10 Best Looking Belt Bags for Women

Belt bags are also known as fanny packs, they have been in the fashion industry for years, and they are gradually staging a comeback into the fashion world. People are generally changing their views about belt bags. In recent years, people always believed that belt bags are old, and out-of-fashion. However, belt bags would prove everyone wrong with its improved design, functionality, and features. The demand for belt bags has been on the constant increase since celebrities Kendall Jenner and Beyoncé were spotted rocking belt bags. The industry is gradually loving and falling back to this accessory. 

If you want a pouch to wear to music festivals, carnivals, parties, and anywhere else, there are different belt bags that you can buy which would offer these. They are multi-functional, lightweight, and durable. There are also designer belt bags that you can use as a replacement for your current cross bag. You should have a budget when you want to buy a belt bag to prevent you from spending too much, this also helps create a niche of products that you can go through. You can also use minimum and maximum price boundaries to help you streamline your options.

If you are having your doubts about buying a belt bag, this is completely understandable. If you have a difficult time selecting a belt bag, or you just want to buy a belt bag, you should be very careful because there are different knock-off products on the market that have poor quality, and they might make you regret your decision to buy a belt bag. However, this article would compare the best belt bags available on the market, and a compilation would be made that would include only the top products derived from the comparison. To arrive at this comparison the features, pros, cons, prices, and customer reviews of these products were compared. Here is a list of the best looking belt bags for women;

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1. Good Onya Woven Belt bag

This is the first product on our list, and it is a good quality, reliable, lightweight, and durable product from Good Onya. They are popular for making high-quality products. If you have been looking for the perfect fanny pack for yourself, friends, and family, then this is the right product for you. 

You can easily take this belt bag with you on vacations, parties, carnivals, and getaways. This straw fanny pack would help secure your valuable items comfortably without any fears. You can pair with a white summer beach dress to get the most out of this stylish belt bag. It would keep bringing positive vibes all day long.

2. Valery Micro Belt Bag

If you are a fashion lover, model, travel, and lifestyle enthusiast, you would definitely love this lady belt bag. Even if you are a regular lady, you would immediately love this stylish belt bag at first sight. This bag is gradually improving its popularity because it is lightweight and durable. The quality it also offers is top-notch. 

This belt bag does not sit on only your waist, there are three different ways to style it. You can also wear across your chest to have faster and easier access to your valuables stored in the belt bag. The design of this product would never bore you because you can do a mix-and-match with different outfits. This colorful bag would also add a pop to your outfit.

3. Ganni Leopard-Print Shell Belt Bag

If you are a lover of animal print, you would immediately fall in love with this belt bag. The natural design would be loved by people that love animal skin, print, or colors. It has a leopard print on the body. This stylish belt bag would look amazing on different outfits that you choose to style it with.

It is made from top-notch materials, and they make the bag durable, lightweight, and comfortable. You can wear this belt bag to have free hands while running errands. You can pair this bag with biker shorts, hoodie or dress, then complement with beautiful sneakers to get a sporty feel.

4. Wandler Annabel belt Bag

Yellow is a color that always scares people away. However, there are some folks that have a knack for such color. If you are in this category, you are quite lucky. The Wandler Annabel bag would not only tickle your fancy, it would also cater to every need and requirement that you might be expecting from a belt bag. 

Wandler is an Amsterdam-based company, and they are popular for making only quality products. This is also no exception. You can incorporate this product into your everyday outfit if you love the color. You can style it in different ways. If you do not want to have the bag around your waist all day, you can switch it to a regular shoulder bag.

5. Rains Mini Belt Bag

This product from Rains has a good quality, and it is reliable, lightweight, and durable. Rains is a company popular for making high-quality products. If you have been looking for the perfect fanny pack for yourself, friends, and family, then this is the right product for you. 

This multi-functional belt bag can be taken on different occasions, and it would help secure your valuables effectively. You can pair with any outfit to make this belt bag more inviting. This bag is waterproof, and it would also protect your valuable from rain and moisture. You can also style the belt bag in different ways.

6. Herschel Fifteen Belt Bag

This luxurious belt bag is the type you take on fancy trips, parties, and gatherings. This belt bag would help show off your unique style and outfit. It would look beautiful on a private yacht cruise with friends and family. You can buy this product for yourself, friends, and family. To get the most out of this belt bag, you can pair it with a floral dress and simple sandals to get an exquisite yet simple look.

7. Petzilla Genuine Leather Bag

This is a utility belt bag, and the design was inspired by a biker’s toolbox. This durable and lightweight bag would serve you effectively for several years. The dark navy blue color of this versatile belt bag would not fade off after some years of consistent use. It would blend seamlessly with your blue jeans. There are different ways of wearing this bag. You can let it sit around your waist, you can wear it across your body, or you can also carry it as a clutch bag.

8. Calvin Klein Nylon Belt Bag

If you are very conversant with the fashion world, Calvin Klein should not be a new name to you. They have been in the fashion industry for several years, and they are popular for making top-notch, quality fashion items, and accessories. The same goes for this high-class belt bag. 

Just like all Calvin Klein products, this high-end watch is quite expensive, but the price is worth it. This is a great belt bag for trendy fashion lovers. There are three different ways of wearing this bag just like the previous model mentioned on this list.

9. Lucky yucca Belt Bag

For female fashion enthusiasts, this is the perfect belt bag for you. This bag is stylish, and the functionality and features are always having innovative upgrades. This belt bag is a product of Lucky yucca, and they are popular for making high-end products that are durable, affordable, and lightweight. This belt bag is the perfect item for parties and concert lovers. You can use it to store essentials like your cash, credit card, powder, and lipstick. You can easily pair this product with different outfits.

10. Coach Signature Leather Belt bag

This is the last product on the list, you should know that it has exceptional features and qualities to make it on the list. This elegant and simple piece of beauty is designed using an envelope silhouette with a gold logo and front flap. If you need a functional belt bag with amazing design, then this is the right product for you. 

This product would elegantly bring out your dress style and elegant outfit. You can easily style with different outfits. It would also fit on different occasions seamlessly.