30 Best Minimalist Watches for Women

Are you seeking the ideal minimalist watch for yourself or a special someone? The pursuit may be tedious, however, with an assortment wristwatch of designers available to customize your jewelry preferences – from classic and subtle designs to flashy stones. We’ve created an extensive list so that you can find the perfect timepiece that is tailored exactly to your taste!

Women often seek out classic, timeless and simple watches that provide a touch of sophistication without being too large or ornate. Deciding which outfit is casual or formal can be aided with the perfect minimalist watch, as it subtly enhances any look for women who wish to stand apart from the crowd. Nowadays there are numerous stylish minimalistic watches available on the market so you don’t have to sacrifice elegance in favor of simplicity!

Tips on purchasing a minimalist watch for women

Price is not a guarantee of quality: Don’t let the cost of a minimalist watch fool you into thinking it’s giving you high-quality features and functions. Do your research before making a purchase to ensure that each product is worth its quoted price, regardless if it’s low or expensive – both can be quality! When shopping for female watches with minimalistic designs, do not assume that one type will provide greater value than another just because of the sticker on the box.

Crystal type: This should also determine the type of minimalist watch that you are about to buy. The crystal is the glass covering the surface of the watch. This crystal can be divided into either mineral crystals or sapphire crystals. The sapphire crystal is more expensive than the mineral own. Mineral crystals are used for low-grade watches while sapphire is used for the high-end wristwatches.

Movement: The watch movement is the engine that keeps the watch ticking and also helps power other functions of the watch. A watch with good movement would work properly, but a bad movement would make the watch lag and can lose some seconds every day. There are reliable producers of good movement for watches. If your preferred watch has its movement from Germany, Switzerland, or Japan, then you can be assured of its quality.

Minimalist watches for women are made from materials that range from rose gold to stainless steel. We have carefully gone through the available products on the market, and here is a list of the best 30 minimalist watches available for women:

1. Boom Nalka Hunter

The name of this minimalist wristwatch sounds inspirational. This simple easy to look at beauty has an iconic leather strap that makes you unique and visible in a crowd. It has a simple black dial, golden index, and a white face. This is a classic waterproof minimalist watch.

2. Fossil-essentialist blush leather watch

This leather watch delivers the precise quality that you need. This is a classic minimalist design, and it looks in perfect shape and good quality. There are markers for every minute going around, and the hour marks are just a bit longer. 

The case of this watch is gold stainless steel, and it has a beautiful blush leather strap that has the fossil logo stamped on it. These make even the slightest impression. The leather band is compatible with straps that are 18mm.

3. Marc Jacobs Riley watch

This watch eschews the leather band. This is a spectacular masterpiece by Marc Jacob. The PVD rose plating sits comfortably on the wrist, and the side is flipped with 3 and 9 marker that makes it stand out in the public. 

However, the minimalist duties are not abandoned, the 28mm watch case has a very low profile, and it is water-resistant up to 50 meters. You can wear this watch while swimming without any panic, but you might not want to take it skiing. It also has a quartz crystal movement. 

4. Timex Women's T2H331 Watch

timex watch

This is a great option for women who want to make a statement with their style. The watch features a stainless steel case and a white dial, which is complemented by the black silicone band. It also has Indiglo night-light technology, so you’ll be able to tell the time in dimly lit areas. The Timex T2H331 is water resistant up to 30M and comes with a 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.


5. AARK- The Eclipse

This is a brilliant timepiece that speaks volumes about its brilliance, this wristwatch can be used during the day and at night. This wristwatch is all black except for the top half of the case and a small part of the strap, which are hand-dipped in gold. This watch is waterproof and protected by special scrap-resistant glass. There are no forms of markers on the black face. The product is made from durable materials. 

The small gold disc of the hour hand is circled by the sweep second hand with a small silver disc. This stunning watch has exquisite symbols, and the design is quite simple and classic.

6. Picto 30mm white polished rose gold

This is one of the most brilliant pieces on our list. This is a minimalist watch available for women in 2023. Picto is popular for its simplicity when making wristwatches. There is just a single dot and one hand that would help you tell time. The hour is marked with rotating dial dots, and the minutes by conventional hands. Available in two colours. 

This product is the go-to product of women that love their minimalist wristwatches. The polished rose gold stainless steel has a white dial and rose gold features. The strap is white silicone and complements the rose gold case. This durable watch would last for a very long time if they are well maintained.

7. MVMT Rodeo wristwatch

This is a boulevard series, and it is produced by MVMT. These series of wristwatches were purposely set up to help meet the minimalist needs of women. They are simple, subtle, durable, and beautiful. This wristwatch has a matte gold finish for the casing, and this allows the white face to pop. This wristwatch speaks volumes when you step out and you have it on. 

The matching gold hands and hour markers are tied together, and the black minute markers are perfect and non-intrusive. This is class and simplicity in its minimal form. To cap it all, this product is not expensive, it is battery powered and follows a three-hand Miyota quartz movement.

8. Void V01MKII GO/LB

This updated digital watch is one of the most popular watches on our list and is unisex; for both men and women. The design of this watch is a timeless and unique one, which would last for generations and ages to come. This product is already been mimicked by other watch manufacturers in the industry, and some of them have been created to be more feminine, so they would fall under his category. 

This watch is made from square stainless steel, which has a half-sized sapphire face and is available in different colour combinations and finishes. If you are buying this product for yourself, your wife, or loved ones, they would surely appreciate it because this watch would look beautiful on any woman’s wrist.

9. Kitmen Keung Long-distance classic

This modern industrial design would look gorgeous on everyone’s wrist, regardless of how you decide to style it. From the onset, this minimalistic watch uses two dials that are a perfect fit, in one simple white circle. This watch encompasses elegance, and it also shows where you are going and where you have been. 

This minimal wristwatch is made from stainless steel and perfectly strapped using Argentinian calf leather which complements the solid-edge buckle perfectly. It follows the Japanese three-hand quartz Miyota. This is watch minimalism at its purest and finest like never seen before.

10. Uniform Wares C 33

If you’re looking for a wristwatch that exudes simplicity and elegance, the Uniform Wares C33 should be at the top of your list. While there are many affordable watches on the market, this one surpasses them in terms of functionality and durability. In fact, it’s a special product in our roundup of the best minimalist watches for women in 2023.

The watch features a matte stainless steel case with a beautiful rose-colored face, complete with diamond-cut hands and traditional pad-printed dial indexing. The strap is made of off-white textured calf leather, making it the perfect minimalist accessory for any woman.

11. Brathwait The classic slim wristwatch

If you remember that old, popular clock on your class wall, you can then imagine how this watch looks like. This simple minimal watch is shrunk down from your class clock to a little and beautiful timepiece that would fit a woman’s wrist perfectly without any hassle. It has a rose gold finish with black Italian leather for straps. 

You can conveniently pick your outfit when you have this wristwatch on because it is neutral and would go with any material colour or type. It is very comfortable and very elegant. Women that love quality can go for this minimalist watch.

12. Daniel wellington classic, petite bondi wrist watch

Introducing the Bondi – a timeless petite wristwatch that encapsulates modern minimalism. Its delicate form is adorned with a white leather strap, black dial and stunning rose gold detailing for an effortlessly sophisticated look. This watch will never disappoint; its small size makes it easy to slide on your wrist while being water-resistant ensures optimal performance whatever life throws at you!

13. Skagen Women's Freja Watch

From the beautiful coastlines of Skagen to the mesmerizing architectural wonders in Copenhagen and its iconic fashion scene, Denmark is a force of modernity, sustainable approach, minimalism, and fun. It encourages us to revel in life’s little moments while respecting nature’s grandeur.

This is a great choice for women who want to add a touch of sophistication to their looks. It features a rose gold stainless steel case with a white dial and a genuine leather band. The watch is powered by a quartz movement and is water resistant up to 30M. It also has an adjustable band so you can get the perfect fit every time. The Skagen Freja is a great way to add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

14. Corniche women's heritage 36

This is a simple minimalist watch for women, but it has a touch of something more. The beveled case edging would always make you feel something more. The dial is made using ceramic, and the polished markers are hand-applied. The sapphire glass is also impossible to scratch. 

This watch has pointed hour markers, and the delicate dauphine hands ensure that the correct proportions of the blue anodized hands of the white version provide a contrast. This product is made from genuine leather that has textured calf print, and is closed with a beautiful butterfly that is somewhat similar to that of the popular designer; Cartier.

15. AARK- Prism- Silver

This pure minimal timepiece has different layers, which juxtapose solid and transparent materials in a graphic style. The acetate outer design has a machine metal case that creates optical interactions and light refractions between layers. The twelve points on the inner dodecagon represent hour markers. 

This product has slimline hands that produce top-notch accuracy for the watch. It is made using durable Italian calfskin leather which makes this watch very comfortable, and it also has an improved pushpin attachment for easy and efficient customization.

16. Rosefield – The boxy

A minimalist watch can also stand out in the crowd. This square-faced watch is trying to bring the square style back to life. This product has some features that qualify it as a minimalist watch for women. The square is left plain, there are no extra designs that would make this watch look big. 

Though the watch is square-faced, it has a circular dial. The white face and rose gold markers and case make this product unique, simple, and adorable. It has a soft pink genuine leather that can be swapped easily if you have the urge to switch the colour up a nudge.

17. Original grain somerset

If you require a perfect and carefree timepiece for the summer, this is your perfect choice. It is bright, full of life, fun and it has a really simple design. This watch captures sunshine and protrudes it in darker months. This watch is very durable, light, and very affordable. 

This product has a minimalist gold dial which means the watch has gold markers on a golden face. The casing is made from the popular All-Natural poplar wood. It has a beautiful yellow sunflower leather to hold the watch firmly.

18. William strouch silver watch and strap

This is a cool minimalist watch. The silver casing has a white face and silver features. The design gives off an aesthetic vibe. There is just a single Roman numeral at the top of the dial. While most watchmakers prefer numbers, markers, digits, roman, and dots. This William Strouch watch makes use of dashes.

There are fantastic things you would learn from this watch, apart from the minimalist face, when you purchase this watch, it comes with an additional brown leather strap. So when you are stepping out with your watch, your dress or outfit would determine the strap of the watch you would use.

19. VICTORIA HYDE Women's Watch

This is a great choice for women who want to keep their look minimalistic yet stylish for an affordable price. It features a stainless steel case, a white dial, and a genuine leather band with buckle closure. The watch is powered by Japanese Quartz movement and is water resistant up to 30M. The Victoria Hyde is the perfect balance of classic timepieces and modern sensibilities, making it a great choice for women looking to make a statement.

20. ODM Mars silver

This minimalist watch stands out among all the watches that have been listed earlier. It would give you a different feel and look. The minimalist design is gorgeous and the time is kept by two ball bearings that are moving around two circles on the surface of the watch. 

There is a collection of these products, and trying to read the watch would only take a moment to learn, but it can be discussed for hours. The inspiration behind the design of this watch is the two moons Deimos and Phobos that both orbits mars. This is the perfect clothing accessory and conversion piece.

21. Fossil- The Jacqueline

This affordable, simple, and easy-to-use watch can either be worn dressing up or down. The watch is made of top quality and extremely gorgeous. If you need an adorable and stylish watch, this should be your choice. This watch would complement any clothing or clothing accessories.

It has a silver casing with a brushed matte finish a white face and brushed silver markers. Four big roman numerals rest on a plain bar. This watch has a black leather strap that cannot be changed and is a classic with 14mm Fossil bands.

22. Kate Spade 5 O’ clock metro

This watch would make it to any list of beautiful minimalist watches for women. This is a beauty for everyone to look at. This timepiece was inspired by New York, so regardless of the outing or occasion you are going for, this wristwatch would always blend perfectly. It could be going for a drink with your girls, or you are off to celebrating with your special one. This watch would also complement the occasion. 

This watch has a white face, with golden markers and casing. The only numbers not on the dial are 12 and 5. 12 has been replaced by a signature spade, and 5 has been replaced by a martini glass and straw hand to complete the aesthetic look of the watch. This watch looks cool and flirty.

23. Wristology Olivia rose gold

For fashion lovers that have an undying love for accessories, you would definitely love this product. This boyfriend watch looks pretty and is very affordable. This watch would keep you unique whenever you step out and you have it on. 

This watch is quite larger than regular minimalist watches. It measures 38 mm, and it has a feminine rose gold case colour with a matching slim leather strap. The large white face has subtle crystal markers. This is a gorgeous watch that fits all occasions perfectly.

24. Adexe freerunner petite leather

Introducing a timeless Swiss-made minimalist watch specifically engineered for the fashionista in you! The pristine white face is complemented by an additional sub-dial to add depth and sophistication. Built with brushed stainless steel casing and leather strap, this exquisite timepiece exudes class while allowing your inner designer to shine through.

25. Nixon Kensington

You would fall in love with this watch after taking a look at it for the first time. There are loads of fascinating features of this product. It has brushed stainless silver steel variety. The black face has silver hands. The time markers of this watch are fun. They are solid stainless with black bars and a silver tip. 

This watch always attracts a lot of attention, and it is available in different colours. You can decide based on how playful you want your watch to look. It has a classic version that would simply blow you away. This watch is a perfect gift for yourself or close friends.

26. Nixon SIREN SS

This is a watch with a simple design that would always compliment your outfit. This digital Nixon would sit comfortably with the top watches in the industry, and it is a minimalist watch. This speaks volumes about the creativity and dedication put into work before producing this watch. This is a special, gorgeous, classical-looking watch. 

If you would not pick a digital watch for your first choice, this watch should settle in nicely as a valuable second watch. This watch is a blend of form and functions. It has this street vibe and would blend casually with a fancy dress and jeans.

27. Shengke c1 Women's Watch

shengke wrist watch

This is a great choice for women who want to keep their look minimalistic yet modern. The watch features an alloy case, a white dial, and a genuine leather band with buckle closure. It also has day/date functions and quartz movement, as well as being water resistant up to 30M. This stylish timepiece comes in several colors, so you’ll be sure to find the right one for your style.

28. Shinola – The Birdy 34mm

This is another stunning timepiece from the stables of Shinola. The birdy is a beautiful minimalist watch with a serrated, stainless steel coin edge and bold ivory dial. The modern double leather is coral red, and would perfectly complement the rest of the watch. This is a beautiful minimalist watch for women. It looks delicate, strong, and bold. This is proof that big packages do come in small sizes.

29. Triwa – Blush svalan grey

This is a beautiful timepiece, and most likely everyone’s favorite. The triwa female watch looks; minimalist, classy, feminine, and everything you would need from a minimalist wristwatch. It has a brushed rose gold dial within the steel case, and a petite leather strap that makes this product very subtle. It has a 1/20 chronograph that does not affect the simple beauty of this watch.

30. Wristology Stella Rose Gold

wristology stella watch

This is an ideal choice for women who want to look classy while staying minimalistic. It features a rose gold stainless steel case with a polished finish, a black dial, and a genuine leather band. The watch is powered by Japanese Quartz movement and is water resistant up to 30M. It also comes with a 2-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. Stella is the perfect balance of classic and modern, this watch will turn heads with its sleek design.

Frequently Asked Questions

A minimalist watch is a timepiece that is designed with a clean and simple aesthetic. These watches usually feature a pared-down design with a focus on essential features and functionality.

The best color for a watch as a female would depend on your personal style, wardrobe, and the occasions you plan to wear the watch. Neutral colors like black & white, and silver are versatile and can be paired with a range of outfits, while bolder colors like red or blue can make a statement and add a pop of color to your look. Ultimately, the choice of color is up to your personal preference and style.

If you have a smaller wrist or prefer a more delicate look, a 40mm watch may be too big for you. It could look disproportionate and feel uncomfortable to wear. However, if you prefer a larger watch or have a bigger wrist, a 40mm watch may be a perfect fit for you. Ultimately, the size of the watch comes down to personal preference and comfort.

So, here you go!  30 best minimalist watches for women. With this list, you are sure to find the perfect watch for yourself or a friend. All the products on this list have been well-researched and are of high quality. Ensure you go through the product description to confirm if it meets your needs before making a purchase. Thank you for reading!

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