15 Best Running Shoes for Back Pain

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Regardless of the workout type you do, you would eventually have to move your feet. To do this, you need to ensure that your feet are well protected by comfortable shoes. There are several shoes available on the market, but a slight difference could be all the change you need to get the perfect running shoes for yourself. If you are going for a jog, there are chances that you might develop a knee, foot, or leg problem. Whether you are a regular runner, or you just do it whenever you are free, you need to be wary of the shoe type you were to partake in this physical activity. 

Usually, the major cause of most running injuries are; faults in leg and foot strength, movement problems, or imbalances. However, running in the wrong shoe might also lead to some complications. Several complications can occur from running and running in the wrong shoes. Some simple countermeasures would help reduce the chances of you having a complication while you are running. According to research, the simplest countermeasure is wearing the right shoe. This would go a long way in preventing you from complications and injuries. Research has also shown that the right pair of running shoes would help you run effortlessly and comfortably. People that wear the right shoe consume a lesser amount of oxygen, and this would improve their running time. 

To find the perfect pair of running shoes for yourself, we have helped compile a list of some best road runners available on the market. Though these shoes might not make you run faster, it would keep you longer on the road, because it becomes more difficult for fatigue to set in. The right pair of shoes would always keep you on the road, and keep you in good shape. All in all, here is our list of top 15 running shoes.  

1. Men’s Brooks Addiction Walker

This is the first pair of walking shoes on our list. Brook is a popular shoe company, and they are
known to have made a wide array of shoes for different leg sizes and shapes. This shoe helps people
that are suffering from back pain. It would also provide the needed comfort and support that your
feet need.

The external design of this shoe is minimalist and classy. You can get yours in either black or white
full-grain leather. It is also available in brown suede. The manufacturer provides two types of
closure; lace-up and slip-on. This shoe is very smooth, secure, well-balanced, and it would support
your legs well for a wonderful morning jog.

2. Men’s Brooks Adrenaline

This is another Brooks product that helps with back pain when running. This shoe is known to provide stability and support for people going on long-distance runs. It can also be used for casual wear. This shoe would keep your feet safe without compromising speed or comfort when you are running. This shoe has been one of the best-selling running shoes for over a decade now. 

It is recommended for people that have feet problems. If you have lower back pain, you can get this shoe because they work great for lower back problems. The eye-catching design has lots of bright colors that you can choose from. It is made from breathable mesh material, and this running shoe would ensure that your feet keep facing the right direction. So there is no multi-directional movement.

3. Women’s Vionic Walker

This is a female running shoe. Whether you are a plus-sized lady or a regular-fit, you can buy this running shoe to help stop your back pain. This brand is popular for making shoes for different types of feet. If you have feet issues like; heel spurs, pronation, bunions, or bad knees, this shoe would work wonders for you. 

It is good for motion control, and it also prevents back pain. This is a premium quality shoe, and it has been approved by podiatrists all over. It is very comfortable for your feet, and the upper supportive part would help keep your feet secure.

4. Men’s ASICS Gel Kayano Athletic Shoes

ASICS Kayano is popular for making top-notch sneakers. This is the latest product off its shelf, and it is one of the best products on the market that can help against back pain. This sneaker offers support and comfort for your feet when you have them on. The quality of this shoe is unrivalled by no other product, and it is very stylish.

This shoe is made from breathable fabric, this allows for proper moisture management, and your shoe will remain odor-free. The upper fabric wraps your feet securely, and it can stretch in different irritations. This shoe also prevents irritation when you wear it.

5. Women’s Brooks Ghost 10 Running Shoe

This is one of the most versatile running shoe available on the market. They can be used for light workouts, short and long runs. It can also be used as regular wear. This high-quality shoes is available in an attractive package. This athletic shoe is great for people that have wide feet. 

The upper part is stretchable, so it can accommodate the natural shape of your leg. The breathable material would help keep your feet dry, odor-free, and cool. It offers premium cushioning, stability, support, and a great grip.

6. Women’s Orthofeet Coral Shoes

For ladies that have been searching for an orthopaedic shoe that they can use to stop their back pain. This stylish female running shoe would effectively stop your back pain. The upper part of this shoe is very soft, and it is a wide toe box that easily accommodates your feet against foot injuries. It also provides great support for a painful back. 

It has light soles, and this provides the proper cushioning, support, and adequate stability for every step you take. If you have lower back pain, you can trust this shoe to get rid of that. 

7. Women’s Brooks Glycerin 15

This is a female product from popular shoe producer; Brooks. This running shoe helps prevent back pain also. It combines top-shelf cushioning with great arch support and a fast ride. Though there have been some modifications to this model, we would still highly recommend this model also. 

There is a 3D print overlay, and the shoe is lighter than the older models. The midsole provides personalized cushioning based on your weight, and it is very supportive. Therefore, every step in this running shoe would be comfortable. It offers freedom of multi-directional movement.

8. Men’s Saucony Redeemer

The popularity of this running shoe keeps soaring all the time. The reason for this is the amazing support that the shoe provides for your back. The Redeemer is manufactured by popular shoe company Saucony. The upper part of this running shoe is breathable, and it would always make you feel secure. It is made from advanced ISOFIT technology which allows it to adjust to its natural shape. 

This supportive shoe is great for men that have back problems. The midsole would help keep your feet in a balanced position, and it also provides an external support frame for your heel. The IBR outsole technology provides a great grip when you are on the road.

9. Men’s Hoka One Clifton

This athletic male shoe is perfect for men that have back pain. This brand is not popular, but it is gradually rising in the market because of its quality and comfort. It has a durable, breathable, and elastic upper layer. The upper part would easily adapt to the shape of your foot and allow regular airflow. 

This sneaker is very durable, and it has reinforced cushions which provide extra comfort. The outer sole has been designed strategically using lightweight rubber material. This would improve the transition and traction of the shoe.

10. Men’s Orthofeet Sprint Comfort Shoes

This is another orthopaedic running shoe for men that have back pain. Usually, the sneakers would help provide comfort, alleviate pain in different body parts. The upper mesh material allows for the right moisture management, and the traditional lace-up closure of previous models has now been replaced with Velcro straps. 

The toe box area provides durable and suitable overlays. This sneaker has orthotic insoles that would offer great arch support. The heel area also has cushion pads that conform to your footsteps when you walk.

11. Women’s Brooks Ariel

For most female runners, this is their favourite running shoes. It helps support your back and reduce back pains, provides motion control, you can also take stable and secure strides in this running shoe. It is a great solution for people with flat feet. 

Though this model was created to be a running shoe, it could also serve as your walking shoes. The technology also supports using the shoes as a walking sneaker. The stylish design is very bright and eye-catching.

12. New Balance Men Fresh Foam Running Shoes

This is a neutral-colored running shoe, this shoe is popular for its heavily fortified cushioning and shock-absorbing features. The reason behind manufacturing this running shoe is to help your body recover from back problems. So it had to compromise on speed and weight to ensure that this shoe would effectively protect your back when you are running. 

The mid-sole of this shoe fits perfectly, and it is made using supportive EVA foam. The upper part of this shoe is soft, breathable, and well-cushioned. It also allows for proper ventilation, and it is suitable for people that have wide feet.

13. Mizuno Men's Wave Inspire Running Shoes

This is an extremely comfortable running shoe. It provides all the required comfort and support that you need if you have any form of back pain. The mid-sole of this running shoe is combined with a plastic plate along the full length, which provides a soft, comfortable, and responsive run. 

The upper part of this sneaker is very comfortable, breathable for easy airflow, and it provides a snug fitting for your heels and mid-foot. If you heel strike, this is the best running shoes for you.

14. Altra Men's Torin Running Shoes

This is a premium cushioned running shoe. This neutral footwear has a 3.5 knit that would hold up on long endurance runs. This Altra model comprises of the sole of the previous model, and a knit upper which is why this shoe is extremely comfortable to run with, it would also give you a smooth and responsive jog. 

This shoe has a zero-drop policy, which might take some time to get used to if you are more conversant with the 12 mm drop. This is s minimalist running shoe, and it is pocket friendly.

15. ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus Running Shoe

The gel-nimbus is a classic footwear from ASICS. This is a high-class, neutral cushioned shoe. This is another industry leader, and there haven’t been many changes to this shoe over the years, unlike its other competitors. It also has a lovely traditional feel that people appreciate. The heel and forefeet have gel cushioning, which provides extra support and improves stability. It is gender-specific, lightweight, and very durable.



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