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20 Best Office Chairs under $200

Investing in the right office chair is essential for any work environment, not only to add comfort and support but also to skyrocket productivity. We have rounded up a list of 20 top-notch chairs at an economical cost which will enable you to obtain all this! Moreover, we’ll teach you how best to practice good posture habits while utilizing your chair as an effective aid so that you can create positive ergonomics with every use.

How to Maintain a Better Posture at Work

Good posture is essential for both your physical and mental health. Make sure to stay mindful of your posture during the day by keeping your shoulders back, chest out, feet flat on the floor, and knees level with hips. This will help keep you in a natural position that can maximize comfort and productivity at work. Adjust your chair to the appropriate height and ensure it bolsters the natural curvature of your lumbar area. It is also essential that you take periodic pauses from working and moving around, in order to prevent any tension or exhaustion of muscles. If you are sitting for prolonged periods, try getting up every 30 minutes at a minimum. To ensure your comfort and health while at work, make certain that the position of both your computer monitor and keyboard are set up to be level with your eyes. During phone calls or meetings in particular, take care to maintain good posture: sit upright without slouching or hunching over. With a few simple adjustments throughout the day, you can cultivate proper posture – leading to improved overall wellness and well-being!

A good chair will keep your employees happy, your visitors intrigued, and your office aesthetic. Here’s a list of the 20 best office chairs under $200.

1. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Chair ($137)

This chair is a treat for your employees and a boon for your pocket. Available at $137, the chair gets you the best of both worlds-it is cheap and comfortable.

This chair has a breathable mesh back (so you aren’t too sweaty during long sitting sessions) and passive lumbar support. The ergonomic chair is perfect for daily use over a long period.

The chair also comes with a height adjustment feature allowing you to raise it to a height that is comfortable for your neck. It also has a 360-degree swivel feature, accompanied by a tilt and lock system.

The chair is designed for reliability and can easily accommodate a person weighing up to 331 lbs. The chair’s dual castor wheels provide good mobility over carpeted, marble, or hardwood surfaces.

2. Flash Furniture Ergonomic Mid-Back swivel chair ($121)


The ergonomic chair from flash furniture provides comfort and is suitable for long-term use. It consists of a breathable curved mesh back that easily fits the arch of your spine.

The mid-back chair supports the mid to upper back region-a region often neglected while designing chairs. It is a perfect choice for people using elevated desks at work.

The chair has a waterfall seat design that helps take away the pressure off one’s leg and improves circulation. The chair comes with a seat height adjustment feature and adjustable armrests to make you more comfortable.

3. Boss office deluxe posture chair ($77)

The chair is perfect for those looking for an economical option. While this chair costs less than most other chairs, it does not compromise on features. This multi-featured and versatile desk/office chair is truly amazing.

The chair consists of a waterfall seat that offers excellent lumbar support. It allows proper blood circulation throughout the body and also takes the pressure off your legs.

The chair comes with a seat height adjustment feature and smooth wheels that allow for a 360-degree swivel. It holds an edge over its competitors because its subtle design makes it suitable for use in any office setting.

The Smugdesk ergonomic office chair is a perfect fit for those who spend long hours working on their computers, e.g., manga creators, architects, gamers, etc.

The high-back chair offers excellent support to the entire back. The chair’s neck pad provides much-needed support to the neck. The breathable mesh fabric and Emory foam provide you with the most comfortable sitting experience.

The chair comes equipped with five castor wheels, a 360-degree swivel feature, and a height adjustment facility. The armrests help reduce stress, and it also carries a rod on its back for you to hang your bag or coat.

5. Hbada Task Desk Chair ($130)

This one is an incredibly stylish, subtly designed, and dual-toned chair by the Hbada store. The swivel chair with flip-up armrests provides maximum comfort.

The primary objective of Hbada is to provide space-saving and comfortable products. The incredibly stylish Hbada Task Desk Chair comes with a black mesh back and thick black cushions, a waterfall seat system that your legs will be grateful for, and rolling castor wheels.

The chair has breathable cushions and a height adjustability feature. The curved back fits the spine’s arch naturally, providing a more comfortable sitting experience.

The space-saving feature makes the chair a good option for use in compact office spaces. It also helps add an aesthetic touch to an otherwise cluttered area.

6. Furmax mid-back lumbar office chair ($49.99)


The affordable ergonomic chair comes with a 360-degree swivel feature. Despite the low price, the chair provides excellent quality and durability. It consists of a mesh back lumbar support that allows for air to pass, making the chair more comfortable.

The chair has an excellent build quality that provides maximum comfort and support. The waterfall seat system is the icing on the cake. It is perfect for offices looking to purchase chairs in bulk. It is also a good option if you are working from home and are not sure how long you will continue to, but still want a new chair that is not too expensive.

7. Berlman ergonomic high back mesh office chair

berlman office chair

The Berlman ergonomic high-back mesh chair may seem a bit expensive, but it is worth its price. It offers built-in lumbar support, headrest, and adjustable armrests.

The chair comes with some of the finest features, like a pneumatic seat height and a tilt and lock knob. It also has a curved backrest and retractable armrest. While many chairs provide a headrest, not all of them are comfortable. The Berlman ergonomic chair is sturdy and comfortable.

The tuckable armrests help save valuable space. If you are looking to buy a space-saving and decent-looking chair to play games or work from home, the Berlman ergonomic chair is the right choice for you.

8. EDX Ergonomic Office Chair ($126)

edx office chair

This high back mesh chair allows you to unlock and tilt the backrest with ease. Experience an unprecedented level of comfort when you lock your preferred angle between 90-135 degrees, whether it be for work or relaxation. The breathable feel that comes from its porous material is perfect for those long hours spent in a seated position while the sturdy frame contours naturally to one’s spine so as to maintain good posture. Furthermore, this chair offers additional lumbar support which will reduce pain felt on one’s lower back area – all adding up to supreme comfort!

9. OFM Gaming Chair ($150)

ofm collection chair

This high-back gaming chair is of such superior quality that it’s also perfectly suited for any work environment. Also, the product is designed to keep you cool and comfortable with its breathable mesh fabric and soft PU leather. It contains several excellent features such as flip-up armrests, height adjustment, and center-tilt control.

The chair is an excellent addition to your home and is the perfect combination of a gaming and office chair that you can easily install in your home or office.

10. FDW Office Chair ($85)

fdw office chair

Say goodbye to those uncomfortable work chairs and try the executive chair for all-day comfort. The high back design offers maximum lumbar support, while the carefully chosen PU material is waterproof, stain-resistant and easy to clean. It’s also filled with superior quality sponge padding that gives it a natural leather look for an upscale feel – making it an ideal addition to any office space! Besides looking good and being highly comfortable, this computer chair couldn’t be simpler to set up.

11. Amazon basics classic pure soft mid-back office chair ($74)

The Amazon Basics classic pure soft mid-back office chair is made of durable polyurethane bonded leather and thickly padded seats to provide a comfortable sitting experience for an extended period.

The padded seats and back support, along with a pneumatic seat-height adjustment feature, provide extra comfort. The 360-degree swivel chair has dual-wheel casters that allow for easy movement across all floor surfaces. It also offers good support to your back and neck.

The Amazon Basics chair is a perfect option for managers and executives who desire comfort and style. Since the chair is an Amazon essential, you can rest assured of stellar customer service.

12. Tribesigns ergonomic office chair

The Tribesigns ergonomic office chair is primarily a home office. It comes equipped with a 2D adjustable headrest and curved back to support your entire spine, from your back to your neck.

The chair has skate-style, premium castor wheels that glide effortlessly over all surfaces and a mesh fabric for breathability. Its most attractive highlight is the height and armrest adjustment feature, 360-degree swivel, and tilt-mechanism. The thickly-cushioned seat is built for comfort and can easily accommodate a person weighing up to 300 lbs.

The chair has excellent lumbar support features that help take the pressure off your hips and shoulders and generous seat and back dimensions that even the tallest people will find comfortable.

13. SIHOO Mesh office chair ($130)

The Sihoo mesh office chair is designed and built gracefully. The thick cushioned seats made of high-density sponge make the chair comfortable for its users. You can adjust the chair’s excellent lumbar support up or down to help keep your back straight and take the pressure off your waist area.

The curved grey/black mesh back allows you to recline and lock the chair as per your comfort. The high-quality plastic foldable armrests help save space and provide adequate support for the arms.

The Sihoo mesh office chair comes in two colors, black, and grey, with a one-year warranty. It is built for support, comfort, style, and aesthetics and is perfect for formal or home offices.

14. NOUHAUS palette ergonomic office chair ($200)

The Nouhaus palette ergonomic office chair is available in five lively colors that add excitement to wherever you install them. However, the rich and vibrant colors are not the only highlight. These swivel chairs offer excellent comfort too.

The heavy-duty desk chair can easily accommodate a person weighing up to 240 lbs and is available for $200. It offers features such as back and lumbar support, abs height adjustability, and a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Also, the chair has adjustable armrests to help you lean on them in any way you want. It is made of a sturdy and robust HD nylon base. Besides, the chair also enables you to save space.

15. LUCKWIND ergonomic ripped office chair ($140)

The Luckwind ergonomic chair is a stylish addition to any office. It comes with all the universal features of a chair, such as height adjustment, excellent ergonomics, durability, and more.

The beautifully polished seat armrests, stretchable air-bearing headrests with a back handle, thickly-cushioned seats, and lumbar support make the chair suitable for home and office use.

The finely stitched PU leather, beauty of leather, simplistic designing, and dome-elevated 5-star sleek metal base and chair frame give the chair an attractive look. It is perfect for use in conference rooms or to entertain visitors in the visitor’s lobby. It is also a good choice of chair for intense gamers and desktop users.

16. OFM ESS leather side chair with sled base ($102)


The OFM ESS leather side chair is a classic chair meant to seat visitors and guests. The chair is a perfect combination of quality and sturdiness and is also light on the pocket.

The chair comes in two bases, the sled base, and the leg base. Both the bases are equally stylish and useful. The chair’s sleek and fancy design makes it blend effortlessly with the aesthetics of your office.

The chair does not contain wheels, a headrest, or lower back support. However, features such as integrated comfy padded armrests, plush padded seats and back support, and a robust black steel tube frame make it an excellent addition to your home or office.

17. OFM ESS Ergonomic bonded leather office chair

Another great offering by OFM ESS, the desk chair is synonymous with comfort. The OFM ESS Ergonomic leather chair is upholstered with thick, comfortable cushions and foam leather padding, making it a delight to sit on.

The chair comes with features such as 360-degree swivel, tilt-recline, height adjustment, and fixed loop thickly padded, comfortable armrests. The plush memory foam cushion, lumbar support, and control paddles provide a comfortable, customized, and memorable sitting experience.

The OFM ESS Ergonomic leather chair can easily accommodate a person weighing up to 275 lbs and is backed by the OFM limited lifetime warranty. Its excellent features and strong build-quality make it an ideal choice of a chair for your home and office.

18. Sytas Home Office Chair ($130)

Transform your workspace with this modern and stylish office chair that is designed to be both ergonomic and comfortable. Structural mechanics principles have been utilized in the design of this desk seat, making it an ideal seating choice for any space. With its adjustable mid-back form, lumbar support, high density double layer mesh backrest and thick padded seat cushion you’ll forget about spinal pain by the end of day!

19.Timchee high back office chair

The Timchee high back chair has a lot to offer. It has 360-degree swivel caster wheels that allow you to smoothly run the chair across your office without damaging the floor.

The chair is robust and reliable. You can adjust the chair’s height and padded armrests to suit your requirements.  It helps you enjoy your work and improve your work efficiency. The chair provides human-oriented and sufficient lumbar support to give you a comfortable sitting experience.

The ergonomic chair is well-designed and easy to assemble. It comes with a soft headrest and breathable high-quality bonded leather, and high-density foam seats to let you work without feeling any discomfort.

20. NOBLEWELL Office Chair ($140)

noblewell office chair

This ergonomic office chair back has been designed to perfectly mimic the human spine, providing unbeatable support for your neck and back. With independently adjustable headrests, lumbar cushions, arm rests and a height-adjustable back cushioning system that is suitable for all body types – you’ll be able to maintain a comfortable sitting position throughout your day! Plus, its tilt adjustment range allows you to adjust between 90 degrees and 135 degrees as desired.

In conclusion, investing in a comfortable and ergonomic office chair is essential for maintaining good posture and preventing physical discomfort during long work hours. Finding a good chair that fits your budget can be a challenge, but with our list of the 20 best office chairs under $200, you can find a high-quality option without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking for a chair with adjustable lumbar support, a breathable mesh back, or a sleek and stylish design, our list has something for everyone. Take the time to compare and research the different options, and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.