Improve your ski trip : 4 reasons why you need these snow goggles this ski-season

Whether you’re a professional skier or new to the slopes, you probably know that the most crucial element for a successful week in the mountains is the right equipment. Whether you’re taking to the chalk-white slopes on skiis or a snowboard, there’s one thing that’s an absolute must-have. A high-quality pair of ski-goggles.

But ski-goggles aren’t just ski-goggles. They’re advanced technology that require exceptional craftsmanship to perfect. As well as protecting your face and eyes from the grip of the cold and ensuring your comfort, your ski-goggles also need to support your sense of adventure in all weather conditions and help you navigate the blinding snow. Having the right equipment can make all the difference. Such a task requires the right goggles. And we think we’ve found them. The ski-goggles are called CLEAR, stand out as a statement to innovation and design excellence. And the brains behind them are the Danish eyewear brand MessyWeekend.

Superior technology

When snow kings judge the quality of ski-goggles, there are three elements in particular they look at: the lens, the antifog-properties and the comfort. In winter sports, precision matters. MessyWeekend’s CLEAR goggles are one of the few pairs of ski-goggles that feature the latest ski technology, offering the best of all worlds.

A quick note on the MessyWeekend lenses: all goggles come with either an XE2 lens or an XEp lens. Each lens has its own specificity: the XE2 lens excels in low-light conditions, while the XEp lens is designed for bright and sunny days. Important to know when you’re choosing which model of goggles to buy, but more on the difference later.

Let’s take a look at why MessyWeekend ski-goggles are a must-have for any ski holiday.

1. High-contrast and photochromic lens

XE2: To put it mildly, CLEAR XE2 lens is a stroke of genius. Like the famous Oakley Prizm goggles, CLEAR also features a high-contrast lens that works by amplifying the colours and thus the contrasts of the snowy landscape. This innovative lens technology isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a game-changer for your vision on the slopes. The result is simple but superb: you see in much sharper detail than with a regular lens. To ensure a lightweight, strong and virtually indestructible lens, the XE2 lens is made from optical-grade polycarbonate – the same material you’ll find in bulletproof windows.

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XEP: The CLEAR XEP lens represents the ultimate in lens innovation. An upgraded lens, which features the same high-contrast technology as the XE2, but with an additional photochromic filter. This filter is not just a function, it’s an effective solution for dealing with changing light conditions in the mountains. The filter is designed to automatically adjust the lens’ colours and tones according to how much sun there is. If the sun is high, the lens will be royal blue, and if the weather changes, the lens becomes transparent in a mere 30 seconds. This remarkable technology makes the XEp lens the superior choice amongst all other alternatives. Of course, both models are also equipped with 100% UVA+UVB protection, so your eyes are fully protected against the sun’s harmful rays.

Popular XEp ski-goggles

CLEAR XEp – Black Blue


FERDI XEp – Black Blue


2. Magnetic lens-change mechanism

Another essential feature that all high-end ski-goggles should have is the ability to change the lens without too much hassle. The vast majority of models have an outdated lens changing system that requires manual handling to change the lens, which is often cumbersome on a cold mountain with ski-gloves on. In the fast-paced world of winter sports, efficiency is essential.  MessyWeekend understands this and takes lens changing to the next level. With a magnetic lens changing mechanism consisting of an 8-point magnet system attached to the goggle frame, both MessyWeekend’s ski-goggle modelsCLEAR and FLIP, reduce the time it takes to change the lens from minutes to seconds.

Say goodbye to the difficulty of changing lenses in freezing weather and enjoy the facility of a quick lens change with MessyWeekend ski goggles.

The little extra is that you have a bundle which features our CLEAR goggles paired with 2 lenses. The frame comes with a XEp (photochromic) lens and an extra XE2 (high contrast) lens. The primary frame is equipped with a XEp (photochromic) lens, adapting seamlessly to diverse weather conditions. With its cylindrical shape and frameless style, CLEAR offers the high-contrast and the biggest field vision (210°). The photochromic lens automatically adjusts to all weather conditions. The supplementary XE2 lens also ensures high-contrast vision, providing you with unmatched clarity on the slopes. With this bundle, you get a goggle and an extra lens for the price of a single pair.

3. Superb venting system & anti-fog coating

When you’re whizzing down icy mountain ridges, your worst enemy is condensation on the inside of your goggles. Maintaining clear vision is crucial. Condensation is a struggle to avoid, as it forms when your body heat inevitably hits the cooled lens. However, equipped with shatterproof and double-layered lenses – instead of the outdated single lenses – CLEAR and FLIP are able to postpone the time it takes for condensation to form. A nifty trick that makes the glasses more dew-resistant than their competitors. But that’s not all, with anti-fog coating and anti-scratch protection on the inside of the lens, as well as vents at the top and bottom of the frame – the industry’s crowned weapon against fog – both models’ venting systems are in a class of their own.

Gone are the days of obscured vision, replaced by the clarity of MessyWeekend ski goggles.

4. Unmatched comfort

The frames are constructed from lightweight thermal polyurethane, which provides the much-desired flexibility that cold temperatures demand. Featuring a three-layer foam technology that, in addition to improving ventilation, also helps disperse moisture away from your face. The triple-layer foam is also ultra-soft, ensuring that you can comfortably rock your goggles all day long without any discomfort.

And then there’s the fit. The fit of your ski goggles is not just about style: it’s about comfort. Ideally the fit of your ski goggles should be snug (not tight) and comfortable. Size-wise the CLEAR has a medium fit, which is ideal for both women and men.

If you’ve ever faced issues with larger goggles – for example, if they tend to press down on the bridge of your nose – then CLEAR should be a perfect fit for you. Conversely, if it’s too small, you might want to try their smaller frame FLIP or even FERDI.

Googles guide

Messyweekend provides a goggles guide. 

Here is an overview of all the goggles models they offer with all features : 

The 3 MessyWeekend Goggle-models:

FLIP XE2 – Army Blue


CLEAR XEP – Black Blue


FERDI XE2 – Army Silver Mirrored