10 Best Vegan Protein Powders on the Market

If you want to purchase vegan protein powder, there are lots of options available on the market that would meet your individual needs. Some of these proteins are derived from; brown rice, pea, flax, soy, pumpkin seed, chia, and hemp. It should be noted that there are lots of plant-based protein powders, but not all of them are vegan. All vegan products are made from plants and their by-product, but plant-based might contain some products derived from animals.

Protein powders are an easy, no preparation way to boost your daily protein level. Vegetarians can consume this type of protein powders. However, it should be noted that of all the plant items used in making protein powders, soy is the only complete protein for vegans. It contains 9 amino acids, and the other sources for plant protein would always miss at least one of these amino acids.

If you would not be using soy products, you should go for the nest options which is either pea or rice. The powder can also be combined with another type of food. Some of the tested combinations are; hemp protein powder and oatmeal, pea protein powder in a smoothie with nut butter.

Most customers usually complain about the aftertaste of vegan protein powder, but that can be improved by adding ingredients and spices like; cocoa powder, orange peel, vanilla, lemon, or almond extracts. There are several brands available that produce this product. This article has helped narrow down the search to the ten best vegan protein powders on the market. These powders were classified using features, ingredients, consistency, customers review, and prices.  This is the list containing the top ten;

Amazing Grass Protein Superfood

The amazing grass food powder has been boosted using only plant proteins. The green food powder contains seven alkalizing greens and two servings of vegetables and fruits for every serving. This product has 20g of complete plant protein from sources like; quinoa, hemp, pea, and chia. Additional fruits are used, and the vanilla flavour is sweetened with stevia.

Every scoop of this product provides you with 3g of dietary fibre, 4g of carbohydrates, and less than a gram of sugar. It contains some super food ingredients such as; chlorella and spirulina. Chlorella contains omega-3 fatty acids that are purely plant-based, and spirulina is popular for its anti-inflammatory prowess.  This product is available on Amazon for $40.

Sprout Living Epic Protein

If you require a plant-based protein powder that is paleo-friendly, then this sprout living epic protein is your best choice on this list of best vegan protein powders. Most of the vegan protein powders available on the market usually involve a grain-based ingredient like brown rice, amaranth, and quinoa. This powdered vegan source of protein is made using yellow pea, pumpkin, cranberry seeds, and sunflower. They are all non-grain based source of protein.

From every serving of this product, you would get 13g of plant-based protein, 5g of dietary fibre. There are four different flavours for this product, and they include; vanilla lucuma, green kingdom, chocolate maca and original. This product does not contain neither fillers nor gums. This product is available on Amazon for $27.

Sunwarrior Vegan Blends

This product is sitting in the number one position, because of its 19 grams of pure plant protein which can be found in every scoop. Each serving provides chain amino acids and MCT’s that would boost the brain. This high-protein product is free from allergies because it is not made from soy, dairy, or gluten. There is no sugar or artificial sweeteners also.

This vegan blend is available in five flavours; natural, berry, mocha, vanilla, and chocolate. The natural flavour does not taste too sweet, and it would not overpower your beverage. Only four ingredients are used in making this protein powder, and they are; ground coconut, pea protein, hemp protein, and goji berry. This product has a flavoured version that contains specific flavours. This product is available on Amazon for $36.

Aloha Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder

This product uses coconut sugar monk fruit as a replacement for stevia or erythritol that is a really common ingredient among protein powder products. Though stevia is totally safe according to FDA regulations, people still prefer avoiding this natural sweetener completely. This product is made from mixed peas, pumpkin seed, hemp, and brown rice. You would enjoy 18g of plant based protein and 5g of dietary fibre for every serving.

This product is made from very soluble fibre known as acacia fibre. This vegan powder contains triglycerides from coconut oil, and is made using whole-food ingredients. This product is available in three flavours, and they include; banana, chocolate, and vanilla. This would be a great addition to your smoothie or oatmeal. This product is available on Amazon for $26.

Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein Powder

This might be the best soy-free product that is available on the market. It consists of 15 unique plant-based ingredients. The main source of protein for this plant-based product is peas. Pea protein are known to be a source of easily digested, high-quality protein. This product is gluten and kosher-free, and it is available in four flavours; vanilla, unflavoured, vanilla chai, and chocolate.

This protein powder is easy to digest, and it contains probiotics and digestive enzymes. Raw protein is used at maximum capacity. Garden of life recognises that heat can damage the protein contents and also reduce their effectiveness and availability to your body. That is why this product was prepares at low temperature to help maintain the amino acids. Fillers were not used to ensure this product retains its top quality. This is available on Amazon for $34.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Unsweetened Protein Powder

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Sunwarrior classic vegan protein

This is a clean and efficient source of plant-based protein. This product is made from brown rice, and it contains other ingredients like; vanilla flavour, stevia extract, sea salt, and guar gum. One scoop of this product provides 20g of protein containing 100 calories and zero sugar. This powder is free from dairy, gluten, and soy.

The brown rice is left to ferment and sprout for a period of time. This is what causes the bioavailability of nutrients like fatty acids and vitamins. There is a reduced amount of anti-nutrients like tannins and phytates. This blended powder has a light vanilla flavour. Available

Tone it up plant-based protein powder

This product is specifically made for women. This product was produced by a female duo known as; Karena and Katrina of tone it up brand. Each serving contains 15g of protein, and it contains no colourings or artificial flavours.

This product does not contain gluten or GMO. It is also available in different flavours such as; coconut, peanut butter, chocolate, and café latte. This product can be purchased on Amazon for $25

KOS organic plant based protein powder

This plant-based source of protein is made from very tasty ingredients, and they are USDA certified and organic. Some of these ingredients includes; monk fruit extract, stevia, coconut milk, and Himalayan pink salt.

This powder has a chocolate taste, and is made using organic, vegan protein. It is free from gluten, dairy, or soy. If you do not fancy chocolate, you can go for the vanilla option instead. There have been positive reviews from customers that have used this product. It is available on Amazon for $19.

Nuzest Clean Lean protein powder

This company is popular for its only vegan diet. You can explore their catalogue to select any vegan product of your preference. There are natural flavours like smooth vanilla, real coffee and chocolate. These products are made using pea protein and are free from dairy, soy, and gluten. If you prefer the cleaner flavours, these are also available at the company. They are made from ingredients like; matcha, turmeric, and MCT oil. This product is available on Amazon.