.

Sunnies & Blue Light combo

BILLE - Crystal


LENNON - Blue Light


4. Thursday: 2 for 1 on Ski-Goggles

If you can’t decide which MESSYWEEKEND™️ ski-goggles to get, don’t worry. They’ve got you covered with some helpful suggestions on how to combine the 2 for 1 deal. Thursday’s offer is again 2 for 1 on ALL SKI-GOGGLESMESSYWEEKEND™️ suggests combining the ACHTON XE2 goggles (the cheaper goggle option with a revo lens) with a photochromic XEp lens (worth €90). The whole bundle is valued at €220 but you’ll only pay €130! 

And today they’re also offering a super exclusive deal on their Base Layers: €60 for either the Base Layer Shirt or Pants. Usually these cost €90, so they’re an absolute steal! Just use the code “BASE” at the checkout. 

If that wasn’t enough, MESSYWEEKEND™️ is also doing flash sales on their Balaclava. It’s the only accessory you need to complete your ski-outfit.

Goggle & Lens combo

ACHTON XE2 - Green Revo


XEP Lens


5. Friday: 2 for 1 on Everything!

MESSYWEEKEND™️ has gone all in this Black Friday with a 2 for 1 offer on EVERYTHING!! That’s sunnies, goggles, Blue Light glasses, Base Layers, accessories – you name it! And if for some reason you don’t want to make the most of this killer deal, you can still get 25% off all single items with the code “BF25”.

They’ve put together a Bestseller suggestion: NEW DEPP Champagne and HOBBES Crystal. A combination of their bestselling acetate frame and injection frame (super flexible and virtually indestructible!)

And how could we forget about the unmissable flash sale freebie: a limited edition MESSYWEEKEND™️ Cap in Black, created especially for Black Friday. We hear there’s super limited stock available, so better hurry if you want one!

Bestseller combo

NEW DEPP - Champagne


HOBBES - Crystal


6. Saturday

The 2 for 1 on EVERYTHING deal – as well as the 25% offer – lasts all Black Weekend, so you’ve got plenty of time to decide what you want (and to wait to see what exciting daily freebies are available). Saturday’s freebie is a super cool minimalistic MW tote bag, also created for Black Friday. It’s perfect for carrying all your newly purchased goodies!

Once again, MESSYWEEKEND™️ has created a recommendation for how to combine the offer. They suggest getting your favourite pair of ski-goggles with a Base Layer (shirt or pants) for the perfect ski-lovers combo! And honestly we couldn’t agree more with this suggestion as you’ll be getting the Base Layer, worth €90, entirely for free! They are super comfy and made of 100% moisture wicking merino wool.

Ski-Lover's combo





7. Sunday

The 2 for 1 on EVERYTHING offer continues and MESSYWEEKEND™️ has another recommendation: the Cosy Indoor combo. Combine a Base Layer with any pair of Blue Light glasses for the ultimate indoor “hygge”! You’ll be totally prepared for any and every couch day with the comfiest get-up and your bluelight blocking glasses (perfect for those late night Netflix binge marathons!)

We can’t forget the Sunday flash freebie: the MW Tote bag makes another appearance – just in case you didn’t manage to snag one the first time.

Cosy Indoor Combo



NEW DEPP Crystal - Blue Light


8. Cyber Monday

For the final time MESSYWEEKEND™️ offers their 2 for 1 and 25% off deals on EVERYTHING store wide. So if you didn’t get your hands on a killer bargain during the week, Cyber Monday is your absolute last chance!

And, for the final time, MESSYWEEKEND™️ has their last flash sale offer: the exclusive MW Cap, this time in the color Army. Again there’s only a limited supply so it’s first come first serve.

We think there are more than enough bargain deals to tempt you and there’s sure to be something for everyone. All that’s left to say is happy shopping!