The World’s Most Sustainable Timepiece? Nordgreen Is Changing The Watch Industry

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world, especially if created for the middle to lower price ranges. Accessories, like jewelry, eyewear or watches, are no exception here. Whether this relates to unethical labor conditions in manufacturing sites, toxic chemicals in the single pieces, or excess plastic packaging … 

There is a lot to be weary of when it comes to making or buying goods that are, in fact, wholly eco-friendly and not just pretending to be. So, sustainability is the word on everybody’s mind. But to be greener is not just a trendy new movement. It’s a necessity, and to claim sustainability for the sake of marketing is a whole other ball game compared to actually abiding by sustainable work and production practices.

Searching for a truly sustainable watch? Here’s what to look out for:

According to renowned experts in the field, the criteria below are what to keep in mind when shopping for greener timepieces.

Criterium #1: Brand uses high-quality eco-conscious materials 

Whether or not a watch is truly sustainable depends on the materials which are ideally either recyclable or already re- or upcycled. One of the most sustainable materials for watches is 316L stainless steel, because it is 100% recyclable, durable, anti-corrosive, shock-resistant, and hypoallergenic. 

Criterium #2: Brand clearly shows social responsibility and transparency

High quality sustainable brands tend to apply ethical European labor standards in the country of production, even if the watches are being made outside Europe. Another thing to look for in sustainable brands is how much they disclose about their carbon footprint and what they do to offset it. If the brand in question doesn’t communicate this transparently, chances are they’re not complying with higher CSR-standards.

Criterium #3: Brand contributes to charitable actions towards sustainability

Stay away from brands that use positive keywords like “sustainability” on their website without giving concrete examples of how they are engaging in sustainable practices. Trustworthy brands donate shares of their profits to charities that fight pollution, promote education, or alleviate malnutrition, among other things.  

Criterium #4: Watch parts should be distinctive with attention to detail

Make sure that what you buy is of the highest possible quality, so that your watch can last for years, even decades. One of the best ways to appraise the quality of a watch is to look at the level of detail of each of its parts (including the case, the crown, the hands, etc.). 

The World’s Most Sustainable Watch: The Guardian by Nordgreen

Why Nordgreen Is The Way To Go

Results of Nordgreen’s Giving Back Program 2018-2022

Nordgreen is a young danish watch startup from Copenhagen, Denmark. From the start, the Nordic brand sought out to be different from its competitors – not just in terms of quality and design, but also in its responsibility and respect for the environment. 

Founded in 2017, the watchmakers now provide five distinct collections of minimalist timepieces. Each model has its own unique twists and quirks, yet they all equally contribute to charitable causes.

As part of their Giving Back Program, Nordgreen donates a slice of the profits of every sold watch to one of three NGOs of the customer’s choosing. The latter can pick between Pratham UK’s mission to grant children in India an education, Water For Good’s upgrading of the Central African Republic’s water infrastructure, or Cool Earth’s measures to protect the South American rainforests.

Under designer Jakob Wagner, every watch profits from restraint and elegance, aesthetic and physical endurance. The Dane previously lent his talents to the likes of Bang & Olfusen and HAY, and has won numerous, international accolades for his signature style of pairing beauty with functionality.

Made to accompany you through the many stages of life, Nordgreen’s easily customizable pieces function in every setting, be it formal or casual, regardless of whether you hop from office to office, class to class, or ball room to ball room.

In the wake its launch, we want to take the time now to more thoroughly introduce you to Nordgreen’s Guardian – the world’s most sustainable watch – and its efforts towards setting new standards for the industry.

Nordgreen’s Chief Designer Jakob Wagner at work

Explore Nordgreen’s responsibly made collection

The Guardian – Made to Last a Century




Key Facts

  • Painted brass dial, available in different sizes
  • 85% recycled 316L stainless steel
  • Flat sapphire crystal glass
  • Automatic Caliber Miyota Movement 9039 
  • Water-resistance up to 10 ATM
  • Butterfly Lock
  • From $799


10 Reasons For Why The Guardian Should Be Your New Watch

The Guardian is the newest addition to the Nordgreen family.

Below, find out why this piece should be at the very top of your list!


#1: Research-based

After extensive, collaborative research with sustainability experts, this model was created to last a lifetime and beyond – 100 years, to be exact.  

#2: Sustainable Materials

Created almost entirely of recycled 316L stainless steel, topped off with extremely durable Sapphire glass, this timepiece is the epitome of sustainable watchmaking. 

#3: Circularity 

Nordgreen runs a buy-back program, as well as a refurbishing program. Damaged or no-longer-wanted watches can be returned to them and either be properly recycled, or repaired to once again meet the standard of a new watch, and be given new life. The sender is reimbursed.

#4: Love in every detail 

As he does with all of his designs, creator Jakob Wagner put emphasis on a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. The Guardian’s no exception, with every component of it devotedly designed to fulfill its singular purpose. Together, they make this intricate watch work. 

#5: Automatic Movement

Speaking of components; one very important one is the Guardian’s high end automatic movement. It basically winds itself, motorized by motion of the wearer, making for a fully reliable, precise timepiece. 

#6: 10ATM Water-Resistance 

This watch will withstand water far better than most watches in its price range. Be it rain splashes or snorkeling, swimming or showering, the Guardian, just as its name suggests, will stay intact. 

#7: 3D-printed Packaging

The Guardian comes in a made-per-order 3D-printed packaging. Crafted by Lost Boys Lab in Malmö, Sweden, the box is created with recycled PET plastics, and engraved with words symbolic of Nordgreen’s progressive ethos. 


#8: Charitable 

The Guardian is enrolled in Nordgreen’s Giving Back program. This means that a part of the profits generated through a purchase of the watch is donated to one of the three above-mentioned organizations. The customer decides which of the causes they resonate with the most.

#9: Transparent

Nordgreen is very open about what they do with and how they do it. This honesty is not exclusive to supply chain issues, but reaches into their offices in Copenhagen, too. For instance, they’re partnered with CleanHub to offset their carbon footprint, the results of which are regularly updated and shared on their website.

#10: Building a Community 

The Guardian contains a chip with which its owners can log onto the Guardian universe and learn more about their watch, the brand, its testimonials, and connect with other inspiring members of the extended, international community of passionate good-doers.


Check out Nordgreen’s other collections,

and find the perfect watch for yourself  or a loved one!

The Pioneer – 2020 Red Dot Design Award Winner

The Pioneer is Nordgreen’s first chronograph. It entails all the features one would wish for from such a timepiece, without however feeling too loaded in its design. The model and its creator, Jakob Wagner, have won numerous accolades for the sleek, both practical and fashionable design, including the renowned Red Dot Design Award 2020. 

Key Facts

  • 42mm dial
  • Thick 11.9mm case
  • Case constructed of 316L, marine grade stainless steel
  • Domed sapphire crystal glass
  • Japanese quartz movement, Miyota 6S21
  • Five different dial colors and three different case colors
  • Water-resistance up to 5 or 10 ATM
  • From $269


The Philosopher – 2021 IF-Design Award Recipient

Nordgreen’s Philosopher watch is among the bestselling pieces in Nordgreen’s collection and purchased both by men and women worldwide. Its minimalist, yet playful design was awarded with the widely acclaimed iF Design Award in the product design category, which is truly remarkable given its affordable price range. Other great features of the Philosopher include its asymmetric second hand painted in gray, which makes telling the exact time really effortless, and the depth of its dial. 

Key Facts

  • 36mm dial typically for women or 40mm dial typically for men
  • Case constructed of 316L, marine grade stainless steel
  • Hardened mineral crystal glass
  • Japanese quartz movement, Miyota GM10
  • Four different case colors: silver, rose gold, gold, gunmetal
  • Rain and splash resistant (up to 3 ATM)
  • From $199


The Native – Minimalism Refined and Redefined

If you’re looking for a simple, yet elegant timepiece, this one’s the way to go: everything in the Native‘s design has been crafted in an attempt to preserve subtle elegance. The simplicity of the dial brings out the Nordgreen leaf logo, whereas its minute markers are relatively hidden, only noticeable when you need them, leaving the hour markers for balance. The Native is Nordgreen’s first model in the collection, yet it is as popular as when it was first launched, amongst male and female customers alike.

Key Facts

  • Four different case colors: silver, rose gold, gold, gunmetal
  • Case sizes: 28 and 32mm typically for women, 36mm unisex and 40mm typically for men
  • Four different dial colors: white, black, mother-of-pearl and sunray ocean blue; and four different case colors
  • From $169


The Unika – A Gift of Eclectic Femininity

What is really striking about this particular design is that even though, at first, it might seem like a classic dress watch, it is actually highly versatile. The Unika comes in all of Nordgreen’s classic case colors, but offers an even wide variety of choice with its polished and brushed dial variations, and bi-colored straps. Creating this piece, designer Jakob Wagner was inspired by the vibrant fearlessness of chic Scandinavian women.

Key Facts

  • Slim 7.2mm in depth case available in 28 and 32mm
  • Four different case colors: silver, rose gold, gold, gunmetal
  • Wide variety of dial colors: polished and brushed gold / silver / rose gold / gunmetal, as well as black and rainbow black
  • From $249