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15 Best Coffee Makers under $100

Starting the day with a cup of coffee has become a ritual especially in the younger generations. It gives a boost of energy for the day along with removing the tiredness of the previous day. Thus, coffee is an essential part of coffee-enthusiasts life. This is evident from the overly-crowded cafes where people queue up to sip that fresh aromatic coffee. And if you are one of them who love to start your day with the aroma of coffee then stop wasting your money at the cafes and enjoy it every day at your home with the help of a coffee maker. Yes, getting freshly brewed coffee at home gets hassle-free with the innovation of compact coffee makers and nowadays you can easily get it under $100.

Along with giving you perfect flavored coffee at home, these coffee makers also save money spend on drinking coffee in cafes and offer health benefits as brewed coffee is rich in antioxidants and nutrients. It also boosts your creativity to try different strengths of coffee be it cappuccino, cold brew, espresso, and many more. Even welcome your guests with the café style coffee at home that too within your budget. There are various types of coffee makers like Drip, Thermal Carafe, Single Serve, French Press, Pour-over, and Cold brew. All these have different benefits, thus choose the one as per your preferred taste and budget. The other factors you must consider while purchasing a coffee maker are its capacity, brewing speed, durability, maintenance cost, purchasing cost, and brewing strength. Thus, owing to the rising popularity of coffee makers at home, various brands are offering these and you can easily find the one under your specified budget.

To simplify your search, here are the best coffee makers under $100 that you can own to enjoy freshly brewed coffee at home:

1. Cuisinart Perfect Temp Coffee Maker

No matter what taste of coffee you like, this Cuisinart perfect temp coffee maker will give you the best-brewed coffee. It has a sleek design and uses temperature control technology that provides hot coffee without impacting its taste or flavor. With its crystal LCD-display, you can easily control its settings such as brew timings, carafe temperature, bold taste, cleaning, programming for up to 24 hours. It has a gold-tone permanent filter that is removable and can be reused. It is fully automatic and you can brew as little as 1/4th cup to 14 cups. To make brewing easier, it has an alert function to inform when your perfect cup of coffee is ready.

2. Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker

If you are looking for an easy-to-use coffee maker, then this classically designed coffee maker by Mr. Coffee is the best option. It prevents overflowing as you can have a clear view of the water level with its dual water window. It’s very easy to use and clean, just set it up, power on, and be ready for a brewed coffee. Its grab-a-cup auto-pause feature allows you to take your coffee mid-brewing with ease. With its lift and clean filter basket, you can easily clean the system. The On/off indicator lights, easy cord storage, effortless cleaning, and affordable price makes it one of the best coffee maker under budget.

3. Ninja Programmable CE201 Coffee Maker

This is the best programmable coffee maker where you can set brewing your coffee 24 hours before use. This Ninja programmable Coffee maker comes with an advanced boiler that provides you a hot cut of coffee every time while its adjustable warming plate maintains its temperature for up to 4 hours. It comes with a capacity of 12 cups and you can even get instant gratification by pulling out the carafe with its mid-brew pause feature. Its pull-away water reservoir makes filling water reservoir convenient. It also contains a gold-tone permanent coffee filter. So, get ready for a flavourful cup of hot coffee with this coffee maker.

4. Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker

Enjoy the same brewed coffee at home with this affordable and low-maintenance Hamilton Beach 2-way brewer coffee maker. It offers two-way brewing i.e. you can either fill your travel mug or get the coffee ready for a group of 12 persons. It is fully programmable so you can brew in advance and wake up with a tasty brewed coffee. With its simple control and panel display you can easily select the strength of your coffee – regular or bold and it also has an automatic pause and serve feature offering a perfect brewing experience. Its smart features and cup adjustment functionality provides a hot cup of coffee every time with ease.

5. Black+Decker Thermal Coffee Maker

The simple installation and sleek design of this unique Black+Decker thermal coffee maker make it a perfect choice if you have space issues in your kitchen. Its quick touch programming makes the complete process of brewing hassle-free and it can brew up to 12 cups. The sneak-a-cup feature allows you to enjoy your coffee even before the full brewing cycle and it also has an automatic power-off button. The glass carafe, cord management hook, hot plate, and releasable water reservoir are its add-on features. So, be ready to enjoy your hot wake-up coffee freshly prepared with this coffee maker and indicated by its keep fresh indicator.

6. Krups Coffee Maker

If you are looking for a coffee maker that’s perfect for a small serving, then this Krups coffee maker is the best choice. It has a modern stainless steel design that’s convenient to use. The permanent coffee filter and coffee spoon come along with it. With elegant looks, it also offers a drip-free experience as it’s easy to pour with its carafe. Not just this, its automatic keep-warm function keeps your coffee warm while you can have your cup of coffee whenever you want, thanks to its pause and serve system. It’s easy to use with just a simple on/off button you can get a perfect cup of brewed coffee.

7. Amazon Basics Coffee Maker

This affordable basics coffee maker by Amazon is best for compact kitchens and office spaces. It has a thoughtful design that offers fresh hot brewed coffee every time up to 5 cups. The hot plate keeps your coffee at an ideal temperature after brewing while pause brewing allows you to pour the cup mid-brew. Its other features like a front-access power button, indicator lights, long power cords, and easy-view water window makes its operation seamless and offers a perfect brewing experience at a low rate. This coffee also comes with an easy to remove the filter basket and a reusable filter.

8. Ninja Single Serve Hot and Iced Coffee Maker

If you are a technology freak, then get your hands on this next-generation coffee maker by ninja. This od-free single-serve brewer allows you to use any brand of coffee. It has a built-in milk frother that has both warm and cold frothing settings that converts your milk into silky foam toppings for a perfect drink. Be it hot or iced coffee, you can enjoy both with this Ninja single-serve coffee maker. Its advanced thermal extraction technology and auto iQ one-touch intelligence offer a perfect brewing experience every time. With this coffee maker, you can brew in any cup or travel mug of any size as the reservoir works as per the brew size and its type.

9. Mueller French Press Coffee Maker

This Mueller French press coffee maker is the best choice if you are looking for a valuable gift for your peers. It’s made of double-layered stainless steel material that provides a thicker coffee maker that will last for longer unlike other glass coffee makers in the market. Also, its double-wall insulation keeps your coffee hot for a longer time. Get ready for a perfect brewed coffee as a result of its 4 layer filtration system which also passes the coffee oil, thereby enhancing its flavor. Not just for preparing coffee, it can be used to prepare tea, cashew milk, almond milk, fruit infusions, MCT oil coffee, hot chocolate, cold brew, and much more.

10. KitchenAid Glass Carafe Coffee Maker

For a refined brewed coffee, KitchenAid glass carafe coffee maker is the best choice. It is 24 hours programmable thus get your coffee ready at a particular time by setting it prior up to 24 hours. With its digital LED display you can easily set its functions which show the variable brew strength indicator, warmth control, cleaning indicator, and 1-4 cup brewing indicator. It has a detachable water tank and a special valve that prevent spills. You can easily pause and pour hot coffee before the brewing is over and get your type of taste – regular or bold by selecting its brew strength.

11. Braun Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker

Get ready to experience the consistent taste and flavor in every cup of coffee with Braun brew sense drip coffee maker. It is small in size and has mess-free operations. The large led display, easy-to-read buttons, and led indicators to make the brewing experience user-friendly and smooth. It is fully programmable thus you can set the brewing 24 hours before the time you need it. It has an anti-drip system thus you can pause the brewing process without any mess. It comes in two variants 1 and 4 cups capacity; the 1 cup capacity coffee maker comes under $100, thus right under budget with all functionalities.

12. Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If you are looking for the smooth taste of coffee that contains less acid, then Takeya patented deluxe cold brew coffee maker is a perfect choice. It is simple to brew your coffee – add coffee, brew it and serve it cold or hot. Its pitcher is made of durable BPA-free Tritan that can withstand both hot and cold temperatures. You can easily keep your brewed coffee in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. It has a fine-mesh coffee filter, leak-proof airtight lid, no-slip grip silicone handle, and double pitcher body making it the best cold brew coffee maker available in the market.

13. Chemex Pour-over Glass Coffee Maker

The Chemex pour-over glass coffee maker has a patented design and uses a blend of art and science to offer you the best-tasting coffee. It’s affordable and easy to use, also can be cleaned with ease. This is the best pour-over coffee maker that provides the pure taste and flavor of coffee having a capacity of up to 8 cups. It’s made of high-quality non-porous borosilicate glass that does not absorb odors or residues. Due to its simple glass design, you can refrigerate and reheat your coffee with ease. It uses Chemex bonded filters to provide you extraordinary brewing results.

14. Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker

This Keurig K-slim coffee maker fits easily in your kitchen due to its simple and sleek design. This coffee maker is also travel-mug friendly as it has a removable drip tray and can brew any cup size from 8 to 12 oz. It has a multiple-cup water reservoir that allows you to brew up to 4 mugs. Get ready to enjoy fresh-brewed coffee within minutes with this K-slim coffee maker. It’s also energy efficient as it gets auto turn-off after complete brewing, thus saving energy. This single-serve K-cup pod coffee brewer is compatible with K-cup universal coffee filter, thus you can brew any ground coffee.

15. iCoffee DaVinci Single Serve Coffee Brewer

The outstanding features and spin brew technology make this iCoffee DaVinci single-serve coffee maker the best choice to enjoy the authentic taste of espresso coffee. The Spinning, steaming, and stirring happens in one cup while brewing under a minute with its spin brew technology. Also, you need not worry about the electricity bill as it gets auto off once the brewing is done. It’s compatible with all k-style cups and offers one-touch brewing for 4 to 12 oz sizes. It also includes an iCupTM reusable brewing basket for ground coffee, a large reservoir, and a large removable drip tray to accommodate larger mugs.