Upgrade your 2021 with the perfect watch

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We live in an ever-changing world where our surroundings rarely stay the same for long. In such an environment you want your wrist watch to be versatile and always fashionable. On top of that, it should be easy to use and style. Since a watch is something you wear all the time, having a fashionable and practical one will make your everyday life easier and more stylish, giving you the confidence to concur the day! In addition, a wristwatch with a simple and versatile design is an ideal gift for your loved ones!

Nowadays, there are various watch brands to choose from, but there is one brand that has been attracting a lot of attention recently. Born in Denmark, Nordgreen condenses a Scandinavian design philosophy that emphasizes functionality while being simple.

Fully customizable experience on their website

Never out of style
The minimal and stylish design fits into any scene, regardless of gender or age, which makes it the perfect gift for yourself and for loved ones.

Customizable design
You can customize every part of your watch- body size, dial color, and straps. By customizing, you can create a wristwatch that is more personal to you and fits your own unique style. The straps on all Nordgreen watches are interchangeable, so you can always match your watch to your mood and never get bored of it. You even get a 10-20% discount when you purchase your extra straps together with the main watch. It’s always nice to save some money, isn’t it?

Nordgreen watches are designed to be friendly to people who are worried about metal allergies. They are made of 316L stainless steel– the same metal that is also used for medical tools.


So which Nordgreen watch is the perfect one for you? We will introduce each of the five models and we will let you pick your favorites.

1. Native - a minimalistic classic

Native - White Dial & Mesh ($194)

The Native is a minimalism with a twist. The 6.8mm body is perfect for those who are looking for a thin dial, which has been gaining popularity recently. Because of its simple and elegant design, the Native will compliment
your style perfectly, without overpowering it. If what you are looking for in a watch is minimalistic beauty, the Native is the perfect choice for you!

Native Black Dial $184

Another great feature of this model is that you can get the most out of the Nordgreen custom service. You can choose the color of the dial from white, black, and navy and combine it with any straps you want! 

The black dial perfectly compliments the metals, making them even more shiny and eye-catching!

2. Pioneer - in pursuit of practicality

Pioneer – White Dial & 3-Link ($299)

The Pioneer equipped with a chronograph (stopwatch function) is a model for men and is supported by those who want to pursue practicality in the business scene.


While striving for simplicity with the chronograph watch, which usually tends to have a complicated design, we also pursued the practicality of making the tip of the second hand red to ensure fine timing. In order to maintain the ideal balance and size, unlike other models, the main body size is 42 mm.


If you are looking for simplicity while emphasizing functionality, we recommend the combination of a white dial and a gunmetal case. A stylish design is completed while giving strong presence with a 3-link strap.

Pioneer – Black Dial & Mesh ($289)

If you prefer a slightly different customization, try the blue dial in combination with a mesh strap. The design combines the masculine presence of a Pioneer with the elegance of Scandinavia. 

3. Philosopher - a watch with a depth

Philosopher - White Dial & Mesh ($219)

Rigid customization that fits well with suit styles is popular with men. Mesh and leather straps are both common choices that are well combined with most looks.

Philosopher Rose Gold ($219)

The feature is the asymmetrical second hand, and the shape, color, and thickness of the three hands are all exquisitely different, maintaining a beautiful balance

4. Unika – just like jewelry

Unika – Limited Collection ($259)

Unika is the latest addition to the Nordgreen family. The dial has ripple-shaped embossing that gently reflects light and shines. The crown (spring attached to the side of the dial) expresses the female beauty, and is in the shape of a dodecahedron diamond.

A watch that brings out the original beauty in any scene will surely make a great addition to your style. The authentic elegance of the Unika watch will bring style and confidence into your life.

5. Infinity – round beauty

Infinity – White Dial & Dark Brown Leather ($199)

The Infinity has the most simple design in the seriesThe second hand and calendar are scraped off, and there is no joint between the strap and the main body, so the beautiful circular shape of the watch body stands out.

The weight of the main body is 44g, which is the lightest in the series, and the dial size is only the small 32mm size. It is comfortable and unpretentious, so even people who are not accustomed to watches can use it without burden. This model is recommended for those of you who want to use it every day like an accessory.