How to Choose the Perfect Watch for an Outstanding Business Look

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Why Nordgreen’s Scandinavian design watches are a great choice for the business field

Even though smartphones have become the new normal, analog watches are a classic ‘must have’ when it comes to business dress code. Keeping a track of time is a necessity in a dynamic work environment filled with meetings and tight deadlines. Your wrist watch is your statement piece and that is why it is important to note that your personality and working ethics can be revealed through the choice of it.

While a stylish watch can appear as a statement of confidence, for many people in the business world it also symbolises status. However you might want to avoid conveying the wrong message to customers and business partners and appear as ‘showing off’ by wearing a too luxurious watch, but rather focus on communicating diligence and reliability. On the contrary, a tacky or unrefined watch can portray a poor image of your professionalism.

In that sense, it is preferable that the price of your chosen watch remains around £16oUSD in average. What is more, choosing a simple design over a detailed one can make you appear more neat and organized. Nordgreen watches are an expression of all the necessary qualities that would enable you to make an outstanding first impression at your job interview, or maintain a stylish everyday appearance.

Behind Nordgreen

The watch brand Nordgreen was founded in 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is well known in Europe for its design and socially responsible business model. Shortly after the company was brought to light, Nordgreen watches have been sold in 10 physical stores worldwide and also via the online shop within 120 countries.

Head Designer Jakob Wagner, who worked with global brands, such as Bang & Olufsen and HAY and is also included in a permanent exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, has created a line that is masterfully elegant and well-balanced, with abundant attention to detail. With that in mind, each model of the Nordgreen collection is a symbolic expression of Scandinavian subtleness, but offers various nuances of meaning:

The Philosopher

The Philosopher’s design consists of a two-part dial and an asymmetrical second hand resting inside of a case that broadens at its base and rests on top of its lugs. It is also equipped with a functional date display.

The Native

The Native is defined by pure subtleness. The graceful, rounded designs come in a wide variety of dial colours and sizes, and can be a great choice for those who want to balance individuality and simplicity.

The Infinity

The elegant women’s Infinity resembles Scandinavian minimalism. The hourly marks follow the curvature of its dial, reaching into endless possibilities. This model, with its small 32mm dial, gives a charming and neat impression. The dial’s design, curved into a bowl shape, is eye-catching in a subtle way.

The Pioneer

The 42 mm statement-making men’s wrist watch Pioneer is minimalist in its essence, yet contributes to a stylish look with its rounded stainless steel case, spacious dial and sub-dials, with red-tipped hourly marks, and a rounded sapphire crystal top.

Personalize Your Nordgreen

Your watch is your signature accessory, however depending on your mood or the occasion, you might recognise the need for wearing something different. Various watch dial colours are available – white for all four models, together with navy and black for the Native and Pioneer.

Among others, one of Nordgreen’s great features is the interchangeability of the watch straps, due to its classic design. Despite keeping the same dial, you can still have the feeling of wearing a different watch by simply replacing the strap according to your outfit and mood of the day. The offered materials vary from metal mesh and leather, to nylon and rubber, all of which are available in a wide variety of colors to choose from.

This campaign is a great occasion for upcoming business professionals to add a  finishing touch to their work appearance, by purchasing a classic timepiece together with an extra interchangeable strap, well suited for multiple occasions. Straps are typically priced around £34 – £49 GPD which makes this the right timing to upgrade your style with Nordgreen.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Select a size that fits you and choose the case color and strap, which suits your style. Then add this desired product to your cart

Step 2 – Select an extra strap. You can follow the pop-up suggestion for a strap, or choose yourself from the various options available through the menu, under Straps. Be careful to pick the right size. 

Step 3 – Go to the cart and enter the coupon code FREESTRAP. Click on “Checkout Securely” to on to contact information page. Fill out your details and proceed to payment.

Step 4 
At the next screen, you’ll see that the strap is now free! 


Regardless of the model or straps, Nordgreen timepieces are designed to last and will be a timeless asset in your wardrobe.