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Whether you came here for the holiday shop or treating yourself for your hard-working year, this article will introduce you why you should check out Scandinavian Watch brand for this Black Friday

While fashion watches look great, they tend to lack quality and functionality. This is a stereotype we’re glad to say is broken by the innovative new Scandinavian brand, Nordgreen. Not only are their watches beautifully crafted, they’re durable against dust and water resistant. These are not your typical $200 watches. Their designs are Scandinavian minimalist-chic that go with every outfit — a big plus in our book. We’re big fans of watches here, and we wanted to introduce you to four Nordgreen models that have brought new life to the classic watch silhouette. 

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1. Nordgreen Philosopher

Retail price starts from $194, now 30% OFF

This watch is deceptively simple. While stripped-back, it’s also highly functional with the second’s hand and date displayed on the dial. 



  • 36mm dial typically for women or 40mm dial typically for men
  • Slim case at 7.84mm
  • Case constructed of 316L, marine grade stainless steel
  • Hardened mineral crystal glass
  • Japanese quartz movement, Miyota GM10
  • White dial; four different case colours
  • Rain and splash resistant (up to 3 ATM)

Detailed Philosopher Dial Design

The seconds arm is asymmetric and painted in gray, making it easy to read the exact time. The width of the arms, color and shapes are stunningly balanced in the dial case. It makes you want to just enjoy seeing the watch move.

Another structural secret of the Philosopher is its depth. The bazel (a watch expert-y term for the top ring of the watch) is subtly textured, pulling the eye in and giving the watch its depth.

The color of the dial also  complements the overall elegant simplicity of the design — it’s not a pure white, but rather a shining, pearl-like, natural white. The matte finish of the watch case brings luxury to the whole look. 

Philosopher x Mesh Strap Combination

The mesh strap is an accessory all on its own, brightening up your look with its subtle shine. Being from Northern Europe, Nordgreen knows a thing or two about rainy climates, and as a result the mesh strap is a great functional option if you’re concerned about water damage to the strap.

For a male business look, we like the idea of the gunmetal case and strap combo. The dark metal brings a certain sharpness to a suit, looking especially good when it flashes at the wrist. 
For women, the rose gold case and mesh is a lovely option. The metal is a subtle color, meaning that it’s not too pink or sweet.

Philosopher x Leather Strap Combination

Leather is the more classic option. As well as timeless choices like black and brown, Nordgreen offers uncommon color options such as dove grey, navy and pink. It lets you put your stamp on the look, and customise it to your outfit. 

Philosopher x Link Combination

If those options aren’t quite enough, what about Nordgreen’s new link strap? It maintains a sophisticated look and luxurious weight. A hairline finish keeps the watch scratch-free.

Key Features of Philosopher:
  • Minimalist unisex design
  • Dial rich in depth and texture
  • Prices range from $194 to $219 at original retail price.
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2. Nordgreen's chronograph watch, Pioneer

Often, we find that chronograph watches end up looking messy and over-complicated. Nordgreen’s Pioneer; however, is totally on-brand, keeping its sophisticated, clean Scandivanian design. They did away with anything fussy and kept on the necessary elements. 

Unlike Nordgreen’s other offerings, the Pioneer comes in just 42mm. We can tell from looking it at that the careful balance of elements on the dial wouldn’t really work at a smaller size. Though we like it for anybody, at 42mm it was definitely designed with the male wrist in mind. 

Pioneer Key Features
The tips of the arms are painted in red, standing out against the white and making them easy to use for their purpose as a stopwatch.

domed sapphire glass subtly magnifies the features within, resulting in a striking timepiece.

  • 42mm dial
  • Thick 11.9mm case
  • Case constructed of 316L, marine grade stainless steel
  • Domed sapphire crystal glass
  • Japanese quartz movement, Miyota 6S21
  • Choice of three different dial colors and three different metal colors
  • Water-resistant up to 5 ATM

Nordgreen offers all three options for dial color: white, navy and black. Since there is only one size, we’re glad we can customize the colors to our personal taste. In particular, we’re big fans of the navy, which matches easily with any wardrobe. 

If you’re not sold on navy, we also recommend the gunmetal case with the black dial. It’s got a great sense of presence — this watch means business. 

3. Nordgreen Infinity

A design with beautiful linework

Infinity is a particularly feminine and cute model in the Nordgreen collection. Its signature look is the hidden strap connector, sustaining the clean line to the body.

Because of its minimalistic look you’d pay attention to the shining case and dial. The front look of the case ring is shining like an accessory. However, the side of the case has a brushed finish to it. This extra detail protects the watch from the case, keeping it look good as new for a long time. 

The Bezel has a curved, plate-like look that compliments the hours index, shining in the reflection of the light, in a subtle and dreamy fashion. Keeping it minimalistic, but still including minutes index creating elegant yet functional fashion item.

Key Features of Inifinty

  • Favorite from female line
  • Small 32mm dial
  • Prices from $184 to $209 
  • Now 35% OFF by using coupon code: SUPREME35 at checkout.

Infinity x Mesh Strap Combination

The Infinity Model goes particularly well with a mesh strap. sweet rose gold case color-matched with a mesh strap of the same color indeed becomes a bracelet for a sophisticated individual. Worn by office outfit, also brings out the elegance, making it a motivational piece.

Infinity x Leather Strap Combination

Genuine italian leather with stitches has matte finish to it, keeping the fresh new look longer.

You can sharpen your look with classic brown leather or match the strap color with your clothes & items. What’s great about Nordgreen is no matter which strap you choose, you will never go out of style.


4. Nordgreen Native

Slim and truly minimal

Slim watches have been rising in popularity for the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. If you’re looking for a simple, beautiful timepiece, the Native is the way to go.

Everything in the Native’s design has been done to preserve it’s minimalist elegance. The simplicity of the dial brings out the iconic Nordgreen leaf logo. Even the minute markers are relatively hidden, only noticeable when you need them, leaving the hour markers to balance the piece.

Key features of the Native:

  • Thickness of only 6.8mm
  • Four different case colors; Silver, Rose Gold, Gold, Gunmetal
  • Case sizes; 32mm (for women), 36mm (unisex) & 40mm (men)
  • Variety of dial colors
  • Price from $169 to $194
  • Now 30% OFF by using coupon code: SUPREME30 at checkout.

Variety of dial colours

This model allows you to get the best of Nordgreen’s customizability. You can pick a dial color from white, black and navy.

In particular, we notice the dark navy dial as chic yet unusual. Pairing it with the gold case is reminiscent of the night sky with stars. The black dial is also a beautiful option, especially for a monochromatic look. Either way, we love the way the dark watch faces highlight the metal you’ve chosen.

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For Him

Native watch carries true Scandinavian value with its minimalist elegance . Original retail price at $246, with use of SUPREME35 during you check out, you can get yours at $176.

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