15 Best Natural Hand Soaps on the Market

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Washing hands has become essential in our current era of deadly pandemics. However, repeated hand-washing can cause dryness and infection if the wrong soap is used. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best natural hand soaps that are dermatologist tested, gentle, non-drying, plant-based, sustainable, and suit all skin types. These cruelty free organic choices will protect your skin rather than harming it with chemicals such as parabens and phthalates.

1. Puracy Natural Liquid Hand Soap in Lavender Vanilla

This is a non-toxic hand cream. It is made from natural ingredients like minerals, water, plants, and essential oil. Though there are some harsh chemicals that cause harm in creams, the Puracy Natural Hand soap does not contain ingredients like this. Some of them are; parabens, sulfates, triclosan, and many more. This product is plant-based, and all its ingredients are bio-degradable. It is safe for the environment also. 

It gives a soothing natural scent derived from essential oils like vanilla and lavender. It also contains Vitamin E, aloe vera, and sea salt, these would help soften your skin. This product has been labeled the best liquid hand soap on Amazon using the customer reviews.

2. Live Clean Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Liquid Hand Soap​

You would be treating your hands and fingers right when you buy this liquid hand soap. It contains top-grade ingredients like Vitamin E, argan oil, and organic botanicals like olive leaf extract, grape seed, and this luxurious soap would effectively clean your hands without making use of any harsh chemicals or ingredients. 

Some of the harmful substances that cannot be found in this hand soap are; phthalate, phosphate, petroleum, parabens, and harmful sulfates. This hand soap does not contain either DEA or silicone also. It is made from only plant-based ingredients, and it has recyclable packaging.

3. OM SHE Aromatherapy Moisturizing Hand Wash in Mango and Orange​

This aromatherapy product is one of the models produced by OM SHE. It is free from harmful ingredients like; mineral oil, SLS, parabens, and different harsh chemicals. It contains nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, calendula oil, chamomile, and organic rosehip oil. 

Previous users have showered accolades on this product because of the quality it offers. It would moisturize your skin and keep the skin boundary intact. It would wash away all germs and bacteria off your hands. The fragrance is lovely and nose-friendly.

4. Puracy Natural Foaming Hand Soap​

This is the second product from puracy to make it to this list. This lovely foamy product form has a rich lather that is fortified with aloe vera and Vitamin E. This hand soap is highly rated, and the natural fragrance is derived from vanilla and lavender essential oils. Instead of the regular harsh perfumes. It does not contain harmful substances like parabens, sulfates, and petroleum chemicals. 

All the ingredients of this product are plant-based, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, and bio-degradable. These features make the hand soap safe for the user and the environment. Previous customers love this product and this is reflected in their customer reviews.

5. Natural HomeLogic Sulfate-Free Foaming Hand Soap in Citrus Grove​

If you want a natural, family-friendly hand soap, this is the product that you should go for. This model is a product of Natural Homelogic, and it would wash your hand effectively and gently without causing any repercussions or side effects. It does not contain any chemical, it is eco-friendly, and is made from plant-based materials. 

This product does not contain sulfates, petroleum NPE, artificial colors, fragrance, and many more. It is also beneficial to the environment because it is bio-degradable. This product is available in Jasmine mist and Citrus groove, these two are naturally scented oils.

6. Dr. Bronner’s 4-in-1 Pump Soap

This hand soap is strong enough to be used as body wash, and also gentle enough for your tender hands. The organic contents of this product are incredible. Some of them are; seed pod, organic shikakai. The seed pod belongs to an ancient South Asian tree that used to be a cleansing conditioner. While the shikakai is from a blend of organic sugar and grape juice.  

The Dr. Bronner Hand Soap has a rich lather that would clean and moisturize your hand. It does not contain synthetic ingredients and preservatives that could cause harm to you or the environment. All ingredients used in making this product are GMO-free, cruelty-free, and are Certified Organic. This hand soap does not foam like regular soaps.

7. Hugo Natural Foaming Hand Soap

You can take exquisite care of your hand and fingers with this luxury hand soap. The Hugo hand soap is a natural foaming product that cleans your hand using vegetable glycerine instead of harsh sulfates. It would moisturize your hand with shea butter, aloe vera, and oats. The pump might be quite tricky. Apart from this, Hugo natural is one of the best hand soap you can get from Amazon. It is also pocket-friendly.

8. Avalon Organics Nourishing Hand Soap

This nourishing lavender hand soap is specially designed for people that have dry skin and hands. It contains a mixture of botanical cleansers like calendula, lavender essential oil, Vitamin E, and vegetable glycerine. There are no harsh sulfates, parabens, synthetic colors, preservatives, and phthalates. 

This product is bio-degradable, and it is GMO-free. This product is popular among people that have dry hands. It has received lots of positive reviews from previous customers. If you wash your hands often, and you have dry skin, you can opt for this product.

9. Cove Lavender Castile Soap

This is an all-purpose cleanser, and it can be used for your hair, body, hands, and even fabrics. To use this product as a hand soap, you just have to dilute in water in an empty bottle. This product is made from soothing organic lavender oil, hemp oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil. 

There are no harmful detergents, chemicals, foaming agents, and animal products. The materials of this soap are bio-degradable and user-friendly. There have been positive applauds from previous customers that have used this product.

10. Nature’s Gate Herbal Liquid Soap

This gentle liquid hand soap would wash your hand gently and thoroughly without missing any spot. It contains organic lavender oil, juniper berry extracts, and organic aloe. These ingredients would always make your hand silky and smooth. 

This product is suitable for vegans and is cruelty-free. It is made without sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. For people that wash hands regularly, you can buy this product to keep your hand moist and always feel conditioned.

11. Jergens Moisturizing Hand Wash

Jergens is a popular company that makes moisturizing products. They make exceptional body creams, and this moisturizing hand cream does not fall short of the quality expected from this formidable company. It has a rich formula which is enhanced using the Jergen lotion, glycerine, and mineral oil. 

Your skin would always feel smooth and silky, but they are not covered in any grease residue.  This creamy hand wash has an almond scent. This is one of the reasons why this product is quite popular. This product is affordable and past customers are always eager to restock.

12. ThreeMain Liquid Hand Soap

When people start aging, one of the body parts that experience early changes is your hands. They would first experience the change in the skin, and most people do not take care of them appropriately. This hydrating soap can also work as dish soap. It would solve the aging problem, using its main anti-aging ingredient; hyaluronic acid. 

This product naturally attracts water to your skin, and the anti-aging features are superb. It reduces wrinkles and increases the elasticity of your skin. The product comes in a reusable aluminum container.

13. Everyone Hand Soap

This family soap is very effective and long-lasting. It would help prevent people with contaminated harms from transferring the bacteria when they clean their hands with this hand soap. When you make use of this product regularly, it would help prevent your skin from drying up. This gentle soap does not contain synthetic dye, sulfates, phthalates, and fragrance.

All the ingredients for this product are natural. Some of them are botanical extracts and essential oils. The final Everyone Hand Soap smells nice, it would moisturize your skin, and also protect your skin barrier and leave them intact.

14. Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap

If you have been looking for durable, pocket-friendly hand soap, then this is the right product for you. It would keep your skin smooth and soft after you wash it regularly. This creamy soap contains milk protein and sweet honey to help ensure that your skin and hands never dry out. If you have sensitive skin, acne, or eczema, you can buy this product and it would not cause any flare-ups or irritations.

15. Pre de Provence Soap Bar

The French name of this product should tell you a lot about what to expect from it. In the world of fashion, France is the right place for quality, fashionable, and durable fashion items. This French soap bar does not disappoint. This is the first and only soap bar to make it to our list. This product would soften and moisturize your skin. The amazing features of this product describe the amazing quality you would be enjoying when you buy it. There have been numerous positive reviews about the product. There are different scents for you to choose from.



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