Award-winning Responsible Watch Brand Nordgreen Now Available at F. Hinds in Basildon

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Timewear is the most understated, yet important element in any person’s daily look across countries and cultures.  Finding the most suitable timepiece to compliment your look that combines ever-lasting aesthetics, durability and responsibility towards people and the planet is not as easy as one might think.

However, we might’ve found the timepieces that exceed our expectations on all fronts. Read further to find out about our latest discovery – our favourite picks from Scandinavian watch brand Nordgreen, what’s special about them and where to find them.

A watch that makes a difference

Before we take a look at our favourite Nordgreen timepieces, let’s first look into what Nordgreen’s is all about, in case you haven’t come across the brand before. The brand has been internationally acclaimed for their responsibility practices. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Nordgreen incorporates inspirational Scandinavian design in all its products. The name of the brand derives from their core principles: Nord, for their Nordic identity and aesthetics, and green, for their responsibility initiatives towards people and the planet – amongst others,  their Never Stop Giving campaign and their ongoing partnerships with global NGOs. 


There’s a lot to love when it comes to Nordgreen’s ethics. The brand doesn’t compromise with doing what they can to contribute to the betterment of the planet. When you purchase a watch, you can choose from one of three amazing organizations to donate to through their Giving Back Program. One watch can provide:

  • Two months of clean drinking water for one person in the Central African Republic through Water for Good

  • One month of education for a child in India through Pratham UK

  • The preservation of 50 sqm of Latin American rainforest through Cool Earth

It doesn’t end there. Nordgreen has partnered with manufacturers that ensure ethical labour practices are being followed, the CO2 emissions of their office and plastic usage of their employees in Copenhagen are being offset on an ongoing basis. What’s more, their packaging is FSC certified which ensures that the material originates from responsibly managed forests.

Award-winning sustainable design

Apart from their responsible practices, another exciting thing about Nordgreen is the opportunity to own an award-winning watch at an accessible price point. What’s particularly remarkable about Nordgreen, is that the brand was founded in 2017, and yet they’ve already been widely acclaimed worldwide not only for their remarkable design (Red Dot Design Award in 2020, iF Design Award and Good Design Award JP in 2021,) but also for their innovative scientific approach with Guardian, perhaps the most sustainable watch in the world. 

What makes Nordgreen stand out among other designer watch brands, is that their timepieces combine timeless aesthetic appeal with subtly striking elements that can simply elevate any look during any season. 

While there are countless ways of how to combine their watches with their various straps, there are two styles that we find particularly special. Whether you are looking for something special to surprise your dearest, or simply to treat yourself, a Nordgreen watch might be the one accessory to cherish for a lifetime. 

Here’re our favourite picks for him and her:

The Pioneer Chronograph for Him

Pioneer celebrates the Danish tradition of Science for Humanity. Since its launch in 2019, the Pioneer chronograph has become one of Nordgreen’s top-selling men’s designer watches, and has been awarded the 2020 Red Dot Award in the Design category, making it Nordgreen’s chief-designer Jakob Wagner’s fourth Red Dot Award to date. 

With its softened edges and simplistic dial and sub-dials, Pioneer is praised for its minimalist design that brings to light a functional and sophisticated timepiece. At F. Hinds in Basildon, Pioneer is available in classic Navy, enhanced by a gold stainless steel case and 3-link strap, perfect for any occasion all year round.


✔️Simplistic design
✔️2020 Red Dot Award
✔️Giving Back Program
✔️Available in different case and dial colors
✔️Prices start at £209.00

The Native Mother-of-pearl Timepiece for Her

Native is Nordgreen’s first watch model envisioned as a modern timepiece that brings back the founding routes of a watch with a brilliantly classic look which has been adapted for the modern taste.

Its timeless design is elevated with the natural shine of a mother-of-pearl dial complemented by an elegant rose gold stainless steel case and 5-link strap.


✔️Classic timeless design
✔️Giving back program
✔️Available in different colors and sizes
✔️Prices start at £144.00

Available at F. Hinds in Basildon

There are lots of reasons to go for a Nordgreen watch. In particular, we like their award-winning design, their ethical practices, their versatility and the ability to customise.

What should you do if you feel the same way and want to choose a Nordgreen watch for yourself?

Nordgreen is now available in F. Hinds in Basildon, making it possible for you to check them out in person.

See for yourself at F. Hinds and enjoy Nordgreen’s new AW22 collection.