How to Get an Extra 20% Off on Nordgreen’s Scandinavian Design Watches (feat. Limited-time Offer!)

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15%+20% Discount : Best offer you can get on a Scandinavian design watch.

Looking for your next forever timepiece? We will show you how to get 15% + extra 20% discount on premium Scandinavian design watches from Nordgreen, the famous Danish watch brand.

Finding a timepiece that can suit every style and occasion can be quite difficult. Some watches are too casual, some are too extravagant… That’s why Nordgreen, the Danish watch brand, decided to make all their watch straps interchangeable – meaning that if you own a watch from Nordgreen, you can style it differently for any occasions with various different straps. Enjoy Nordgreen’s effortless versatility by exploring their variety of straps – from stylish modern options like Mesh and Link straps, to more classic ones like Leather and Vegan Leather, as well as casual designs like Nylon straps.  

Timing is just perfect if you were browsing around to find your next forever timepiece, or a gift for your beloved one at the lowest possible price – because Nordgreen is now offering up to 15% off on all their pre-made watch sets,  and we can get you an extra 20% off on top of that.

In this article, we will tell you how to get the best offer for Nordgreen’s Scandinavian watches, so you can get one of their masterpieces at the lowest possible price. If you’re in a rush, visit their official website and use the code EXCLUSIVE20 to get an extra 20% off on one of their pre-made watch sets that are already 15% off right now.

The special 15% + 20% discount offer ends in...

About Nordgreen

Scandinavian watch brand Nordgreen has recently gained a lot of popularity on social media. The brand has won the 2020 and 2021 Design Awards for its minimalistic and sleek design.

When we say design watches, we often assume the trade off with its quality. However, what the author really wants to underline here is Nordgreen’s cost- performance. The price is between 169 USD to 314 USD and it includes a 2-year warranty and free shipping and return services. The interchangeable strap also allows you to have a statement timepiece while going from casual to formal scene.

In this post, we will provide tips on purchasing Nordgreen watches at a maximum discount. 

How to get 15% + 20% off your purchase at Nordgreen

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What is a watch set?

The watch set can be found on the official site and it is a set that comes with one of the most popular watches and one or two additional straps.

The strap collection is rich in colors and materials, including the very popular mesh, leather, vegan leather, and nylon.

The straps also very convenient to change, so you can freely switch between styles according to the situation. Enjoy a link strap for business, a neat and lightweight mesh for a semi-casual, and a leather or nylon strap for your more casual days.

Bundle Box on the official website
Easily interchangeable strap

Price Comparison

For example, Nordgreen’s bestselling watch for women, Unika .

If you purchase the main body and straps separately, the total price is going to be $357.

If you make good use of their official watch set discount and our exclusive 20% discount code, you can get the watch set at an even more discounted price, which is $244 !

This means you will save $113 on your order.

Don’t miss the chance to get the best offer at Nordgreen today. Add your favorite watch set to the basket and use the code EXCLUSIVE20.

Why you should shop on the official website

In general, the most important reason to buy your watches on the brand’s official website is the warranty. Nordgreen’s website guarantees not only quality and authenticity of the products you purchase, but also the best prices and services. 

Watch Set Builder - Create your own set!
  • All products come with a two-year warranty from the date of purchase.
  • Free shipping anywhere in the world
  • Over 1,000 product options
  • Good prices and discount codes

Delivery on orders from the official website usually takes 2 to 5 business days. 

So, if you are buying as a gift, we recommend ordering about a week in advance.

Recommended Styles For Women

Nordgreen watches are made to fit your personal style. They are stylish and versatile, which makes them the perfect accessory to any look.

1. Unika - 5-Link Strap

Unika - Silver-Gold 5-Link Strap
Unika - SET 5-Link, Brown & Black Leather Straps

Nordgreen’s bestseller with an exquisite balance between the minute and second hands.

The first Unika we recommend is Nordgreen’s signature line, featuring a sophisticated design that gives a classic yet modern and feminine feel.

Their bestselling combination is Unika – 5-link strap, and you have multiple options for the color – Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Gun Metal, and a mixture of Silver-Gold.


2. Native - Mother of Pearl | Mesh/Brown Leather

Native - Mother of Pearl | Mesh
Native Bundle

The mother of pearl dial is a natural, sea-derived material extracted from the shiny inner part of mussels and oyster shells, boasting a natural and elegant texture. It is a special accessory for those who want an elegant  jewelry-like look for their watch.


3. Infinity- Mesh/Grey Leather

Infinity- Mesh
Infinity Bundle

The Infinity is a minimalistic feminine model. The joint between the watch body and the strap is housed on the back of the dial, giving it a clean look. It’s petite and elegant, making it the perfect feminine watch.


Recommended Styles For Men

Simple yet stylish fashion, completed with Nordic design, and indispensable functionality and cost-effectiveness.

1. Pioneer - 3-Link/Black Leather/Brown Leather

Pioneer - White Dial | 3-Link
Pioneer Bundle

Pioneer is a domed sapphire that is scratch, durable and waterproof than other models. It is a model that suits not only business but also outdoor fashion.

The Pioneer is Nordgreen’s most durable model, being scratch, dust, and water-resistant. It is a model that suits both formal and everyday fashion.


2. Philosopher - Brown Leather/Black Leather/Mesh

Philosopher - Brown Leather
Philosopher Bundle

If you are in doubt about which watch to choose, check out the Philosopher first. It is Nordgreen’s bestselling watch both online and in physical stores. It has a clear and beautifully structured design, which makes it not only visually appealing, but also very functional.


3. Native - Black Dial | Mesh/Navy Nylon/Black Leather

Native - Mesh
Native Bundle

The Native has a wide variety of dial colors – White, Black, Navy, and Mother of Pearl.

This combination of a gunmetal case and a black dial creates a chick look that goes well with any outfit.



Nordgreen is also offering free shipping & returns, as well as free gift wrapping. Don’t miss out the chance to get the best offer today.