Kickstarter success story Nordgreen is back – this time with great Black Friday exclusive offers

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Having launched in 2017 on Kickstarter, raising $250k, coming to their second campaign where they raised $400k, Nordgreen are now back again with their best offers to date across their range of Scandinavian designer watches, featuring the release of the brand new Unika model and more! Black Friday is that wonderful time of the year when you can finally own your desired products at the best possible prices. For this year’s shopping spree, Nordgreen have released great deals on Scandinavian designer watches – 35% off on all their watch models, straps and bundles, with free delivery included – not to be missed! 


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Whether you are looking for that statement-making timepiece to complement your look, or you are gift-hunting for your loved ones, with Nordgreen you will get it right either way. Their minimalist watches are incredibly elegant and versatile and come in various colors that could be combined with an even larger variety of  interchangeable watch  straps available in a rich assortment of sizes, materials and colors. In addition, they offer bundles, which could alter the look of your watch, only by swapping the strap. One watch for many looks – how cool is that?


Perfect for Holiday Shopping

Does a different strap really make a difference? We certainly think so. We’ve found that shifting a strap depending on the outfit, the season or the occasion can take a watch from an irrelevant accessory to a key part of a look. The devil’s definitely in the details — and Nordgreen’s bundles make it easy to get it right.

Altogether, with the different dials and straps, Nordgreen watches have 1500 unique combinations. No need to get overwhelmed here, you could either select from their set of best-selling bundles, or create your own! You are looking for a gift and don’t know where to begin? Take a look at Nordgreen’s Gift Guide and get inspired from their tasteful selection of pre-made bundles.

Pioneer Chronograph Watch

Winner of the 2020 Red Dot Award for Design

£299 Exclusive deal £207

The best-selling Pioneer male watch, designed by the world-renowned designer Jakob Wagner, is elegantly functional. Unlike other chronograph watches that may appear rather over-decorated, this male model is celebrated for its minimalistic look and the ever-lasting impression it leaves on its wearer.

Philosopher: The signature unisex timeless timepiece

£164 Exclusive deal at £114

The Philosopher is Nordgreen’s signature unisex watch, characterized by its asymmetric watch hands and bezel that creates an optical feeling of structural depth. This model is praised for its versatile look and variety of dial sizes and colors.

Bring to life a balanced look with the Native

£144 Exclusive deal at £100

If you feel like adding a new flair to your style, Nordgreen’s classic Native model is just for you. The Native is the definition of timeless design and it stands for balance in all of its color variations. Its versatility also makes it the perfect gift choice – an elegant watch for women, and a modest watch choice for men. 

Infinity: Signature Piece of the Female Line

£159 Exclusive deal at £111

Infinity is perfect for that choosey special someone with its simple, yet incredibly elegant design. Keeping it simple, yet stylish, the Infinity model goes particularly well with a mesh strap, but can be equally impressive in combination with a leather strap.

Unika: Brand New Female Line Celebrating the Multifaceted Scandinavian Woman

Great chance to get hold of Nordgreen’s newest female model Unika! You will fall in love with this model for its layered with meaning design, inspired by Scandinavian women with their multifacetedness, subtle elegance and versatility, that spark admiration worldwide.

Supreme Picks for this holiday

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For Her

Philosopher with 1 changeable straps

Elegant Philosopher watch with link strap for luxurious link strap with changeable leather strap for timeless look. 

For Him

Pioneer with 2 changeable straps

The Pioneer Chronograph is a timepiece that stands as a testimony to the resilience of Danish innovation that can leave ever-lasting impression to the wearer. 

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