This Award-Winning Minimalist Danish Watch Is Making Luxury Watchmakers Furious

A new minimalist Danish watch brand is taking the world by storm after being featured on dozens of news outlets over the last few months.
Thanks to their award-winning design and obsession with sustainability, hundreds of thousands of people in dozens of countries have been tempted by Nordgreen’s timeless watches.

But is it really possible to enjoy a luxurious Scandinavian watch without spending thousands of dollars? Our editorial team had to take a look at the watch brand everyone is talking about right now.

After one of their watches won the 2020 Red Dot award, a prestigious design contest for which nearly 6,500 products competed, people all over the world took notice of Nordgreen’s watches.

Their most popular model, known as The Philosopher, is one of the only minimalist watches in the world right now to offer the same premium look and feel as the one offered by luxury watch brands. Many luxury watch brands are furious right now that customers are choosing to give their business to the young Danish startup.

Amongst all of its models, the Philosopher watch is perhaps Nordgreen’s finest model. It was designed to capture the sustainable future we all dream about — with a minimalist, elegant and flawless design.

Nordgreen’s claim to fame came from its obsession with sustainability and charity. Every single Nordgreen watch purchased can serve one of three causes — donating quality education to children in need, giving clean water to children in Africa, or helping preserve the rainforest in South America.

However, far from being satisfied with its sustainability claims, the Danish brand also set out to create uniquely luxurious Scandinavian design — reflected in its watches’ minimalist and elegant structure.

Already featured in Wired, the Huffington Post, Scandinavia Standard, WatchPro, Forbes, The Trendspotter, GQ British, Vogue, Mashable & Flair Magazine, Nordgreen’s watches are taking the world by storm right now.

But does the Philosopher really live up to the hype? Our editorial team takes a detailed look at Nordgreen’s Philosopher watch today, to see if it really is the premium, sustainable and charitable watch it claims to be.


A Fashionable Watch With A Strikingly Elegant Design

It all starts with the Philosopher’s design. The Philosopher embraces a minimalist yet powerful design, to represent its deep roots into Scandinavian culture, and to illustrate the desire for a clean planet. It stands out immediately on someone’s wrist thanks to its uniquely Danish design.

With its delicate case, the Philosopher symbolises excellence. It can withstand the bumps and accidental shocks of daily wear, making it an ideal watch for everyday wear — also in great part thanks to its elegant and flawless stainless steel case.

The premium glass used for the Philosopher stands out, giving it a premium and delicate look and feel which contrasts nicely with the raw design.

The Philosopher uses Japanese movement to further add to the “minimalism” of the watch — while also giving it high-precision accuracy.

All of Nordgreen’s watches are designed by renowned designer Jakob Wagner, acclaimed for designing collections for major brands such as Bang & Olufsen and five-time recipient of the IF Product Design Award and Designer of the Year.

The combination of its extreme design and time-keeping precision, scratch and shock resistance, and luxurious sapphire crystal glass truly makes the Philosopher a fashionable watch that can match and enhance nearly any outfit.

Nordgreen won the prestigious iF Design Award in the product design category in 2021.

Jakob Wagner

Nordgreen’s Philosopher was designed by Jakob Wagner, a renowned Scandinavian designer.

A Luxurious Watch That Supports Worthwhile Causes & Promotes A Sustainable Future

The entire idea behind Nordgreen’s watches is to combine luxurious design with support for worthwhile and meaningful causes.

That’s why after every purchase of a Nordgreen watch, it’s possible to support one of three causes — donating quality education to children in need, giving clean water to children in Africa, or helping preserve the rainforest in South America.

Ever since the inception of Nordgreen, over 40,000 months of quality education were offered to children in need, 87,000 months of clean water have been donated, and more than 1,600,000 square meters of rainforest have been preserved.

This impressive track record makes Nordgreen’s watches one of the first “watches with a purpose”.

In other words, wearing a Nordgreen watch is about making a statement — that you truly care about the future of our planet, and that you want to help those in need.

In addition to their support for important causes, Nordgreen is one of the only watch companies in the world that obsesses over sustainability. All of Nordgreen’s Tier 1 suppliers are fully traceable, and more and more of their supply chain is becoming traceable. By minimising its carbon impact for example, Nordgreen aims to help us reach a more sustainable future.

Nordgreen also collects plastic waste equivalent to their usage, making them “plastic neutral” — another refreshing initiative.

Nordgreen x Koyuki x Umisakura
The Results
Nordgreen x Christopher x World Child Cancer

An Easily Changeable Strap To Give The Watch A Unique Appearance

One of the best features of the Philosopher is its strap – more specifically, how easily changeable the strap is. Nordgreen offers several different kinds of straps — including leather, nylon, gold mesh, silver mesh and rubber.

This means that by adding a few straps to a watch order, it’s possible to give your watch a unique look in less than 60 seconds — making it easier to truly make it “yours”.

Many Nordgreen customers are raving about the ability to customise their watch and truly make it “theirs”.

Philosopher | White Dial - 3-Link
Philosopher | White Dial - Black Leather
Philosopher | White Dial - Mesh

Premium Service Combined With Lightning Fast Shipping

As a fully e-commerce company that cuts out the middleman, one of Nordgreen’s most popular selling points is its lightning fast shipping time. Nordgreen’s watches will be delivered within 3 business days in the European Union, and in less than 4 business days in North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

The company takes pride in its incredible service, offering extremely fast customer support response times. It’s now even offering a free online consultation to assist prospective customers with any watch purchase.

Available Both For Men And Women

The flexible and fashionable design of the Philosopher makes it suitable to wear for both men and women.

An Ironclad 2-Year Warranty

Nordgreen offers an ironclad 2-year warranty for every single one of its watches. If you are not satisfied with one of their products at the time you receive it, or if one of their products does not perform to your satisfaction, return it to Nordgreen for a repair, replacement or refund.

How To Order The Philosopher Watch While It’s Still Available

After being featured in multiple media outlets and major websites recently, the Philosopher watch is quickly running out of stock. Nordgreen recently issued a statement saying that the product might not be available for long, given how quickly it’s selling out.

The watches often go out of stock, in which case it can take several weeks to get them back in stock.

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