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20 Best Ultrawide Monitors

Ultrawide monitors provide a customer with plenty of space on their screens. In only a few years since being released, ultrawide monitor demand has risen in the market rapidly. You have lots of different options to pick from when it comes to these types of devices. These items are perfect for those who like to play video games as well as others looking for excellent multitasking features.

Utilizing a widescreen monitor allows you to take advantage of the entire screen area, providing you with more space to work on multiple windows simultaneously. Widescreen monitors also display high-definition images and provide better picture quality than CRT or LCD monitors with regular aspect ratios. Whether you want to watch a movie or play a game, wide-screen monitors will give you a better viewing experience.

Here is our list of the top 20 ultrawide monitors.

Pros and Cons of Ultrawide Monitors

1. LG 34WL500-B 34 Inch 21:9 UltraWide™ 1080p Full HD IPS Monitor with HDR

LG 34WL500-B manufactured by LG is a 34 inches Ultrawide screen tv. It weighs around 9.07 kilograms and has a resolution range of about 1920 x 1080. With an aspect ratio of about 21:9, this model offers excellent colour fidelity for an HDMI interface. This model originally originated in China. The monitor is also compatible with the HDR10 high dynamic range and offers extraordinary colour capacity with optimum brightness levels. If you are a graphic designer or a video editor, this monitor with sRGB coverage of about 99% is a perfect fit for everyone.

2. Samsung LC34J791WTWXXL 34” wide

Samsung remains a leading brand in the market, dealing in electronics and mechanical goods. Manufactured by Samsung, this model weighs around 10 kilograms. The screen comes with a deep curvature and offers excellent quality. The most remarkable feature of Samsung LC34J791WTWXXL is that it reduces eye strain, most often caused due to flat screens. Also, the company gives a three-year warranty to its customers. The ultrawide screen tv consumes a voltage of about 100240V. The thunderbolt 3 covered monitor has the set dimensions of 808.7 x 516 x 309.4 mm. There are 2 HDMI ports, 1 EA and 1 headphone port.

3. Acer ED322QR Curved Full HD VA

Acer ED322QR Curved Full HD VA

Imported by Acer Private Limited, Acer ED322QR is available in blue colour. The 31.5 inches Acer ultrawide screen television weighs around 5.86kilograms. The LED screen is designed in a way it reduces the amount of light being reflected on the display. The LED screen comes with a quick response time of about 4 minutes. Apart from that, AMD free sync can sync your display frame rate to the video card. Acer ED 2 series has a 1080p full HD screen. The ultra widescreen offers 2XHDMI ports. It comes with a zero frame design, and the flicker less technology offers outstanding colour clarity.

4. Dell 24 monitor-S2421HN

Dell 24 monitor-S2421HN

The 24” inch dell monitor is ideal for every home space. It has a beautiful design that is elegant, modern and textured. Dell computers manufactured this 5.88 kilograms, ultrawide monitor. Some of the essential components of the package include monitor panel, stand wiser, HDMI cable, Quick setup guide, VESA cover, etc. Dell monitors have a unique design and appearance. They are known for their superior quality and superb colour clarity. It comes with a 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution. Apart from that, it comes with built-in dual HDMI ports that would keep your devices plugged-in always. It offers an excellent 178/178 degree wide viewing angle. It comes with a flicker-free screen having a comfort view technology that reduces the emissions of harmful blue light.

5. Lenovo Q24i-10 23.8 HDMI Monitor

Manufactured by Lenovo, this monitor weighs around 4.5 kilograms. The monitors are beautifully designed and have an outstanding quality of material. The slim design and robust software are the prime features required and preferred by various customers. You could enjoy playing games, watching television and editing videos on this monitor. It is extremely easy to connect to this monitor using HDMI and VGA ports. It comes with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p. Also, the in-plane switching wide-angle display ensures proper colour blending and a precise aspect ratio. Features like AMD free sync technology make it the best choice for immersive gaming. The 23.8 inches display is perfect for every small space in the house or any office.

6. Dell U-Series

Dell remains a famous brand in the market dealing with superior quality electronic products. The dell monitors are known to be a more budget-friendly option offering good quality along with unique tech features. Dell U-series monitor weighs around 12 kilograms and available in both black and silver colour. They are having a standing screen display of about 38 inches. It is a curved monitor with a brilliant screen display and superior quality. It forms a uniform visual focus reducing eye strain and movement. It is a TUV certified monitor providing an anti-flicker screen. The monitor comes with outstanding detail and incredible colour display technology. It offers the resolution standards of 3840 x 1600.

7. Acer CB342CK smiiphzx

The Acer CB342CK smiiphzx series is available in silver and weighs around 24.7 pounds. This monitor offers stunning visuals with high resolution graphics and amazing color contrast and clarity. You can enjoy an excellent viewing experience with beautiful pictures and colors. Additionally, it provides a flicker-less display technology, making it one of the best choices for ultrawide monitors on the market today. The 34” inch ultrawide screen comes with an AMD free sync Radeon technology. The vivid HDR display comes with stunning visual displays and awesome colour clarity.

8. Alienware AW3420DW

The 34” inches Alienware ultrawide monitors have a resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels. With a refresh rate of 120 Hz provides a smooth gaming experience. The monitor is known to have many striking features and offers amazing breathtaking visuals. The 34 curved gaming monitor comes with a WQHD resolution featuring in-plane switching technology. It comes with a fast response time and a native refresh rate. It maximizes the field view owing to its 21:9 large display aspect ratio. It’s also engineered for cable management, with quick-access ports on the underside and a cable pass-through in the stand.

9. Sonic Elite XG350R-C35

The sonic ultrawide monitor is relatively high in demand owing to the superior quality standards and build design. With a UWQHD display, it offers a resolution screen of 3440 x 1440p. The monitor comes with a fully adjustable ergonomic stand allowing movements such as swivel, pivot and tilt. The monitor also enables height adjustment and can be placed at any angle appropriate for viewing AMD free sync technology effectively synchronizes the frame rate output between the graphics and monitor. Sonic Elite offers an excellent range of gaming monitors widely popular in the market. It has a fast 3ms response time.

10. Sceptre 34-inch curved monitor

Sceptre 34” inch curved ultrawide screen with an aspect ratio of 21:9 provides an extensive viewing experience to the audience. It has a beautiful build design which comes with a refresh rate of 85Hz. Apart from that, ghosting and blurring of the screen are successfully reduced due to the minimum 1ms moving picture response time. There is a luminous colour led design that illuminates the back of the Sceptre curved monitor. You could place or hand the curved monitor shown in any design, position or angle due to the versatile VESA wall mount pattern.

11. Deco Gear Ultrawide 35” screen

Deco Gear’s DGVIEW201 35″ ultrawide monitor is the perfect way to enjoy a high-end viewing experience, offering 3 HDMI ports for faster connectivity, a unique curved design appeal, and an 1800 resolution screen. The overall impact of the led screen is that it puts less strain on your eyes, with less distortion and a more comfortable design. You can also save up to 6 different user profiles to use with specific games or as viewing settings for multiple individuals.

12. INNOCN 34" Ultrawide Monitor

INNOCN 34" Ultrawide Monitor

The Ultrawide Monitor is the perfect choice for gaming or working, with its WQHD resolution (3440 x 1440p), wide viewing angle, and multitasking split screen features – PBP/PIP. Its IPS panel has a 75hz refresh rate and 100% sRGB wide color gamut to ensure deeply-restored colors close to nature. Plus, its 4ms response time with low latency means you’ll enjoy smooth image quality.

13. Lenovo Thinkvision

lenovo thinkvision

Lenovo Thinkvision ultrawide monitor comes in a beautifully curved design. It offers an extra width design with an impressive WQHD 3440 x 1220 resolution. The monitor is designed in a way it poses the least stress on the eye and offers a stable viewing experience on the screen. The uniquely space-saving design makes it a perfect choice for buying an ultrawide monitor. It provides a comfortable viewing experience. With the wide range of choices available on the market, it is undeniable that it isn’t easy to pick the best large monitors but this would be a best pick for you.

14. AOPEN Acer 32” full HD

AOPEN Acer 32” full HD

Acer AOPEN is one of the best gaming monitors to date because it comes with an AMD free sync Radeon technology. With a smoother and faster gaming experience, there’s no doubt that you’ll love Acer AOPEN. Additionally, this top-of-the-line monitor eliminates screen tearing while providing even graphics and sharp resolution; on top of all that, the overall refresh rate is about 144 Hz! So if you’re looking for a great viewing experience – look no further than CRT or LCD monitors with regular aspect ratio.

15. HP 34” inches curved display

hp 34 curved monitor

HP 34” inch display curved screen is ultimately designed for your entertainment needs. HP ultrawide monitor is no less than a complete cinematic experience with high end volume speakers and ultra HD colour display. The in-plane switching panel offers incredible graphic detail and a super sharp HD resolution. Further, the AMD free sync technology offers an outstanding synchronizing ratio with an acceptable refresh rate of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Plus you will get a 3 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase.

16. Gigabyte Aorus CV 27

Gigabyte Aorus CV 27

The Gigabyte Aorus comes with a three year warranty, weighs around 7 kilograms, and is available in black. This ultrawide screen monitor offers an outstanding colour display that dramatically reduces motion blur and increases the visibility of dark scenes. It also has a fused RGB 2.0 for the ultimate gaming experience . You will only enjoy watching movies and playing games on a computer with a big screen like this one .

17. MSI Optic G27 X

msi curved monitor

This 27” ultrawide gaming monitor has the best curved gaming display. Manufactured by MSI computers, it provides a smoother gaming experience with a minimum response time of about 1 ms. MSI Optic G27 comes with an advanced anti-flicker and low blue light technology. It offers a 178 degrees wide viewing angle. There are several other features making it a perfect pick for customers. With this you will have a widescreen monitor for your videos, pictures, and web content and will look better, clearer, and won’t look squeezed as your monitor will be more compatible with the new aspect ratio everything is in.

18. BenQ XR3501

BenQ offers an outstanding colour display, unique ergonomic design, and a weight of only 8.3 kilograms. This monitor can be used as a gaming monitor, camera monitor or simple television – making it widely popular in demand. The overall model quality is very good and has robust build design. This screen emits little to no rays that could strain your eyes; greatly enhancing your watching experience with more brilliant colours.

19. Samsung 32 inch UHD monitor

samsung 32 inch monitor

The Samsung 32 inch UHD monitor can recognize up to 1 billion colours. With a refresh rate of 60Hz, it offers both SD, HD and Full HD content at its best. The colour quality is awesome, with excellent visibility and reduced strain on the eyes. It comes with a 178degrees horizontal and vertical viewing angle. Samsung offers a brilliant colour display along with anti-flicker technology. Plus movies have always been in widescreen because they can show more in the ratio than a square picture size and so it is with computer information and graphics. So go for this!

20. LG Ultragear 34 inch monitor

LG Ultragear 34 inch ultrawide monitor is a perfect buy for your entertainment needs. It comes with a WFHD resolution of standards 2160 x 1080. The three sides of virtual borderless design make it a beautiful fit for your home or office. The widescreen and high quality colour contrast makes it an excellent pick for gaming and gives out an ultimate cinematic experience. Furthermore, if you like to play shooting games, LG Ultragear is designed to improve shooting efficiency. T provides multiple connectivity via dual HDMI ports, display port and headphone port. The ultrawide monitor comes with. VESA wall mount technology and has a highly reliable ergonomic design making it a comfortable and easy to use the device. Apart from that, you are offered a three year warranty on product parts and labour.

This is the list of 20 best ultrawide monitors. These top-notch brands like Dell, Acer, and LG will be perfect for your home or business needs. Regardless of what you’re looking for in an ultrawide monitor, there’s one on this list that can meet (and exceed) your expectations. Get the most out job done with a monitor that perfectly fits your needs and budget!