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5 Best Casual Summer Shirts

1. Topman Brown Revere Shirt

Topman is a great bet if you are on the look for some essential items to add to your wardrobe. They have a wide variety of different casual summer shirts, but we especially like this model in a classical light blue color.

This shirt manages to mix the elements of a classic shirt with modern twists, which makes this an ideal shirt to wear this summer.

2. COS Camp Collar Organic Cotton-Linen Shirt

This is a timeless shirt for the summer. It’s made from an organic cotton-linen mix and has been given textured finish. The white and lilac colors are unique, without being something that draws too much attention.

3. Saturdays NYC Canty Striped Polka Dot Short-Sleeve Shirt

Saturdays NYC makes some of the best designed and highest quality summer shirts on the market. This shirt is very unique with its giant polka dots and bright colors. It has the stripes to give the polkadots some texture and prevent them from becoming taggy.

It Is made from 100% tencel, which gives it an extremely versatile, soft, and pleasant to the skin.

4. Uniqlo Extra Fine Cotton Broadcloth Long-Sleeve Shirt

Unfortunately not all summer days are as warm as we hope. You may need a long sleeved shirt for those colder days, where the sun isn’t shining. Luckily this Uniqlo shirt manages to mix a summer look with a long sleeved shirt.

It is made with extra fine and soft cotton, which both is breathable and reduces wrinkles after washing.

5. Uniqlo Linen Cotton Short-Sleeve Shirt

This linen shirt from uniqlo has an extremely casual and relaxed vibe to it. The neat color both makes it comfortable to wear and very unique. The shirt is made from a blend of cotton and linen, which makes it light, breathable and comfortable.


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