17 Fashionable Bucket Hats for Men

three man wearing bucket hats

If you love unique styles, or you are a trendsetter. The bucket hat is the right fashion accessory for you. The bucket hat frenzy started a year ago and is still gaining more popularity to date. Though pulling off and wearing your bucket hat is quite difficult, but that should not deter you from buying this amazing hat. If you choose the right style and size for yourself, you would immediately fall in love with bucket hats. 

Getting a stylish bucket hat could seem a bit of a task, wearing the hat right could even be more difficult. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best bucket hats available on the market. All products listed here can be purchased from Amazon and any fashion store near you. Apart from ranking the products, we would analyze the features, reviews, price range, and quality of each product. 

Factors to Consider before Buying a Bucket Hat

Trying to buy a bucket hat could seem a bit tricky. To get the perfect hat that would keep you protected, there are some factors that you must consider before making your choice. These factors would influence the decisions you make about which bucket hat to buy. Here are some factors you should consider;

Hat Size: The size of the hat is important to how comfortable you would feel when you are wearing the hat. It should not be too tight and the hat should not be too loose also. If you do not mind going for a hat with drawcords, there are different types available on the market. The drawcords make the hat size adjustable. 

Waterproof: You should also consider the level of the hat’s resistance to water. So depending on the task or outing you are going for, this would determine whether you need a waterproof hat or not. This prevents your eyelids from regularly getting wet. 

Ventilation: The hat you buy must have appropriate ventilation, this would help prevent migraines, and it also stops the hat from getting smelly. 

1. Under Armour Men’s Warrior Bucket Hat

This is an upgrade to the previous bucket hat. It has upgraded design and new features. Its modern and breathable design keeps it atop the other bucket hats. It is made from 100% quality polyester material. It uses the ArmourVent technology on its general design. This hat is breathable, lightweight, durable, fast-drying, and stretchy. It provides comfort anytime you put it on. It would also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. 

It has drawstrings which make the hat fit perfectly anytime you want to put it on. It has a traditional design, and it was constructed with a more relaxed feel, and also provides increased coverage. This is the right bucket hat for you if you want to go on a fishing trip, hiking, or your next adventure. If you combine this with the right hiking boots, you are good to go.

2. Outdoor Research Bucket Hat

This is another well-designed hat. It is a product of Outdoor research. This imported hat is made from a combination of nylon, polyester, and cotton. The outer shell is made with a double weave ripstop. The brim is made from cotton and nylon. 

The wicking headband is the first feature of the hat you would notice. It is provided to keep you comfortable when you have the hat on. It also absorbs moisture when you sweat and prevents it from getting into your eyes.

3. Under Armour Men’s Tactical Hat

This is the second product from Under Armour to make it to our list. It has 100% polyester construction, this product is imported. Each unit you buy is made from durable poly-woven material. This makes it strong and sturdy. This allows the bucket hat to go through any situation effortlessly. 

If you desire to always keep your head fresh and clean when you are in the sun, this lightweight hat is the right product for you. The headband prevents sweat from entering your eyes and it would always keep you comfortable. It is made from durable material.

4. airSUP Bucket Hat

This essential bucket hat is designed for men’s adventurous needs. It is great for doing different outdoor and indoor activities. Whether hiking, surfing, fishing, cruise, or kiteboarding. It is made from dark polyester fabric that dries easily, is breathable, and would not cause any skin cancer or irritation.  

However, constant exposure to sunlight could cause the color to fade off. It offers protection against UV rays for your face and eyes. It is durable, rugged, and sturdy. Adjusting the size of the hat is quite easy, and the mesh is designed to protect your eyes from the wind and sun.

5. Kangol Men’s Stripe Hat

Kangol is a very popular brand in the world of hats. This model has a creative design that is made from 100% unique cotton materials. This is an updated version of the classic bucket hat. This quintessential product has a dual-color band pop. It has a contrasting brim that makes it stand out from other products available on the market. 

Like the classic bucket hat, this model has a perfect design with the classic Boonie style. The flat-top provides optimum protection for all wearers from harmful UV and sun rays. The taped seams and popping color makes it more fashionable.

6. Under Armour Men’s Bucket Hat

Under Armour is one of the movers and shakers in the hat industry. They are popular for making top-notch products, which answers different needs and questions of demanding customers. It is great for regular people, athletes, and people that regularly go on adventures. This is a quality product from Under Armour and the features speak for it. 

This model is made from pure polyester, and it has a traditional build with the latest technology available in the industry. The traditional build gives the hat a classic look. It keeps all wearers comfortable and ensures that the bucket hat fits perfectly. It offers protection against harmful UV rays.

7. Gelante Cotton Bucket Hat

Gelante is a popular brand in the world of hats, and they are popular for making high-grade quality hats. The function, style, and durability is a force for other hat models to reckon with. It has breathable insides, and the brass eyelets provide proper ventilation. 

It has an exceptionally compact design, this makes it easy to pack for an all-day trip or adventure. You can store appropriately, and you can fold without destroying the design and construction of the product. It shields you from the sun with the sturdy brim design.

8. Hat Depot Bucket Hat

This is a cool hat for men to buy in 2020. There are several colors and styles available for you to choose from. The availability of these colors and styles is subject to periodic changes. This bucket hat comprises of 35% polyester material and 65% cotton. The other styles of this hat are made from pure 100% cotton. It is lightweight, and the brass eyelets provide the proper ventilation required. This would help you remain fresh and cool.

9. Hatphile City Aloha Bucket Hat

For just $17, you can get this colorful bucket hat from Amazon. The company is located in San Jose, California. They concentrate on making trendy hats and fashion accessories. Their products would empower your style and also inspire different possibilities. 

This colorful hat would give you an island vibe with its floral pastel design and white embossed lettering. There are different colors and styles that you can choose from. It is made from 100% pure cotton.

10. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Reversible Bucket Hat

Ralph Lauren is a popular brand known for making quality, high-end products that are beautifully designed. They have been in the fashion industry for decades, they understand how the system works perfectly. You can count on them for reliability and quality products. 

This bucket hat is available in different styles and colors for you to choose from. It is made from 100% imported cotton, and it has the Ralph Lauren insignia of a polo player. It is reversible, and it has a neutral khaki color. All the versions of this product are reversible.

11. Carhatt Fircrest Bucket Hat

This is a big resurgence for the popular brand; Carhatt Fircrest. The company focused on the trendy style to ensure that people can get anything they require from a bucket hat in this model. It is made from 100% unique cotton. This product has a sweatband technology that helps wick away sweat and keep the hat odor and smell free. There is a hidden pocket inside the hat that has a loop-and-hook closure. There is a leather tag on the brim, and detailed attention was paid to the stitching.

12. Decky polo Bucket Hat

This product is made by Decky Apparel, this is a group from Compton, California. It is made from 100% pure washed cotton. The material is thicker than other bucket hats available on the market. There are different styles and colors for you to choose from though it is subject to constant changes. If you need a solid, cool bucket hat then this is the right product for you.

13. The North Face

the north face bucket hat

The Californian outdoors brand The North Face has been supplying adventurers and explorers with high-quality equipment and clothing for over half a century. One of these items is their bucket hat, which has the durability to summit Mount Everest, while still being stylish enough for everyday use.

The hat has a FlashDry sweatband that will keep you cool and dry, along with the excellent sun protection from the brim.

14. Moncler

moncler bucket hat

Moncler is perhaps most known for its luxury down-filled winter jackets, but they also produce other accessories. This bucket hat may be one of the most expensive ones on the market, but it is undoubtedly also one of the most stylish styles. It is the perfect mix between a high-end fashion item and a more modern and casual style.

15. Fila Men's Heritage Bucket Hat

fila bucket hat

This 90’s inspired bucket hat is the perfect way to give your outfit a throwback detail. The hat is reversible, which means that you get two different looks in one hat. The different colors make it a perfect addition to almost every outfit.

16. Acne Studios

Swedish designers are known for their minimalist, but unique style and Acne Studios is among the most known and respected Swedish fashion brands. Their bucket hat is made from durable cotton canvas, and the only noticeable detail is the small, but still bright, logo tab on the canvas.

17. Kangool

kangool bucket hat

The British headwear company may be best known for their flog dodgy flat caps to Samuel L. Jackson, but they also produce excellent bucket hats. The hat is made from washed cotton, which gives it a unique and clean look, along with the company’s signature kangaroo logo.



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