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20 Best Running Shirts for Men

running shirt

Most runners always have different types of shirts that they wear while going on a run. It could be a casual shirt, an actual running shirt, or your favorite high-school tank top. According to research, runners do not wear half of the shirts they have access to when going on a run. They just have a select few that they prefer, and they regularly switch between these shirts because they prefer them most. So if you are in this category, you should ensure that you run with the right type of shirt. 

Ensuring you run in the right type of running shirt is always important has the run itself. Some people are always eager about the run, they care less about the outfit they put on. When going on a run the type of running shoes, socks, pants, and shirts that you wear matters because it would determine how comfortable you are, the weight of these outfits could also determine how fast you move and how well. So if proper care is not taken while selecting the outfit for your run, you might eventually blame yourself for taking it in a rush. 

If you have a favorite gym top, or you use your high-school jersey while going on runs and workouts, you should be preparing to add to the existing collection or buy a few running shirts to replace some of the duds that might be in your wardrobe. You should ensure that you buy the right type of running shirt. This might be a bit of trouble because there are different styles, types, and brands available on the market. So you have to be very careful. The running shirt you buy should be breathable, lightweight, easy to wear and dry, odor-free, and easy to wash. If you do not want to go through the rigors of having to scout the market for the right running shirt for you, you can buy one of the products listed below, as they offer unbeatable and impeccable quality.

Under Armour Men’s Threadborne Streaker Singlet

If you like sleeveless running shirts, then you should consider this model from Under Armor. You get a great sense of freedom when you go sleeveless, and on top of that, it is lighter, so you have better conditions to go fast. Especially on sunny and hot days, it can be nice to stay cool with the less coverage this shirt provides.

The fabric is excellent quality and made with the UA Threadborne Microthread technology, thus making the fabric dry faster and preventing it from clinging to you.

RTY Mens High Visibility Enhanced Dynamic T-shirt

A high visibility shirt is the best option when running at night. If you also manage to find a sweater with exceptional materials and an excellent fit, you have the perfect combo for night runners. This shirt provides precisely that. It is made from polyester, which means that it will keep you warm on cold days and nights, but it is also breathable for when it’s hotter out.

Vapor Apparel Men's UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection Performance Long Sleeve T-Shirt

While it is undoubtedly healthy to run, you may also damage your skin if you are not adequately protected from the sun. You can get UPF running shirts with UV sun protection, which will block out harming sun rays, so you don’t have to cover your whole body in sunscreen. This also has a great fit and a quite luxurious feeling to it, which makes it a great deal if you want to take care of your skin.

DRIEQUIP CamoHex Moisture Wicking Athletic Training T-shirts

This is an excellent shirt for the price. It may not be from a very well known brand, but it does everything that a good running shirt should do. Our favorite feature is that it seems to dry very quickly and become as smelly as many other shirts tend to do. It is also great for going to the gym so you could combine a run with a gym session in this shirt.

Nike Men's Pro Fitted Short Sleeve Shirt

You can’t go wrong with Nike, and especially not if you are looking for a quality running shirt. This fitted shirt sits a bit tight around the shoulders and gets looser around the midsection. It is made from polyester and spandex, which means that it has a great feel and has some stretch. On top of that, it is also made with Nike’s Dri-FIT technology, which helps transfer any moisture and keeps you dry and comfortable.

Nike Men’s Dry Miler Short Sleeve

For lovers of designer products, this is a running shirt that you should have in your wardrobe. It is widely patronized because of its impeccable quality, high durability, impressive performance, and classic design. If you need an impressive running short, you can go for this product, and it is also durable enough for hardcore workouts and intensive training.

Salomon Men’s S-Lab NSO Tee

If you are an experienced runner, and you have been buying your gear personally for a long period, you should be familiar with products that are related to S-Lab. They only make top-notch products, and you should expect nothing less from this running shirt too. The special fabric is made from dries faster than regular fabrics. 

It would also help optimize your body temperature. There is a patch that would help redirect lost energy to your body. This helps improve balance and reduce fatigue. When you are undergoing intense workouts, this is the right product for you. You would always be bold and confident wearing this running shirt.

Cala Active Tank Top

For those that are in the market for an active tank top, this is the product for you. You can easily slip into this beauty when you are going on your runs. If you would be running under the sun also, you should buy this product because it dries up easily, and it does not absorb sweat. This shirt is very soft and sustainable. It is made from compostable and biodegradable Tencel materials. 

When considering the durability of this product, you can put your mind at rest because it is very durable, and customers have regularly praised this about the shirt. This high-back tank top promotes proper ventilation, and it also evaporates the sweat from your lower back. This tank top looks cute when you step out.

Outdoor Voices Cami Tank Top

This Y-back strapped running shirt is one of the most reliable on the list. The long length of this running shirt allows you to either tuck it in or let it fly. It would provide adequate support for you when you are doing intense workouts. You can wear this shirt to the gym without feeling weird on the street. On first use, this top might be a bit tight, but it would  improve as you frequently run in the shirt, and lose a few pounds. There are different colors and styles available for you to choose from.

Rabbit TankTop

If you need a running shirt that would always keep you cool. This rabbit tank top is the product for you. This soft knit running shirt is suitable for people that overheat. The top keeps their temperature regulated, so they do not get too hot. With this top, you would feel you are running shirtless, but you are well-protected. 

So if you are going on a run in the hot summer sun, this is the shirt you should have on. The neck cut of this top is very low, so you might show-off more skin than you ought to. There are different colors and styles available for you to choose from.

Title Nine Vibe Tank Top

This tank top would regularly get you nods, waves, or a smile from other runners or road users that you meet while going on your run. This shirt looks friendly and approachable. You can even wear this running shirt if you have a crush on your regular route that you are hoping notices you. You would get different fuzzy feels from this comfortable and lightweight tank top. It is available in different colors for you to choose from. The double-stitched design would also attract more compliments. Above all, The material does not accumulate sweat or water.

Hill City Essential Tee

If you want a running shirt that would regulate your temperature, but you do not want a tank top, here is a short sleeve running shirt that would also regulate your body temperature like some of the tank tops mentioned earlier. The heat zones are mapped out by the mesh panels, and it ensures you do not get too hot while working out. 

The silver ions in this product prevent it from smelling. So heavy sweaters can buy this product, and it would keep you well saturated even when you are going on long endurance runs. The color of this shirt does not pop though. All the colors available are gloomy.

Janji Runpaca SS

At first glance, this shirt looks like a casual shirt that you can wear on casual or recreational occasions. However, this activewear would keep you comfortable and on your feet through the duration of the journey. It is made from alpaca wool, which is known to be odor-resistant.

This shirt would fit you perfectly if you pick the right size. The hem would support your hip bone immediately you have it on. The sleeves and waist are neither too tight nor too loose. Though the material is slightly heavy, the colors of this shirt are to die for.

Mammut Men’s Crashiano T-Shirt

This crisp looking t-shirt is an upgrade to the original version of the Mammut Crashiano that looked like an office-barbeque shirt that you would wear on your lawn when you have friends over, and it also has a spread collar. This new upgrade would exceed your expectations. There are different colors available for you to select from. 

This shirt is perfect for long runs, it is durable, and made from cool mesh fabric. The hole your head pops out from is a bit snugly. The Mammut Crashiano is a versatile, lightweight, and breathable shirt. It has chest pockets that you can use in storing your sunglasses or keys.

Rabbit Shortsleeve Tee

This is the top I sleep and run with. There is a heathered model of this same shirt, but that is smooth and silkier just like your regular pyjamas. This shirt would neither cling nor chafe when you have been wearing it for a long time. 

When you run with this shirt in temperatures that are higher than 70 degrees, you might discover that the shirt starts accumulating sweat and it gets heavier. If the weather is cool and breezy, you can wear this running shirt. It is available in different colors for you to select from.

Woolx Ashton Short Sleeve

This is another running shirt that can easily pass as a casual shirt. If you have an informal or casual outing, you can easily put on this V-neck shirt, and it would blend seamlessly. This multi-functional tee has UPF 25 sun protection features. It also has sweat-wicking, odor-resisting merino wool. 

The material of this running shirt gets dried up easily, and if you are going on long endurance runs, you would love having this shirt on, because it would keep you light, refreshed, and comfortable. It dries very fast and does not chafe. If you do not prefer the V-neck, there are other styles that you can select.

Tracksmith Twilight Tee

If you know the popular strata product, then you would appreciate the non-clingy materials that this product is made from. This is the perfect running shirt for broody skies. The Italian material of this product has antimicrobial features that are odor-resistant. Furthermore, this product is thin, lightweight, and safe to your skin. It also dries very fast because of the minuscule holes around the shirt, and this allows for proper ventilation. This product is breathable, lightweight, and durable.

Tracksmith Brighton Base Layer

Here is another product from Tracksmith, and it is for those that love the quality and materials of the company’s product, but they would rather have the long sleeve shirt. The merino material is odor-proof just like the short sleeve mentioned earlier. It is easy to put on this shirt when you want to go for your fast early morning run. 

You would always feel pumped up when you wear this shirt for your workouts and run. When the temperature is cold, you can rely on this shirt to keep you warm on your runs. It does not get saturated with sweat. This shirt is very soft, and it does not chafe.

Fourlaps Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt

If you have used any product from Fourlaps, this is the same type of quality that you should expect from this product. It has a formfitting silhouette, and it does not chafe. This longs sleeve shirt is soft and it fits snuggly. However, if you have an athletic build, this product may be too tight for you.

There is not enough room for men with larger upper bodies. If you need a long sleeve shirt with flatlock stitching, this is the right product for you. The hem has reflective materials that make you visible. There are particles in the fabric that traps heat to keep you warm.

Hill City Long Sleeve Training Shirt

The ventilation technology of this product is second to none. It would identify the heat zones on your body when you are running. This high-level technology makes this product more suitable for unpredictable weather conditions. If you are not sure whether the weather would be cold or hot, this is the right product for you. It is available in different styles and designs.

Vuori Strato Tech Tee

If you want a running shirt that would regulate your temperature, but you do not want a tank top, here is a shortsleeve running shirt that would also regulate your body temperature like some of the tank tops mentioned earlier. The heat zones singled out by the mesh panels, to help ensure you do not get hot when you are working out. 

Heavy sweaters can buy this product because it does not absorb sweat, and it would keep you well saturated even when you are going on long endurance runs.

Icebreaker Men’s Tech Lite Running Shirt

This running shirt can pass as a casual shirt when you pair it with comfortable looking jeans and nice sneakers. This minimalist crew neck running shirt would blend seamlessly in an informal, recreational setting. It is made from sweat-wicking, odor-resistant merino wool. This short sleeve running shirt is lightweight and durable.  

The material dries up easily and very fast. If you would be going on long endurance runs, this could be your preferred running shirt. It would keep you refreshed and comfortable. It dries very fast and does not chafe. If you do not prefer the crew neck, there are other styles that you can choose from.

Rabbit Men’s Run Tee

This is the second product from Rabbit. It is the heathered model of the running shirt mentioned previously, it is smooth and sleek just like the regular pyjamas. This shirt would neither cling nor chafe when you constantly wear it for a long period.

 When you run with this shirt in hot temperatures higher than 70 degrees, you might discover that the shirt starts accumulating sweat and it gets heavier. If the weather is cool and breezy, you can wear this durable running tee from Rabbit. It is available in different colors for you to select from.



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