MessyWeekend LIV Tortoise

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying MessyWeekend Sunglasses

How do you find your favorite from 70+ model variants?

Scandinavia is notorious for beautifully designed furniture and accessories. While their designs are minimalist, they are also high-quality, carefully-crafted products, with high attention to detail. MessyWeekend is a sunglasses and snow goggles brand from Copenhagen, Denmark that has recently attracted attention from across the globe. 

Here’s what makes the brand so popular: their wide range of sunglasses means you’re bound to find several pairs that you’ll not only love the look and feel of but that will fit you perfectly. Not only that, but for every pair sold, they donate part of the revenue to their NGO partner, Plastic Change, to clean plastic waste from our oceans. If you’ve been thinking about buying a pair of MessyWeekend sunglasses, this is a must-read!

Who is MessyWeekend?

In early 2018, MessyWeekend launched their first-ever Kickstarter campaign with only four sunglasses models. Today, they have 23 models under their belt, with new models and colors coming out regularly. They have also dropped various collaborations with major Danish people and brands, including Danish DJ MORTEN, influencer Sophia Roe, and clothing brands Mads Nørgaard and By Malene BirgerAll of their products are designed in-house by their small and dedicated team and in close collaboration with their partners.

From the very beginning, MessyWeekend knew that they wanted to be more than just a sunglasses brand. They wanted to be better, to do more. That’s why they started their Clean Oceans Initiative. For every pair of sunglasses sold, they donate part of the revenue to clean plastic waste from the ocean. When they first started out, they partnered with Colombia-based PROARTSO to clean plastic from the Pacific Ocean. But as they’ve grown, so has Clean Oceans, so today, they are partnered with Denmark-based Plastic Change on projects worldwide.

Compare the shapes and prices of best-selling models

MessyWeekend currently has 19 models in their sunglasses lineup, each made from one of three types of materials: acetate, TR90 (injection), or metal. Prices range from €65-€130—a very accessible price range for Danish-designed, handcrafted sunglasses. 

The only downside to the size of their collection is that we have a difficult time comparing and contrasting each and every model. So, we decided to look at a selection of their best-selling models. We’re still going to cover a range of sizes and shapes. Check it out below.

Now, let’s take an in-depth look at the models.


The HOBBES Crystal model is the bestselling model from MessyWeekend – ever! The classic round shape is similar to NEW DEPP, but the materials are very different. HOBBES is made out of Swiss TR90, which is an incredibly durable and flexible material that means these sunglasses are able to withstand far more than the average pair. It is also very lightweight, meaning these are the perfect sunglasses to have when you’re going to be in the sun all day long. No headaches or nose pains here!


These round sunglasses are handcrafted from premium acetate and feature lenses with 100% UV400 protection. They are lightweight and can be adjusted to ensure a proper fit. Acetate, when warmed up, can be easily molded, so the arms of the sunglasses can be shaped to more tightly fit around your ears, for example. With seven color variants, basically everyone is sure to find the pair for them. If your face is smaller, check out their DEPP model, which is slightly smaller (and currently only comes in three colors).


Definitely the best square model from MessyWeekend, these sunglasses are most likely going to catch the eye of women, but the LIV Black actually looks really great on men. Slightly oversized, these sunglasses are handcrafted from acetate and are available in four color variants. The Tortoise color is the bestseller, and it’s easy to see why. The pattern is gorgeous and, in fact, each pair is unique, as the different colors of acetate are melted together in new combinations each time. Love it!


Named after one of the greatest musicians ever, LENNON offers you a lightweight frame and simple design, while still providing a very cool look. The round shape is well-suited for most faces, and the size is best described as a medium, so they are larger than other round metal frames on the market. The color is Japanese gold, and is thus more subtle in its goldenness (in other words, it doesn’t look cheap). 

Material types

There are three primary materials MessyWeekend uses to crafted their sunglasses: Swiss TR90 (injection), acetate, and nickel- and lead-free metal. 

Swiss TR90

Injection sunglasses get their name from the fact that they are made by injecting the liquified Swiss TR90 material into a mold. They are incredibly lightweight, super durable, and wildly flexible, making them the perfect choice for active people, clumsy people, or people who simply desire a pair of sunglasses that can withstand a little extra. (Pictured: HOBBES Army)


Cellulose acetate is a plant-based plastic (yes, plastic). But cellulose acetate is a non-petroleum-based plastic that is made from wood fibers and natural cotton, meaning it’s made from renewable resources. Each pair of MessyWeekend acetate glasses are handcrafted. Starting with a large block consisting of layers upon layers of acetate (which is how they get some of those beautiful multi-colored patterns), each individual part is carefully carved out, after which they are hand-polished and the frame assembled. (Pictured: JACK Black)


For a while, MessyWeekend only had one pair of metal sunglasses. But this past year, they added three new metal frames to their line. Each is lightweight, has adjustable nose pads, and covered temple tips to ensure a comfortable fit. They offer two types of metal colors: Silver and Japanese Gold, which is a more subtle golden color. (Pictured: QUENTIN Gold)

Frame shape

There are a variety of different shapes and sizes in MessyWeekend sunglasses collection. Square, round, rectangular, cat-eye, oversized, medium, and small. Luckily, MessyWeekend wants to help their customers navigate their products as easily as possible to find the perfect pair. At the bottom of each product page, you’ll be able to find the measurements of the sunglasses and see what face size MessyWeekend recommends each model for. 

Above, you can see ANNA Black, NEW DEPP Amber, LIV Tortoise, and COREY Smoke. ANNA is rectangular and oversized. NEW DEPP is round and medium sized. LIV is square and slightly oversized. COREY is rectangular with slanted sides and medium sized. 

Lens colors

When selecting a pair of sunglasses, a lot of people focus first and foremost on the color of the frame. But the lens color should also be considered, as they can prove more beneficial during certain times of day, weather conditions, etc. Currently, MessyWeekend offers four different lens colors: green, grey, blue, and brown. You can see which lens color each variant has at the bottom of each product page.

Green lenses: Help provide contrast by filtering out blue light, reduce glare and eye strain in brighter sunlight, and well-suited for everyday wear.

Grey lenses: Reduce glare, especially when on the water, and is a great color to shield bright light. Grey-tinted lenses work well on both cloudy and sunny days, providing anti-fatigue benefits—which make them great for all-purpose use, such as driving.

Blue lenses: Provide stunning and enhanced color perception, help you see contours around objects more clearly while offering protection from reflective surfaces (especially snow), and work well in foggy and misty weather.

Brown lenses: Reduce tint, help make cloudy days a bit brighter, and include red hues that block blue light while helping improve depth perception.