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15 Best Essential Phone Cases

If you have a busy and fast life, you would regularly rely on your phone or mobile devices to regularly give you updates, directions, make calls, read, and send messages. There are different functions that your phone can perform. These make your phone a really important device for your everyday life and activities. Your phone might not always be up for the adventure in case it falls. This is why you need a durable phone case to keep your phone well protected and stylish. Without a phone case, your phone and glass screen is at the risk of getting shattered and damaged should your phone fall. Apart from this, the right phone case would also keep your phone stylish, and also help you secure your debit and credit cards. 

Trying to buy the right phone case could be difficult, but it should not be. Though there are different brands available on the market, they are not of the same quality, and they do not perform the same functions. The features could be the reason you would prefer buying a particular model over another. Some of the extra features available in some phone cases are; battery charging, cardholders, and many more. 

When you want to purchase a phone case, you should consider factors like; how often you drop your phone because the grade of phone case depends on their ruggedness and protective functions. Different brands protect phones better than themselves. This could be due to the difference in material or production process. While some phone cases are just made for taking stylish photos to post on social media. Moreover, some phone cases even support wireless charging. So if you have a new IPhone, this feature might entice you. Some extra features include; waterproof cases, dual-layer screen protectors. This article would compile the best phone cases available on the market, state their features, price, and benefits.

Otterbox Symmetry Series

If you want perfection, you should go for the Otterbox Symmetry series. This is one of the few phone cases on the market that offer complete perfection. If you have used any product from the Otterbox Defender Series, you should expect the same quality from this phone case also. The ultra-slim design of this case makes it the perfect case to carry around.  

There are different styles and color options available for you to choose from. If you prefer the Otter + Pop IPhone case, you just have to make your order. It has a swappable pop socket for easy grip. This means that chances of dropping on the face when you are on your bed are slim.

Incipio DualPro Phone case

If you need a protective, slim, and stylish phone case to help protect your phone effectively, you should not think twice about buying the Incipio dual pro. It has a very soft exterior that would keep you comfortable when you are holding the phone, and the buttons are also very flexible. This phone case is durable, lightweight, and affordable. You can never go wrong with this phone case. It is available for IPhone models above the IPhone 7, and all Samsung Galaxy Phones above the Galaxy S8. It is great for people on a budget.

Speck Presidio Wallet

This is the first product on the list to feature a wallet for your I.D cards, credit, and debit cards. This hardback minimalist wallet is designed to help store up to three cards. Though if well arranged, you can squeeze in an extra card and some cash. Though it would not hold all the contents of your wallet, this phone case comes in quite handy. 

This case is very durable, and immediately the cards are removed, the case goes back to its regular shape.  It is easy to remove and put back the cards, and this is because of the finely cut portion of the phone. However, you should know that this case does not support wireless charging. It is available for all IPhones higher than the IPhone 6. It is only available for Samsung S8 and S8+.

Piccadilly Clear Phone Case

This is a product from Gear 4, and it is suitable for those that want a simple, affordable, no-frills phone case. The ultra-slim design and clear case help define the simplicity of this phone case, and it would also show off your mobile device. Though this product is simple, flexible, and lightweight. It still offers drop protection thanks to the raised edges and side grips. It is compatible with IPhones 6, 7, 8, and all their variants. It is also available for Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+.

Ghostek Atomic Slim Case

You might not be familiar with this brand yet, because it is a new upcoming brand. However, this would not remain the same for long, because the company is aiming to beat all other producers of phone cases out of the market. They produce durable and quality products only. This sleek phone case is very strong because it is made from a shock-absorbent inner core. 

The polycarbonate back panel is lightweight, and the frame of this product is made from tough aluminum. The drop protection it offers is up to 12 feet. The raised bezel also help improve protection. It would help keep your camera and lens away from dust and dirt.

Urban Armor Gear Monarch Case

This product derives its name from the rugged, tough look it always has. At first sight, this phone case looks like a Marine’s equipment or possession. It is made from 5 layers of protection. There are rubber foot that help prevent your phone from slipping off surfaces. There are also airbags on different sides that would help absorb the shock received from impact. 

This lightweight plastic phone case only looks like metal, but the protection level is also amongst the best on the market. It can withstand a drop of 8 feet, but it is limited to some number of times. There is also a 10-year limited warranty if the product does not perform to standards.

Incipio Aerolite Case

This is another product from Incipio. Like the previous model, this Aerolite Case offers complete protection for your phone, different from what other types of phone case would offer you. The difference is in the Incipio production process. This Aerolite case is one of the safest and finest from the company.

The hard outer shell casing is scratch-resistant, and there are different styles and colors available for you to choose from. This product is flexible, and the ribbed soft core makes the phone very comfortable to hold. It offers drop impact of up to 11 feet.

Mous Contour Case

For those that are in the market for a durable and stylish phone case, you are definitely in for a treat with this phone case. It has a contour line made from textured leather, this makes the case look very stylish, original, and distinct. The stylish design of this product does not compromise its effective features and level of protection. 

It has polycarbonate and TPU which offers an effective drop protection that other products on the market cannot offer. It has a soft cushioned lining that keeps your IPhone scratch-free. The button covers are minimal, and there are openings for the camera, speakers, switch, and port.

Catalyst Impact Protection Case

This durable phone protection case offers drop protection from up to 10 feet. There is a distinct feel and design that comes with using this product. It would effectively keep your iPhone safe from any harm, and the bezel helps prevent the screen of your phone from hitting the ground. There is a writ lanyard that even prevents the phone from dropping. 

The company is popular for making waterproof phone cases. Though your iPhone is waterproof, it does not offer the drop protection you would enjoy from this phone case. It would also keep dust and dirt at bay.

Tech21 Evo Check Case

You might be surprised that even a rugged-looking phone case could be very expensive. For this product, it is not about style, beauty, or fashion. It is all about protecting your phone. If you are in the market for a case that would protect your phone only, this is the case you should go for. It would protect your whole phone effectively. 

The drop support feature has been tested from as high as 12 feet, and this is really high when compared to the average height that phones drop from. There are three layers of protection that help absorb impact. Apart from this, the case is lightweight and comfortable.

Otterbox Defender Series Pro Case

This specific product was mentioned earlier in the previous Otterbox product. Just like all products from Otterbox, the quality of this model is unbeatable and top-notch. The layered design boasts a synthetic rubber slipcover that is surrounded by polycarbonate shell that gives proper grip. You can also combine this case with a screen protector to help protect your phone screen adequately. 

There are covers that help keep out dirt and dust from the holster and ports. There are button covers that are easy to press and are well-defined. These product undergoes 24 quality tests before it was made available for people to buy. So you can be certain of drop protection.

Case-Mate Tough Groove Case

Your phone case must not always be stylish, fancy, and eye-catching. Sometimes you just go for a durable case that would protect your phone effectively. The finishing design usually depends on the color and light of the phone that the pouch is securing. The hard, grooved back is also flexible, and it offers great grip. 

With this phone case, you do not have to worry about your phone slipping off. There is also a drop protection feature of up to 10 feet. There is an anti-scratch coating that would keep the phone looking fresh. There is also a lifetime warranty.

Lifeproof Fre Case

If you are using Apple’s flagship IPhone 11 Pro, you may not have to worry about buying a waterproof phone, because the phone already has an IP68 rating. This means the phone can be dipped in water. However, if you do not have a waterproof phone, or you are not certain of your phone’s waterproof features, you can buy this product to clear your doubts. 

It has been drop tested using military standards, and the case has been certified to be very tough. If your phone should fall from very high positions, you would pick the phone unscathed. You would get complete phone coverage, and there is a built-in screen protector, so your phone is never exposed.

Griffin Survivor Extreme Case

If you need a tough, two-piece pouch, then this is your best bet.  This is the ideal product for outdoor adventures, and it would keep your phone safe the whole time. This product was drop tested on concrete from 15 feet. There are also port and button covers to help prevent dust and dirt from entering your phone. 

This case offers rugged protection, but this does not have an effect on the wireless charging feature. If you are really concerned about the damage a drop would do to your phone, you should not bother any longer, this is the right product for you.

Spigen Tough Armor Case

Spigen is a household name when it comes to making durable and tough phone cases. This product has a classic dual layered shell case. It has a flexible TPU inner case and a polycarbonate outer shell. This phone case has a horizontal kickstand, and the anti-scratch technology really works. 

The TPU sore protection would protect your phone buttons from any sort of harm. It also offers protection from drops and shocks. The extra-layered inner foam has strategically placed airbags that would help dissipate energy.