10 Best Hair Straighteners for Damaged Hair

The hair is a very important part of your look. It contributes largely to your overall appearance. A bad hairdo will succeed in ruining a large portion of your day if not the entire day. It is easy to use a brush on your hair to give you an acceptable hairstyle but a good hair straightener succeeds in giving your hair a straight, sleek and shiny appearance that cannot be achieved by a brush alone.  

Straightening your hair is a very delicate affair because if not properly done with the right tools and technique, it can cause your hair to become brittle. Damaged hair does not automatically rob you of the right to have straight hair, you just have to be more attentive to the specifications of the tools to be used. 

Here are some factors to consider before buying your hair straightener.

Factors to consider before buying a Hair Straightener

Materials: Most Hair Straighteners are made of either Titanium or Ceramic. While Titanium is the faster option, Ceramic hair straighteners are the safer option because the hair is heated up from the inside out which reduces the risk of damage on the more fragile exterior layer of the hair. The heat technology in Ceramic hair straighteners allows it to warm up slowly while straightening your hair which ensures that more moisture is preserved in your hair.  

Adjustable Temperature Setting: high temperature does not equate high performances.  it is very essential to select a hair straightener with an adjustable temperature setting. This enables you to pick a low heat setting which is hot enough to straighten your hair but cool enough to reduce the risk of heat damage. 

We understand that the process of selecting a hair straightener for damaged hair can be stressful due to the amount of recommendations available and factors to consider. A list containing 10 of the best Hair Straighteners for damaged hair has been compiled, it can be found here:

HSI Professional Glider

This Hair Straightener is an all-time favourite with it ranking as Number one bestseller in hair straightening irons category. It can flip, straighten and curl even the frizziest and coarsest of hairs. Made up of a combination of Ceramic and Tourmaline crystals, the heating technology embedded in it was designed to keep your hair as undamaged as possible while giving it a silky finish. 

Its compact packaging and worldwide dual voltage compatibility ensures that it can be taken along on travels and used anywhere in the world. If you are a fan of quality and durable products at an affordable price, this hair straightener is for you.

Remington Pro Flat Iron

The Remington Pro Flat iron has 10 times more ceramic than the Standard Remington Flat Iron which gives more protection and less frizz to the hair. It has adjustable heat setting up to 450°F which is common to salon standard straighteners. The advanced thermal technology optimizes heat to give you less damaged and straightened hair that lasts for longer.

Available in both 1 inch and 2 inches’ sizes, there is something for everyone depending on your preference.

AmoVee Touchscreen Flat Iron

This hair straightener uses advanced Ceramic Tourmaline Materials which uses negative ion technology, this ensures that during the process of straightening, your hair is able to lock in moisture. This flat iron can be used as a straightener and a curler. The Touchscreen interface makes it easy to adjust the temperature settings without a pause in your styling. 

Due to its universal voltage (100-240V), it can be used worldwide and is ideal for frequent travellers, this lightweight product is very affordable and stylish.

Platinum+ Professional Performance StylerPlatinum+ Professional Performance Styler

This Hair straightener is ideal for anyone who does not mind a splurge. With several years of customer satisfaction in the bag, GHD, designed the Platinum+ Professional with Customers in mind. This straightener heats up in seconds and maintains a steady temperature of 365°F to prevent hair damage. 

Although, there is no adjustable heat setting, the heat is monitored 250 times per second and through its predictive technology, the styler recognizes the thickness of your hair and speed at which you are styling and adjusts accordingly. It is like the straightener does the work for you.

NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener

The Nition Hair straightener is a dream, made up of five amazing materials, it prevents heat damage by keeping the hair moisturized while straightening. It also has an easily adjustable temperature setting which is accessed by rotating the handle of the straightener.

The extra-long heating plates make it easy to straighten large amounts of hair under short periods of time. It saves time and stress and is also affordable enough.

FURIDEN Hair Straightener

This straightener heats up after 15 seconds reducing the time it takes to straighten the hair; the heat balance technology also ensures that the temperature is evenly distributed round the hair. The plates of the straightener do not touch the scalp and is able to straighten each strand with one pass thus sealing in the oils into the hair and minimizing hair damage. 

There is a one button knob-control that controls the temperature setting. It is easy to operate and the temperature ranges from 265°F – 450°F, catering to all hair types with 38 temperature settings. The straightener is sturdy enough to be durable and lightweight enough so it can be carried everywhere.

BEAUTIROX Flat Hair Iron

Looking for a 2-in-1 straightener, the beautirox flat hair iron should be your choice. Its anti-static technology gives your hair a silky finish without tugging or pulling at the strands. It also heats up quickly thereby reducing the amount of time it takes to straighten your hair. Very ideal for busy people. with its adjustable temperature setting, it caters for different types of hair. 

It is durable and very affordable. It can be easily carried everywhere, although it does not have the dual voltage capability, it is very lightweight.

Professional Series Flat iron for fine to medium hair

This hair straightener allows you to curl, straighten and style your hair in under 10 mins. Its longer and wider plates allow for more coverage under a short period of time. It works for fine to medium hair types but you might have to wait for 5 seconds between passes for thicker hair types. It has a wide heat range up to 450 °F. it has dual voltage capabilities meaning that it can be used anywhere in the world. 

This hair straightener was built to last. It is affordable and worth every penny.

CHI G2 Straightening Hair Styling Tool

After years of being in the market, Chi decided to take it a step further and introduced the G2 which has Titanium infused Ceramic plates, this increases the lifespan of the plates and makes them stronger. It has colour coded temperature settings that makes it easy for people with different hair types to know exactly what works for them. It heats up in 40 seconds and reduces the time needed to wait straighten your hair. 

It automatically shuts off in 1 hour and reduces the possibility of accidents occurring. With its dual voltage capability, it is ideal for people who travel frequently.

Samsara Flat Iron

Samsara flat iron helps to produce ultra-shiny, smooth, straight and curly styles in short periods of time. It heats up to 380°F in 15 seconds and is stable for a long period of time. The 1.75 inch plates allow to wider coverage in shorter time. Using this straightener enables your hairstyles to last longer and be healthy. The durable handle suits your hand and prevents it from being burned while using the straightener. Its temperature ranges from 250 °F -450 °F making it suitable for all hair types particularly thick hair.

It possesses worldwide dual voltage compatibility which makes it usable anywhere in the world.