15 Best Beard Growth Products

If you are new to growing beards, or you want to cure your beards, there are several hair products available that you can buy from. There are rumors that if you find it difficult to grow beards, you would always have to struggle to even sprout a few strands. Though every man should be able to grow a full beard, some cannot. If you are bothered about your scanty beards, you should buy a beard growth product that would work amazingly and boost the quantity of hair on your chin. 

If you have searched for a beard product that would work effectively, and you have not been making any progress in your search, you should take a seat, and think about what you are doing wrong. Before you buy any product, you should understand the market and how it works before delving into it. There are different types of products you can select from.

Types of Beard Growth Products

You should know that beard growth products come in different forms, and most of them are made using natural ingredients. They are always stored in regular shampoo and conditioner containers. 

Beard growth pills: This is a combination of different beard growth minerals and vitamins, they work well for people that have severe hair loss. They also help improve your entire well-being because they work just like multi-vitamins. This is the most effective hair growth product. 

Beard growth lotions and creams: This is a combination of oil and some natural ingredients to help nourish your skin and hair. Some even contain ingredients that make your beard thicker. You have to rub them on your facial hair to stimulate your beard growth. 

Beard growth Sprays and Liquids: This is the easiest to use of all the hair growth products. You just spray and they are absorbed within seconds. There are different sprays available on the market, and you can select your most preferred from there. Though some are more effective than others. 

Here is a list of the best beard growth products available on the market. 

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1. Delta Genesis Beard Grow XL

This Delta Genesis product is an amazing hair supplement that has made it to the list of the most effective beard growth products. It makes use of essential minerals and vitamins. There are several benefits that you would get from using this product, among which a thicker and fuller beard is the most important. This natural beard product is made from natural ingredients, which would not harm you, and the improved formula helps support hair growth.   

The immediate effects that this product has on your beards are visible after some days of consistent use. The ingredients are all-natural products, and they would not cause any damage to your skin.

2. Organic Trace Beard Garden

This product contains lots of minerals, vitamins, and herbs that would help you combat most beard related problems. Some of the problems of beard growth that this product can tackle include; dandruff, drought, itchy beards, and slow growth rate. Some of the ingredients used are Vitamins A to Vitamins E. These are the basic essential vitamins for healthy skin and hair. It improves your facial hair, keeps you hydrated, and improve thickness. 

Each pill contains 5,000 mcg biotin, and you take twice a day. This would ensure that no side effects occur. The only thing you would notice is an improvement in the rate at which your beards grow. Another ingredient that this product is made from is; citrus bioflavonoids. It is an antioxidant that helps improve beard growth, and it also protects your facial hair when it is exposed to harmful particles.

3. Smooth Viking Beard Growth Oil

This beard oil would help you hit the spot where the beards are coming from, and you can use this product instead of ingesting supplements or pills. This product is made from only natural products that are very safe for your beards. This beard product would keep your beards thick and smooth. It helps improve the health of your beards, and it would prevent itchy skin. 

Most guys that have beards always complain of itchy skin, but this beards oil would help prevent that because it gets frustrating when you have itchy skin with a full beard. This beard oil would keep your beards safe. Instead of using pills, Smooth Viking has provided another alternative, but you just apply from the outside.

4. Polished Gentleman Beard growth shampoo and conditioner

This beard growth product is a thick combination of conditioner and shampoo. It would keep your beard dry, and protect the necessary elements throughout the day. It is made from organic ingredients that are very mild to your beards and your skin. It would help clean and soften your beards. This product comes in a combo, so you would not use another product to care for your product. 

The shampoo of this product is a little bit thicker than the regular shampoos, and you would need a small dose to make your beards foam. While the conditioner has a creamy feel, and it is easy to apply. You just stroke evenly, and it is great for disentangling beards. You can rinse off immediately after application, and it would not leave any greasy feel.

5. Delta Genesis Beard Bolt XL

This is a beard balm, and this is not your regular beard balm. It would nourish and soften your facial hair. There are different essential oils added to this product to help promote and stimulate healthy hair growth. This beard product would help style and shape your beards, and other facial hair. This product is very effective, and other brands would have to produce something extraordinary to be on par with this product. 

If you need a beard product that would offer additional benefits like health and strength of your facial hair. This is the best beards product on the list, but it has to be combined with the best shampoo and conditioner to give an effective result.

6. All Natural Maxx Beard Growth Spray

This is another popular and highly beard growth product. The Maxx Beard growth spray contains both natural and patented ingredients. This spray can be used to remove any stains on your beards. Here are some of the natural ingredients in this product; Argan oil, Emu oil, Biotin, and Niacin. This spray would improve blood flow, which would help your hair grow faster. 

The Argan and Emu oil in this product are fatty acids, and they are known to promote hair growth. It also contains natural oil that would help soften your beards. The spray is easy to use, and it can be used on your entire beards or just some parts.

7. Delta Genesis Beard Flux Beard Growth Oil

If you want a thicker beard, you can buy this product. This is another model from Delta Genesis. They are popular for making high-quality and trustworthy products. If you have always bought the wrong beard product, this oil would not disappoint you. It contains only natural ingredients, works very fast and it does not smell.

This is the product you should buy if you want to protect and improve your facial hair. This 100% pure product would not cause any harm to your hair or skin after application. You can use it after showering, so the hair would be damp.

8. Rain Life Organic Castor Oil

You want more beards right? Then this is the product for you. If you want more beards, or you are just growing some, or you want thicker beards, this is the right product for you. This product was made by Rain Life. It would help increase the blood circulation under your skin, and this would improve your hair growth. It would dilate your blood vessels to improve blood flow. 

The castor oil used in making this product is 100% organic and has been certified by the USDA to be of the highest quality. This organic oil would help improve your skin hair and scalp. This product guarantees 100% satisfaction when you use it.

9. VitaBeard Growth Pills

This is a product of Do Vitamins. This is the pioneer company in the world of beard growth supplements. It contains a wide array of vitamins and minerals. Everything in this pill would help get your beards in proper shape. It is safe for vegans and gluten-free.

This pocket-friendly beard product is made in the US, and it has been trusted by lots of customers over the years to provide ultimate satisfaction. This is the only beard pill that has been tested by a 3rd party.

10. Growther Beard Oil

This is a beard oil that offers fast growth, it is made from only natural products. It does not contain any toxic products that can cause any harm to you or your skin. You should know that any product that you legally buy in the United States does not contain any harmful ingredient that is known to the buyer. It is made from only natural ingredients.

11. Beardilizer Facial Hair Growth Capsules

This is a beard growing pill not cream. It would help improve your beard’s growth, and it is a safe multivitamin for facial hair. You can either go for an intensive 10-days treatment or an extensive 1-month treatment that would give you a fuller beard. This product helps improve your hair from the inside, and that is its unique selling point. 

This hair growth multivitamin contains 90 capsules for any treatment type you select. It makes your beard non-itchy. This is a great combination of botanical ingredients and synergistic properties to produce the best facial hair growth capsules that do not leave patches.

12. Pura D’Or Organic Argan Oil

This Argan oil is one of the best beard oils available on the market. It improves overall hair thickness and growth. This product also offers loads of benefits to your hair and skin. It contains essential vitamins and fatty acids that would help nourish your body system.  It helps prevent some skin problems like dry, itchy skin, and acne. 

When compared to other products on the market, this Moroccan oil is less greasy and more easily absorbed into the skin. Just a few drops daily will do the magic, and it would also improve your overall appearance.

13. Natural Moustache Growing Cream

This Moustache growing cream is fast working, and it would give you a thicker and smoother beard. This product is Thailand and is not available for shipment to European countries. This product has excellent features and would work effectively.

14. ModelSupplies Hair Growth Formula

This product is pocket-friendly, and it would be a very good buy for people that need beard products but are on a very tight budget. This product is of great quality, and it works to get your existing beards thicker. It helps protect your skin, and just a little amount would do the required work.

15. Rogain Hair Growth Product

If you want to cover your bald hair, you can do so by buying and using this beards growth cream. This product works effectively, and it helps combat hair loss, stimulates hair growth, and also prevents dry and itchy skin. You might not see any changes after 2 weeks of use, because the thinner hair has to be removed to make way for new, thicker hair. 

When you buy this hair product, it comes with 3 spray cans for easy use. You can easily target only specific parts of your facial hair. Your beard would easily absorb this cream and it dries quickly.