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20 Best Running Shorts for Men

To get the best of your running shorts, you should combine them with the right compression tights, compression socks, and sneakers then you are good to go. Usually, people shop for running shorts in the summer season when the weather is warm, and you need to let go a little. You just need a good running top and shorts to provide proper ventilation and comfort for a good run this summer. 

If you use the tracks, or you run around the city. There are several types of shorts that you can purchase which would help you maximise your energy, and you would be comfortable the entire run. There are long shorts and short shorts. The best options available on the market would be discussed in this article, so you would select that which suits you most.

How to Choose the Best Running Shorts

There are different lengths of running shorts, the designs and features of these products also vary. If you want to buy one of the best running shorts, there are different things you ought to know before making a purchase. There are different types of materials used, and this is one of the determinants of the price of the shorts. Selecting a pair of running shorts could take forever, but in the end, it is worth it. 

If you believe that wearing shorts would be too revealing for you, there are shorts with longer lengths available on the market. So you would have other options to select from. There are knee-length shorts that would allow you to move better, these type of shorts is perfect for cool days.  

If you would be buying a running short, some extra features are provided which allows the shorts to perform more functions other than being stylish. Some shorts have extra pockets, seamless stitching, moisture-wicking, and many more features. You should be on the look-out for these features, though they might make the product more expensive, it is worth it. 

You should also wear the correct underwear when running, so you would remain hygienic while running. The underwear you put on while running should be chafe-free, so it does not discomfort you. Here is the list of the best running shorts:

1. Champion Men Jersey shorts

Champion Men Jersey shorts

Most of the shorts listed here are perfect for the hot weather, and this applies to the Champion men’s jersey short also. It is a minimalist type of shorts, and it has pockets for storage. For the warm weather, you can buy this running short. You can just go for a quick light jog in this plain shorts. With a pair of running sneakers and top, you are good to hit the road. There would be no accessories, no make-up, and no phones. 

The features of this short are wonderful. It has a proper ventilation system that makes the short breathable, and perfect for a run in the sunny weather.

2. Lixada Men’s 2-in-1 Running Shorts

Lixada Men’s 2-in-1 Running Shorts

The Lixada 2-in-1 running shorts are designed for running in warm weather. This short is lightweight and provides enough compression for your thighs. They have a 10-inch inseam because of the cut and tailored fit. You can now take longer strides, and because of the seams, there is no chafing. 

If you buy the citrus green color, there is a reflective coating at the back and front of this short. This would make you more visible on the road if you are running at night or in the dark. It has two side pockets for your gel-packs, and the zip pocket is for your keys or phone.

3. Under Armour Men’s Woven Shorts

Under Armour Men’s Woven Shorts

This is a multi-functional short. It is suitable for the gym, workouts, yoga, and casual wear. You can do anything in this short. This short is versatile, and the stretchable material allows it to accommodate several sizes. It does not chaff or rub off. This under Armour product is made using technical and durable materials. The quality that this product offers can be found nowhere else.

It has an elastic waistband that ensures the short sits firmly on your waist. There is enough space to accommodate compression sleeves, and it also covers most of your thighs. There are two pockets on the sides that you can use to store small items. The logo is reflective, and this makes it visible at night.

4. Reebok Men’s Drawstring Shorts

Reebok Men’s Drawstring Shorts

Reebok is undoubtedly one of the best clothing names in the industry. It has side pockets that you can use to keep your keys or phone. It is also very comfortable when you are running. The material used in making this short is very light, and fast wicking. There are mesh panels for proper ventilation. The 4-way construction also moves in different directions. There is a reflective detail that makes you visible at night. It can also be worn as regular shorts.

5. TCA Endurance 2-in-1 Running Shorts

Champion Mesh Short

On this list, compression shorts must have appeared a few times. They are perfect for days when the weather is not too warm, but it is also too warm for tights. If you also go on early morning runs before sunrise, this product is also perfect for you. It provides extra warmth around the quadriceps when required. 

This is a multi-use short with compression liner, it is slightly longer than your regular shorts. The mesh panel ensures that the short is not too warm, and there is proper airflow when the weather is hot. There are two pockets that you can use to store your valuables.

6. Champion Mesh Short

Champion Mesh Short

At first sight, you might not be impressed with the shape and style of these shorts, I was not either. However, the features of this excellent running shorts would make you second-guess this belief. They are quite lengthy for shorts, but the concerns you have about this product would ease off when you wear it, especially when you run in it. 

This short has side pockets for you to keep your phone and other valuables. They would not restrict your movement when you are running also. The integrated compression helps keep your thighs oxygenated and warm. It has received anti-microbial treatment which helps eliminate odor, and it also has reflective clothing.

7. New Balance Men’s 7-inch Short

New Balance Men’s 7-inch Short

You would discover that running in shorts would help improve your performance. However, you might get too cold. This New Balance short could be the perfect solution to your problem. It Is designed to block out the wind, and also keep your legs insulated when you go for a run. 

This short has deep pockets that you can use to hold regular sized phones. They are also stretchy for ultimate comfort, long-lasting, durable, and they are very durable. If you would be going through rigorous training, you can also get this short.

8. YAWHO Men’s Workout Running Short

YAWHO Men’s Workout Running Short

This is a running short that you should get if you care about style, affordability, and functionality for your shorts. This short is made from breathable, lightweight material that is very durable. This helps prevent moisture from accumulating, which could cause the short to smell. It would also keep you fresh and comfortable when you are running. 

The elastic band around the waist of this short would prevent it from falling off when you are doing rigorous training. This short is a perfect fit for basketball, running, jogging, and any form of exercise. This product has performance features that would help you when you are jogging.

9. Neleus Men’s Running Short

Neleus Men’s Running Short

This athletic running short is made in the USA, and is suitable for different activities like; basketball, weight lifting, and soccer. There is extra ventilation to keep you comfortable and dry. The moisture-wicking fabric helps release away moisture from your body. The fabric also dries up very fast.

There are pockets on both sides of this short, which allow for easy storage of essential materials you cannot leave at home when going for a run. The odor-resistant liner has been tested rigorously for regular and continuous use.

10. Naviskin Quick Dry Running Shorts

Naviskin Quick Dry Running Shorts

This lightweight polyester fabric is lightweight, stretchy, and quick dry. It is made from polyester, and it offers elastic closure to prevent the shorts from falling off your waist when you are working out. It would keep you very dry and comfortable. 

This short has a built-in mesh which makes the short breathable, and you would always stay cool. There are vents for proper ventilation, comfort, and free movement. The short also keeps your mobile safe using the side pockets.

11. Souke Sports Men Running Shorts

Souke Sports Men Running Shorts

This 3-inch running short does not have the design of your regular shorts. It has a split-leg design that gives the right coverage, and this allows you to take long strides when you are running. This workout short has an inner mesh brief that provides support, and it also minimizes chaffing. The soft liner has a great feel that is comfortable to the skin. 

The drawcord waistband provides extra security and remains on your waist if you would be carrying out rigorous activities. The back zip pocket helps ensure that you can keep your valuables safe. It has a full short reflectivity, this means that you would be visible in your short at night. It can also be used for several types of activities.

12. Men’s Elastic Workout Shorts

Men’s Elastic Workout Shorts

This running short is another product that you should watch out for. It is made from a combination of polyester and cotton. There are three pockets, and it also has built-in short for proper fit, and it also helps support your thigh muscles. There is moisture wicking, and this helps pull away moisture from your body. 

The elastic waistband of this short is adjustable, and this provides a custom fit for everyone that buys this product. It would sit perfectly on your waist even while doing any rigorous training exercise. It is suitable for different types of activities.

13. CRYSULLY Men’s Cotton Running Shorts

This is an upcoming brand, but their products are top-notch. They are very light, durable, and very strong. It has an elastic closure, which allows the short to sit comfortably on your waist when you are running or doing any other workout. It is made from comfortable, lightweight cotton fabric. 

There are 3 pockets on this short, one is the back pocket, while the rest are the two zippered side pockets. The internal drawstring allows for a perfect fit. It is suitable for a wide range of activities like; running, jogging, lifting weights, and many more.

14. Malavita Running Shorts

This running short is made from breathable fabric, and it can be multi-used for several occasions. It is made from stretchy fabric, and it offers better mobility. The material wick ensures that sweat dries up very fast, and the pocket of this short is breathable and comfortable. 

This product is designed with a compression short that provides power in shorts. It also moves great in all directions. This short offers great support for your thighs and muscles. It can be used for different types of activities, and the zipper pockets would help safeguard any important item you have on you. It would keep the item close and secure.

15. JINSHI Men’s Lightweight Running Shorts

This product is made from 95% polyester, and it has a drawstring closure. This short is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to dry. The drawstring makes it suitable for any waist size. It has zipped pockets to help keep your valuables safe. It is suitable for any type of activity. Both outdoors and indoors. You can take a walk, run, jog, and lift weights with this short. 

It is breathable, durable, lightweight, and gives all-day comfort. It would keep you fresh all day and can be multi-used for different purposes, which means you pack fewer clothes when travelling. It is fashionable, minimalist, machine washable, and suitable for any weather.

16. TSLA Men’s Running Shorts

TSLA Men’s Running Shorts​

This brand has been certified to be one of the best producers of running shorts available on the market. However, if you are not satisfied with what you get, you can return the product and you get a full refund. It is made from lightweight polyester. It is even mobile, and it has an elastic band which ensures that the waistline stays fitted on your body. It also safeguards your skin from harmful UV rays. 

The fabric of this short is very soft, and it is easy to dry, long-lasting, durable, and it has sweat-wicking function. It is great for different activities like; soccer, walking, jogging, and lifting weights. This is an essential fitness gear for men.

17. MUSCLE ALIVE Workout Shorts

Muscle Alive Workout Shorts

This is another general workout shorts, and it would work perfectly as your running shorts. This short is available in different sizes, and it can be used for cycling, running, yoga, and lifting weights. This product is made of soft cotton. 

This product has pockets and an elastic waistband. It allows the short to sit comfortably on your waist. It can also be worn as casual wear. There is a size list where you can select your appropriate size from. You can also select your preferred color.

18. SUNDAY ROSE Men’s Running Shorts

Sunday Rose Men’s Running Shorts

This amazing male running shorts is made from 100% nylon. It has a drawstring closure for safety, lightweight, quick-drying, and it has beautiful patterns that would never go obsolete. The elastic waistband ensures that the short sits comfortably on your waist. It is 3 inches long, very easy, and comfortable to wear. There are 2 side pockets, which you can carry your essentials with. If you want to buy this short, you should select a size up to get a perfect fit.

19. CQC Men’s Running Shorts

CQC Men’s Running Shorts

This polyester running short has an elastic closure for comfort and security. It is breathable and would dry quickly. It has a lightweight and stretchy fabric. It would wick sweat away, keep you dry, and comfortable. It can be used for various activities. The elastic waistband keeps it tight on your waist, and it has an adjustable drawstring to keep the short well-fitted. 

The built-in mesh makes the short breathable, and would help you stay cool. There are side pockets that provide convenience and can hold simple items. This product has a 4.5 out of a 5-star review on Amazon.

20. SOUKE Sports Running shorts

This polyester shell short is lightweight and very breathable. The SOUKE short is made from lightweight materials, which are breathable and completely durable. It helps wick away moisture and dries easily. It would keep you fresh when you are running, and the perforated sides improve the airflow to keep you dry and cool. 

Unlike other running shorts on this list, it has a black inner short. Which provides a perfect fit, and it is very soft. This lightweight short would stay put on your waist, it does not chaff and would not irritate your body when you are running. This short has been designed to accommodate body contours using the ultra-stretch fabric.