The best Summer Jackets for Men

A good summer jacket is a jacket that you can wear when it is sunny and warm and also when it is slightly cooler out. They are perfect for the long summer times, when you stay out a bit longer than expected or those days where the weather forecast turns out to be completely wrong.

Denim jacket


The denim jacket is hands down one of the most iconic clothing items. The denim jacket was first created around 1880, and since then it has been immortalized by fashion icons all around the world.It is versatile, simple, and is extremely hardwearing, which means a good denim jacket almost can last you a lifetime with proper treatment.

The most popular denim jacket is by far the Levi’s Type III, which has been around for over 50 years and inspired many designers to create similar jackets.

Bomber jacket

River Island

The bomber jacket is another classic within summer jackets and menswear in general. It was initially designed for fighter pilots, who needed a versatile jacket that was both lightweight and could keep them warm. Since then fashion designers have picked up the design and created numerous different versions of it.

Some stick to the traditional nylon design, while others have created paper thin versions of it from other materials. Therefore, you can find a bomber jacket in pretty much every style, whether you are looking for a jacket that can keep you dry, warm, cool, or anything in between.

Track jacket


Previously it was the conception that track jackets only belonged to athletes and shady gangsters in the streets, but that has changed in the recent years. Street style has become more popular all across the world of fashion. It’s not just the sportswear companies that produce track jackets. Even the high end italian fashion brands have track jackets as a major part of their new collections.

In other words, the track jacket has moved away from the streets and found its way into fashion.

Coach jacket

Abercrombie & Fitch

The coach jacket is another style that originates from sports. It has its origins on the touchlines of american football fields, where the coaches used to wear it, hence the name. The style was adopted by skaters and pop culture in the 90’s and has since paved its way into streetwear.

They are usually made from lightweight and waterproof materials, which makes them perfect for a summer jacket.