The 5 Best Denim Jeans Brands

Denim Jeans are iconic within the fashion world. They have been an essential item for fashionistas for over 100 years and it is clear to see why.

Some want super tight jeans, while others are looking for a more relaxed style, and it can be hard to find the jeans that suit you the best. Luckily, there are loads of different brands on the market that create good looking and comfortable jeans in different styles. Whe have chosen 5 you should keep an eye on if you are looking to invest in a pair of jeans.


Levi’s are arguably the best-known denim jean brands in the world. They have made quality jeans since the 1870s, and they still produce some of the best quality jeans on the market.


The Japanese brand Uniqlo has quickly become known for making quality clothing at a cheap price point – and their jeans are no exception. They have got a bit of stretch in them, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear, whether you are sitting at your desk or relaxing at home.

Rag & Bone

A pair of Rag & Bone jeans are a great bet if you are looking to spend a bit more than usual for a pair of jeans. They fit great, and the quality is probably some of the best on the market.


The Swedish designer brand Acne Studios has been recognized as one of the top denim jean manufacturers for years. They are a bit pricey, but they will last you many years thanks to the excellent materials.


A.P.C. jeans may not be the most comfortable the first couple of wears. Still, they will undoubtedly turn into one of the best denim jeans you have ever owned if you dedicate yourself to them. They are made to be worn and will slowly get a unique worn but very stylish look.


Gap is another brand that is known for exceptional quality and style at affordable prices. They have become a real powerhouse within the denim world, due to the excellent quality and looks.



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