Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Nordgreen Watch

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How do you find your favorite from over 1,000 combinations?

Scandinavia is famous for beautifully designed furniture and accessories. While they are simple, they are also high-quality, carefully-designed products with attention to detail. Nordgreen is a watch brand from Denmark which has recently attracted attention all over the world. Here’s what makes the brand so popular. You can customize the look of your watch, including the size and color. This article will guide you how to choose a watch from over 1,000 combinations. If you’ve been thinking about buying a Nordgreen watch, this is a must-read!

Who is Nordgreen?

Nordgreen was born in 2017 in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. By now, the brand is well established. Nordgreen watches are sold online in more than 120 countries. They’re sold in-store in 10 countries, including Japan, the UK and Germany.

The products are designed by Jakob Wagner. He’s a designer who has won numerous design awards and has worked with global brands such as Bang & Olufsen and HAY. Jakob’s creations are timeless, simple and a breath of fresh air. Because of this elegant design and value for money, they’ve been attracting a lot of attention from all kinds of people, especially those in their 20s and 30s.

Compare the design and specifications of all models

Nordgreen currently offers four models: Philosopher, Native, Infinity and Pioneer. The average price is around AU$300, which is a very accessible price for a Scandinavian designed watch. 

As you can see from below, there are up to four case colors and three dial colors available for every model. The dial size can be chosen from a wide selection between 32mm to 42mm.

Now that we’ve had a general look at Nordgreen, let’s check out each model in some more detail. 

The Philosopher

This watch has a three-dimensional design that rises up to the edges of the dial. It gives it a deep and sophisticated look. A date is also displayed, meaning that it’s functional as well as beautiful. 

The Pioneer

The Pioneer’s thoughtful, stripped-back design is rare for a chronograph watch. This style can often look cluttered or busy — not so for the Pioneer! A large dial with a strong presence decorates your wrist. 

The Native

The glass on its case has a distinctive rounded shape. It’s what keeps this minimalist watch interesting. This model has a wide variety of dial and case colors, so it’s a great choice for those who want to personalize as much as possible. 

As well as the classic white dial colour, navy blue and black are available for the Native and the Pioneer. The navy color, which is unusual for watches, is a stylish and unique choice.

The Infinity

This model has an eye-catching dial design, recessed deeply to draw the eye in. It looks stylish and like a beautiful bracelet, with the connector to the strap hidden. 

Case Options

The color of the case (which is the metal surrounding the dial) can be chosen from four options: silver, gold, gunmetal and rose gold.

There are four different dial sizes in total. The smallest, 32mm, gives an elegant impression, and is a great option for people with smaller wrists or those who like a subtle watch. 36mm is the happy middle and is popular with everybody. 40mm is more popular with men than women, but makes a great statement regardless of gender. Finally, the 42mm, which is only developed for the Pioneer. It needs the large size to make space for Jakob Wagner’s carefully balanced design. 


Even the packaging is beautiful. Made from eco-friendly, recycled materials, it’s the perfect blend of luxurious looks and a sustainable mindset. It highlights the watch perfectly when it’s a gift — and yes, that can be a gift for yourself! 

Easy customization for every occasion

One of the best things about Nordgreen is the wide variety of interchangeable straps. The dials are designed to be beautifully simple and, as a result, they look great with all kinds of materials and colors. Changing the strap can change the whole style of the watch. 

There are four materials available: metal, leather, nylon and rubber. You can change these up depending on your mood and outfit that day. The mechanism that keeps the straps in place is very secure, but easy to use.

Metal Mesh Straps

This simple metal mesh strap adds a level of sophistication. The subtle sparkle at your wrist can make a big difference in levelling up your outfit, whether it’s at an event or at work. 

Leather Straps

Nordgreen’s leather straps are made from high quality, genuine Italian leather. It’s popular because of its wonderful texture: not too hard, not too soft. It moulds to your wrist without rubbing or cracking. There are many colors available, from the classics to more unusual options, so it’s easy to have lots of choices.

Nylon Straps

The nylon fabric is a cool look for more casual days. However, Nordgreen’s stylish dials mean that it never looks unrefined. 

Rubber Straps

The smooth texture of the rubber is a really interesting visual element. This strap works with your outfit, and fits in with a formal or informal look.

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