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10 Best Trail Running Socks

Runners are always very particular about every detail of their running shoes and socks. The reason for this is not far-fetched. They simply want comfort in every step that they take. However, there are some runners that would buy high-quality shoes, and still cramp their feet in old socks. This is not appropriate, a change in socks could be all you need to gain that increase in stride that you have always wanted. There are different models available on the market where you can get socks from, but you should be careful about the type of socks you buy. Here are some tips you should know before buying your trail running socks.  

Factors to consider before buying a Trail Running Socks

Materials: You must put the material type into consideration. As much as possible, you should try to avoid buying models with cotton materials. Cotton is a very durable and comfortable material, but it is not appropriate for sporting activities. It would support you and keep you comfortable on long-distance runs, but on hot days when you sweat a lot, you would discover that it absorbs an incredible about of sweat. However, there are other materials that you can buy and they do not absorb water. Some of them are; nylon, spandex, polyester, and merino wool. 

Cushioning and length:  The thickness of the socks would determine whether each step you take in it would feel softer or the socks should take extra room within the shoe. If you prefer a soft shoe, you should buy socks with thick cushioning that would be able to withstand impact for a comfortable experience. The length also matters, taller socks would help keep dirt and insects off your feet, while and advantage of the crew length socks is that it can slide into your shoe, so it is out of other’s view.  

We understand that shopping for socks could be strenuous because of the numerous brands available, and all the features you have to consider before selecting any particular socks. We have compiled a list of the best running socks available on the market. Here are the top 10 socks you can select from:

1. Smartwool PhD Pro Endurance

Smartwool PhD Pro Endurance Socks

If you are a lover of ultra-running, sock doping then you would fall in love with these socks. It was designed by Rob Krar. It is made from a combination of elastane, nylon, and merino wool. The vibrant print and design make it stylish. These durable socks would keep your feet comfortable and dry through different seasons. 

It can be used for either summer or winter races without any complications. Even if you are scared of the frigid January snow, these socks would still perform well. It would keep your toes dry, and it would stay in place when placed below running tights.

2. Stance Infiknit Run Crew

Stance Infiknit Run Crew Socks

Most socks you buy would always feel fresh, soft, and comfortable when you remove them out of the packaging for the first time. However, some lose their feel, texture, and comfort after a number of long, sweaty runs and washes. This does not apply to the Infiknit socks. It is made from a combination of nylon and polyester. 

This stretchy and comfortable socks would retain its quality, texture, and feel after several weeks, and months of use and wash. This sturdy, supple sock is made from quality and durable materials. It provides comfort for your heels and toes. It is supportive, and it has reflective details.

3. Balega Silver

Balega Silver Socks

Most running shoes always breed bacteria after going for a handful number of runs. This is why people have stinky socks. Usually, wool would reduce the smell that comes from your socks, but you can get this Balega silver if you want to kill the germs and eliminate the odor completely. This is possible because of the moisture-wicking properties of this product. 

It is stink-free, and the quality does not fade off after washing for a long time. Most runners would love the thick underfoot and breathable upper layer of these socks. It would keep you cool even when the weather is at 90 degrees.

4. Darn Tough Vertex Ultra-Light Socks

Darn Tough Vertex Ultra-Light Socks

Just like the name suggests, this is a lightweight sock, and it would not weigh you down whenever you are on the run. Though getting these type of socks are not cheap, you get to enjoy a free replacement if there is a hole in your socks. This means that you would be getting top-notch quality when you buy these socks. 

It is made from durable, thin-wool. This makes it very soft against your foot. There are different colors available for you to choose from. They would remain comfortable like when you just bought them after several years of prolonged use. You would hardly notice any holes or thinning in the socks.

5. On Running High Socks

On Running High Socks

This is the product of a Swiss company. They are known for making top-notch, quality products that perform well without compromising the style. You would be getting premium materials for a reasonable price. So this product is worth the extra cash you pay. It is a perfect blend of elastane and polyamide. 

It fits well, and there is a stylish design covering your Achilles. It has mesh panels that help regulate the temperature during winter. It would also not feel swampy when the weather gets warmer. These socks will not cause any irritation when crammed into a small toe box.

6. Drymax Sharman Crew Turn Down

Drymax Sharman Crew Turn Down

Ian Sharman from Ultra Speedster made some notable contributions to the design of this product. There is a double-layered construction that is designed to keep moisture away from your foot and toes. It also helps to reduce blisters due to constant friction. 

The inner layer of this product is made from hydrophobic materials, this helps push sweat and water away from your skin. There are additional fibers placed in the heel and toe area to reduce friction. Though the socks are tough, it has a soft feel to the skin.

7. Feetures Merino Ultra-Light Socks

Feetures Merino Ultra-Light Socks

Feetures Merino is a company popular for making thin, high-end, soft, and comfortable socks. Though some of their products might slide back and forth in your running shoe. You have nothing to worry about if the shoe is your perfect size. This is a new product from the company, and it is made from Tencel fibers to help prevent any sliding. 

This slick sock has deep pocketed snug and heel wrap around the arch. This would help ensure that the shoe remains tight on your feet. There are thicker and cushioned models for you to select from.

8. Rockay Accelerate Running Socks

Rockay Accelerate Running Socks

This is a new company, but it is gradually becoming a stand-out brand because of the amazing quality of their products. They are made from high-performing, eco-friendly materials. These socks are made from recycled plastic sourced from the ocean, and it has polygiene coating which allows you to wear the socks multiple times before washing. These thin socks are surprisingly soft, and the arch has a nice compression. The elastic ring below the ankle would hold the socks up better than most running socks available on the market.

9. Swiftwick Flite XT Five

Swiftwick Flite XT Five

This is the most stable product on the list. It is very short, and it does not even peek out of your shoe. These socks provide appropriate ventilation, stability, and cushioning to help keep your feet comfortable. It is made from a unique combination of fabrics like; polyester, olefin, spandex, and Nylon. 

These socks are breathable, soft, and comfortable. These socks would keep your feet dry when your shoes are socked with water. The toe and heel area are designed using textured fibers to help prevent the socks from sliding in your shoes.

10. Injinji Run Toesocks

Injinji Run Toesocks

These lightweight socks would help you prevent blisters. It also dries very fast, and it would keep your feet dry, cool, and free from irritations. These socks would always stay put on your feet without sliding back and forth in your running shoes. The inner sleeves would help remove moisture from your skin, and all the force that comes from running would be absorbed by these socks instead of your feet. It is available in different colors and sizes.

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