30 Best White Beach Dresses for Women

Summertime is the perfect time to break out your white beach dresses! There’s something about a dress that just screams “summer.” Whether you’re hitting the beach or going out for a summer dinner, we’ve got you covered with 30 of the best white beach dresses. From maxi dresses to sundresses, we’ve got something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping!

When you’re headed to the beach and basking in sunny rays, lightweight and breathable clothing is a must. Not only that, but no matter what the purpose or occasion of your visit may be – there’s always an ensemble that will fit perfectly with any environment. If price is keeping you away from luxurious dresses, don’t worry; affordable yet high-quality beachwear can still make a statement!

Consider This When Buying a Beach Dress

  • Style: Summer dresses come in a variety of styles, from maxi to mini dresses. Think about what you plan to do and the environment you’re visiting – some environments may call for more coverage than others!
  • Fabric: Consider fabrics like cotton and linen that are airy and breathable. Look out for lightweight materials that won’t weigh you down in the heat.
  • Color and Pattern: White is a timeless color for beachwear, but don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and patterns – they can add a nice touch to an otherwise simple outfit!
  • Comfort: Last but not least, make sure the dress fits comfortably and isn’t too tight. You won’t be able to enjoy your day if you feel restricted by a dress that is too small or uncomfortable!

Now, let’s dive into the best white beach dresses available right now! Whether you’re looking for something long, short, or a bit of both – we’ve got it all.

1. Anna-Kaci White Maxi Dress

You can easily get an Anna-Kaci for your beach outings. Regardless of the occasion, you are going for on the beach, or an informal meeting at an open bar, this white maxi dress would fit seamlessly. It is very light, durable, and easy to clean, and wear. This stylish dress would kick start your summer to an unbelievable start.

You can get this outfit in different sizes and colors. However, the white one is very spectacular. Pair this outfit when any flat sole sandal or flip flops and you are good to go.

2. LONGYUAN Women’s Summer Casual Shirt

This functional white beach dress is perfect for ladies that do not want to carry a purse or bag along with them for either security or convenience reasons. It is quite easy to forget your bag or purse when you are deep into having fun. This product has pockets that you can keep your valuables, so the needs of a purse have been eliminated. 

This is a casual beachwear, and it can also be used as a swimsuit cover-up. This lightweight and durable beach outfit would give you the desired comfort, ease, and coverage. There is an elastic waistband to help get the perfect size for everyone regardless of waist size. This outfit is easy to pair with any accessory, and you are ready to hit the beach.

3. Free People White Pleated Tube Dress

free people dress

If your desire this summer is to look simple, minimalist, and classy then this is the product for you. The buttons in the middle have been stylishly designed to give this outfit a stylish look. It has adjustable straps that are very adorable. You can decide to wear this tube dress has it is, or you can pair it with a chic cardigan or blazer to look very stylish. This beach dress would make you look simple, exquisite, and minimalist.

4. Theory White Embroidered Dress

If you are a lover of embroidery, then you should buy this white beach dress from Theory that has been designed with embroidery to give it a unique look. This outfit would look lovely on you when you put it on, and it fits different occasions perfectly. 

It is very easy to wear, breathable, and lightweight. This outfit would deliver everything you have ever wanted from a beach dress. The tassels also help give it a stylish look that you would get from no other beach dress.

5. AIMCOO Women's Casual Ruffle Hem Solid Wrap Dress

AIMCOO Women's Casual Ruffle Hem Solid Wrap Dress

The AIMCOO Women’s Casual Ruffle Hem Solid Wrap Dress is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Crafted from Polyester and Cotton, this camisole short dress features a slim style that can better show your curves. The ruffle hem and bow tie at the waist make you look more elegant.

This fabric is skin-friendly, soft and comfortable, light, breathable, and more suitable for summer wear. The versatile design makes it the perfect choice for casual occasions such as parties, dates, weddings, beach trips, vacations, or daily wear.

6. CUPSHE Women's Summer Slip Boho Maxi Dress

cupshe dress

Look stylish and stay comfortable in CUPSHE Women’s Summer Slip Boho. This stunning dress is made with 70% cotton, 30% nylon fabric that is imported and features a drawstring closure with embedded tassels. It has a unique design with V-neckline, smocking detailing, and ruffles on the skirt. Team it up with your favorite accessorized and you’ll be ready for any occasion! Whether you’re heading off to a beach vacation or enjoying a day out at the tea party, you’ll look absolutely gorgeous in this flirty dress! Plus, it’s easy to care for – simply wash it in cold water and do not use bleach or tumble dry. Make sure to refer to the size chart for specific measurements to get the perfect fit!

7. Happy Sailed Female Button Down Casual Dress

This button-down beach dress is very comfortable, lightweight, and stylish. This is an above knee sleeveless dress, it has a casual style which makes it suitable for other occasions apart from going to the beach. You can wear it for an informal event, it would be free and comfortable. This beach dress also reveals the right amount of flesh neither too small nor too much. 

This dress is suitable for summer, wedding, beach, work and date. It would always make you look more charming.

8. CutieLove Women’s Casual Dress

This remarkable women’s casual dress is crafted from light, breathable spandex and polyester fabrics. The pull-on closure ensures effortless wearability for an incredibly comfortable fit. From the beach to a night out with friends, this flowy and flexible look can be dressed up or down – it’s completely up to you! With its loose silhouette that lets skin breathe freely without sacrificing style, you’ll love wearing this amazing outfit anywhere!

No matter your body type, this beach dress will flatter any figure and fit into any occasion. You can pair it with a tank top or cover-up for extra modesty – either way, you’ll look gorgeous! Don’t worry about size either – we have a variety of fits to choose from so that everyone looks their best in this piece.

9. DB MOON Summer Casual Wear

If you prefer a short sleeve casual summer dress, this is the Perfect outfit For You. This outfit would meet up with all your expectations from a beach dress, apart from this, it would blend seamlessly into any other occasion that you might be going for any summer afternoon. This lightweight ladies outfit is very comfortable and versatile. 

The DB MOON summer wear would fit any informal meeting or get-together. You can pair this dress with the right footwear and neckpiece, then you should be good to go. It is available in different designs, colors, and sizes. There are deep and discrete pockets that you can use to store your valuable items.

10. Lysse Women’s Crochet Dress


This product is made using 75% cotton and 25% acrylic. It is available in only white, and this is the perfect outfit for that beach outing that you have planned with the girls. It would serve as a good and stylish cover-up for your swimsuits. This crochet dress would keep your summer simple, minimalist, and stylish. 

This sleeveless dress is very light, and it has been designed to always keep you comfortable whenever you have it on. It has a waist belt that would bring out your shape, and you can also keep it plain and simple. The belt is just to provide extra comfort and to bring out your shape.

11. LONGYUAN Women’s Long Sleeve Shirt Dress

LONGYUAN Women’s Long Sleeve Shirt Dress

This is the second product from this same brand on the list. This outfit is selected among the best because of its versatility and elegance. If you need a casual dress that you can wear to parties, shopping with your friends and family, personal shopping, vacations, weddings, and many more. Then this is the right product for you. It can be worn to different occasions, and it is very easy to maintain.  

The round neckline of this outfit makes it easy to put on and off. It has hemlines and is very soft. There are two deep pockets on both sides of this dress that you can use to store your valuables. This outfit can be worn during summer and spring.

12. VEIISAR Women’ Sleeveless Beach Wear

Polyester is known to be a very durable production material, and that is the major material used in manufacturing this beachwear. You can wear it to a beach party, and the lace materials has a pattern that would always ensure you stand out when you are in public. It can be worn to different summer occasions and any informal outing. It would also make a cute wedding dress.

13. GRACE KARIN Vintage Sleeveless Dress


This vintage-inspired dress offers a timeless look with modern touches. The spaghetti straps and v-neckline are flattering on all body types, while the waist tie cinches at the perfect spot. This lightweight linen piece is perfect for cooler days – just add some sandals or wedges to complete the look! Also, it is available in many colors, so you can choose one that best suits your style.

14. ECOWISH Women Summer Midi Dress

If you have been searching for a smooth and sleek white beach dress, your long search and wait is over. This ECOWISH Women’s Dress would cater to all your requirements from a beach outfit. It has ruffled sleeves that are very stylish, and they would always give you the summer vibes whenever you put it on. 

The ruffled sleeves are flattering, and you would immediately fall in love with this Midi female dress. It is made from cotton materials that are very light, fluffy, and comfy. It is perfect for that outdoor or beach outing. You can also wear it to gatherings, weddings, and different occasions.

15. Calvin Klein White Beach Dress


This casual beach outfit is made by a reputable company in the world of fashion; Calvin Klein. This company has been in the industry for several years now. If you are a lover of high-end quality products, you would immediately love this White Beach Dress. It dictates pure class, and the sleeveless makes it look really beautiful.

You would love the breathable fabric, hem, and the fact that this dress is very comfortable to wear. All CK products are timeless, and the same goes for this dress. It can be worn to parties, work, or summer beach events.

16. Betsey Johnson Beach Dress

This is quality at its best. You would not get anything short of satisfaction when you buy this midi beach dress. It is glamorous, minimalist, and very durable. The ruffled hem adds extra detail which makes the dress look more sophisticated. Any fashion lover or person with a unique taste. It has a V-neck which allows you to use different types of accessories. It would stretch to fit if you are a plus-sized lady. This outfit is comfortable to wear.

17. LILBETTER Women’s Off-shoulder Maxi Beach Dress

This beach dress is made from Rayon and Spandex materials. They are lightweight, soft, and they stretch well. It has a floral print design, and they are different on every batch produced, which means you would be wearing a unique outfit when you are on the beach.  You can style this outfit in 4 different looks that would make you blossom in the summer sun.

It is off-shoulder, and it has pockets to help store your valuables safely, so you do not need a purse. This is a long length beach dress, and the split on both sides would keep you comfortable all day. You can wear this Maxi Dress to different occasions.

18. OFEEFAN Women’s Cold Shoulder Dress

This is another popular and classy short beach dress. This sexy white dress has cut-out sleeves, a swing skirt, and the fabric is very soft. This outfit is not see-through, the round neck makes it easy to wear, and it is very convenient to wear with pockets to help safeguard your items if you are going for a beach party, vacation, or any regular outing in the summer. 

Though the white dress is very exceptional, there are different colors that you can choose from. There are also several prints on the fabric of this beautiful cloth.

19. DREAGAL Women’s Sleeveless Mini Dress

This sleeveless summer outfit is great for ladies that love wearing short and sweet dresses to the beach. You would find this outfit very exciting because of the features it has to offer you. It does not reveal too much skin, and it also reveals enough to meet up with your expectations. This product would rival any big-name designers on the market. They are soft, comfy, and very durable. The floral design on the chest area makes it look stylish and chic.

20. BELONGSCI Women’s Mini Dress

The bell sleeves make this outfit look classy, and it has a V-neck which allows you to pair it with different accessories. This beach dress is excellently cut to always look good on you. It is excellently cut to look good on you regardless of your shape and size. To get an amazing look off this dress, you can pair it with flat soles sandals or flip flops.

This dress is perfect for that beach walk and party. This dress would seamlessly rhyme with any accessory you want to pair it with. You can also pair it with a strappy heel to get a fabulous look. It is available in different colors and prints.

21. BerryGo Women’s Embroidery Maxi Dress

This female embroidery maxi dress is made from pure cotton. It is soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear. This exquisite outfit would keep you cool in the hot summer afternoon. This is the perfect beachwear for ladies. You can get this for your wife, loved ones, or yourself. It has an adjustable spaghetti strap backless design that makes this dress look very sophisticated.

It has a V-neck, which makes it easy to pair with different types of accessories. The stretchy waist is run through by a zipper you can barely see. This gown would give a flirty and sexy look. It looks great on any figure.

22. Euovmy Women’s Short Sleeve Maxi Dress

When two quality materials like; rayon and spandex are used in the production of an outfit, you should expect nothing short of top quality, and this dress does not disappoint. If you want sleeves, and you do not want to expose flesh at the beach, you can go for this breathable and comfortable maxi dress. This casual dress is available in different colors. 

This stretchy, lightweight fabric has a round neck that makes it easy to wear, and the pockets on both sides can be used to store your valuables, and you can also dip your hands in when you are going for a walk on the beach. It flows well and is available in different sizes.

23. Afibi Women’s Chiffon Casual Dress

This embroidered summer dress would make you fall in love immediately. At first sight, you would know this outfit is lightweight, and the lace holes on the dress make it breathable. The waist has a convenient drawstring that makes the dress easy to wear. You can also choose either the long or midi length depending on your height. 

It is easy to wash, and you can use either hands or washing machine. This dress is great from taking a long stroll on the beach, and you would look more glamorous when you pair it with the right flat soles.

24. Bohemian White Summer Dress

This white summer dress is exactly what you need for a night out on the beach! Featuring a beautiful lace-up neckline, bell sleeves, and a flowy fit – it’s sure to make heads turn. The lightweight cotton material allows for ultimate breathability and comfort, while still looking stylish. From beach days to nights out with friends, you’ll be sure to stand out in this beautiful bohemian dress. Wear it with some wedges or sandals and you’re ready to make a statement!

25. FANCYINN White Beach Dress

This is one of the most exquisite products to make the list. It has a nice, chic top and a flared skirt. You can choose from different colors, styles, and design prints available on the market. You can check Amazon to know what previous users have to say about the product. The knot and buttons are decorative, they are not functional.  It has an elastic back to accommodate different sizes, and it is easy to wear.

26. Sidefeel Women Off-Shoulder Dress

This imported off shoulder beach outfit is made using spandex and polyester materials. It is 14” wide, and it has short sleeves. This should be your got to outfit for any beach outing or summer vacation. The ruffle detail gives the dress a unique design. You can also pair it with a flat sandal and tassel earrings. 

There is a gorgeous design at the front which allows the style of this dress boom. It is available in different colors and styles. It is off-shoulder to help you reveal flesh, half sleeves, and it is very comfortable to wear. If you care about every detail of your outfit, you should go for this product.

27. LILBETTER Backless Bohemian Dress

For those looking to make a fashion statement on the beach, look no further than Lilbetter’s second product! Constructed of both polyester and cotton, this maxi long sleeveless dress is the perfect combination of comfort and style. The backless design has added slings for increased fit while its iconic silhouette ensures your beachwear remains timelessly fashionable. It perfectly pairs with flip flops or flat sandals – but there’s nothing quite like feeling that ocean breeze as you walk barefoot along the shoreline in this beautiful piece! Make summer special; buy now for an even more pleasant experience at the coast.

28. AlvaQ Summer Button Down Sleeveless Mini Dress


The bell sleeves make this outfit look classy, and it has a V-neck which allows you to pair it with different accessories. This beach dress is excellently cut to always look good on you. It is excellently designed to look good on you regardless of your shape and size. To get an amazing look off this dress, you can pair it with flat soles sandals or flip flops.

This dress is perfect for a walk down the beach and any summer partying. This dress would seamlessly rhyme with any accessory you want to pair it with. You can also pair it with a strappy heel to get a fabulous look. It is available in different colors.

29. Milumia Lace Beach Dress

Polyester is known to be a very durable production material, and that is the major material used in manufacturing this beachwear. You can wear it to a beach party, and the lace materials has a pattern that would always ensure you stand out when you are in public. It can be worn to different summer occasions and any informal outing. It would also make a cute wedding dress.

30. BLENCOT Women’s Beach Dress

For crochet aficionados, this white beach dress is perfect! Stunningly crafted with crotchets to give it an individualized look, you will be sure to turn heads when wearing it. Not only does this outfit fit a variety of occasions perfectly, but its lightweight and breathable material makes it simple and comfortable to wear. To add the cherry on top? This short sleeve design gives off a chic look that other summer dresses simply cannot compete with – making your fashion statement as unique as ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

Light and breathable materials such as cotton, linen, or rayon are best for white beach dresses as they provide comfort and keep you cool in the sun.

The ideal length for a white beach dress depends on personal preference and the occasion. Maxi dresses offer full coverage and are perfect for a more formal beach wedding, while shorter dresses are great for a casual day at the beach.

Yes! White beach dresses can be dressed up with the right accessories, such as heels and jewelry, and worn to a beach-themed party or a dinner on the shore.

For petite women, a white beach dress with a high-low hem or a wrap-style dress can add height and elongate the legs. A-line dresses or empire-waist styles can also be flattering.

Always follow the care instructions on the label. In general, white beach dresses should be hand washed or machine washed in cold water, and hung to dry. Avoid using chlorine bleach and ironing, as this can cause yellowing and damage the fabric.


So, no matter what beach dress you choose – long, short, or in between – you can’t go wrong with our carefully curated selection. Whether you’re looking for something simple and stylish or a bold statement piece, we have the perfect white beach dresses to make your summer days even brighter! So, don’t wait any longer – start shopping now and let the compliments come rolling in!